Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Thank you to Susan of A SOUTHERN DAYDREAMER for hosting this lovely party...

This is our outdoors. No real view to speak of but..it's pleasant...and we are happy. Just enough to putter around in and not kill ourselves. (Did I say "ourselves?) :) It isn't me that does all the mowing and edging and feeding..
it's the man who didn't want to do any of that...and now..I honestly think he is hooked. :) No...I really do!

See my li'l froggy hanging there? I took two garlands and braided them around the pole. :) Is it tacky looking? No...now be honest... is it?

I'm thinking of painting the patio set...maybe next year. I would buy material and take it all to Mattie and have her make the covers...maybe next year... :)

So what do you think? Color? White like the swing....or? Red??? I'll think about it tomorrow...

My Jasmine is blooming. Um..that is Jasmine isn't it? Smells wonderful! Honeysuckle?? I think it might be Honeysuckle...??

The grass is greatly improved from two years ago. There was a huge patch of dirt in the middle and when Sweet husband mowed...the air was filled with dirt and dust.....so...MUCH improved.

Wonderful son in law...the one that did all of our interior painting..and put in all of our curbing...is going to extend the patio by about three feet..and see the hedge? There will be a pathway along it to the end of the house where another little shed will be installed on a slab?

Sooo...tacky? lol My garlands I mean... My little froggy is on a long spring with a lovely crystal ball on the end and he bounces at the slightest breeze. :) This is where I take naps... WAY too often!

Debbi from All In My Cottage made my pillow covers and I love them. They are the envelope type..and so easy to keep clean.

The rug is a garage sale find for just $8.00! It has been out there ..this will be the second summer and it went through the winter...and still is like brand new.

I just keep throwing flowers in front of the wine barrels...easy... And to think I nearly sent my lawn swing to the dump with the canvas wore out and I could not find replacements.....White Spray Paint...she has the right idea!

And this is my Outdoor Wednesday. Time for a snooze...and a little reading..and ice tea of course. You can find me out here any nice morning of the week...




  1. Did you recover your swing? I have one that I would love to have custom finished. But I don't know who to contact.

    Your garden always looks so pretty. I could sit out there for days and not get tired of it.


  2. Mona, your garden is pretty and so well maintained. The patio is very inviting with the nice furniture and all the lovely flowers. What a pretty summer living room.
    Greetings, Johanna

  3. Lovely patio and garden. Wonderful photos!

  4. Mona,
    Your patio and gardens are just wonderful! So welcoming and cozy. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. And here I thought you only spent time on your patio when you locked yourself out of the house. Who knew? LOL... I want that swing on my porch for naps. Hubby would never get any lawn work done though if he had THAT on our front porch... he would snooze all the time. Love your patio area and yard. It's perfect!

  6. I love your garden view. Very similar to ours. Your sitting areas look very relaxing! Great water feature too!

  7. I would never come in. Lovely...Balisha

  8. How charming and inviting, Mona!! When I saw the title, I thought you were speaking of the day you spent locked out!

    This is the most welcoming patio I've seen in a long time---no wonder you spend so much time out there. And Froggy is charming, as well.

    I do believe that's closer to jasmine than honeysuckle (having spent a couple of months loving it, then sweeping up the debris of all the dropped blossoms).

  9. Mona, your garden and patio are just lovely! and so you, don't change a thing!

  10. The yard looks great, but that frog is just too cute on the umbrella!!!!!

  11. You have a darling back yard and patio, Mona!

  12. Your garden and patio looks so inviting Mona! I also luv your fountain.

  13. Such a little paradise you have here, Mona!! I would spend all day outside!! Everything looks so inviting and the little frog is precious just as he is!! :-)


  14. Hi Mona! I don't blame you for taking a little snooze out in your garden. It's a beautiful and restful place just perfect for napping, daydreaming and feeling blissful!

    Susan and Bentley

  15. I would like a garden swing like that. There´s no better place to take a nap on sunny afternoons :-) Well over here I would probably get insane by all flies :-) :-)

    No it doesn´t look tacky, it looks beautiful!

    Yes it is a jasmin You have there, something that we only can have as a pot plant over here and most of us would probably kill it the first winter :-) :-)
    Have a great day now!

  16. Hi Mona. What a lovely setting area you have. Looks so comfy. I have been thinking of sewing new covers for my padded outdoor furniture and was thinking about using sheets to make the covers so they would wash up nicely. I wonder if that would work? Mine are so old and faded now. I may try it from an old cheap set and would not be out too much if I didn't like it. Your pillows are so pretty.As for the tacky. I have a garland running around my light pole on the porch so I like yours LOL!

  17. What fun comments! You sound like a very sweet person to be around. Come by by and keep in touch. Debbie

  18. Hi Mona, I LOVE your patio..what a cozy place to sip some lemonade and read a good book. Or take a nap! I like the garland. I can see painting the furniture if it needs it and covering the cushions if that's what YOU want. I know what ever you choose to do it will look wonderful! Have a wonderful Thursday and enjoy your beautiful patio...Maura :)

  19. Hi Mona,
    It's all soooo gorgeous! There is nothing tacky there, it's all charming and delightful!
    I love your pillows, your swing, your patio set and your gorgeous flowers! And that fountain!!!! I want to find a barrel fountain like that, so coool!
    Did you find that at a garage sale too?
    Anyway, I love it all!
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. Mona...it does look like a place I too would like to relax and take a nap from time to time. It's lovely and your yard is pretty and peaceful. Yov've got some nice outdoor living there.

  21. Hello Mona,

    Your patio and gardens are wonderful! So cozy and inviting. As for your garland, if you like it and it makes you happy to see it then do not worry about what anyone else thinks.

    Thank you for the stroll through you back yard and patio!

    ~ Tracy

  22. Everything looks just beautiful! I love the porch swing with the quilt on it. The flowers in front of the barrels are just amazing! I love how cozy it all looks - like a great place to hang and chat or just relax!


  23. Hi Mona,

    I love your outdoor space! That water feature is so lovely and your swing is the perfect place for an afternoon snooze!

  24. Hi Mona. Your patio area looks so cozy and comfy. I can see why you take naps there. Oh how I would love to come by and visit with you out there. And maybe catch a snooze with you. Everything is so pretty. There's no tacky going on at all.

  25. Hey; Do you have any room left anywhere in your house or yard? if I didn't know you better I would say you are a collector.

  26. Mike W. You are a brat but I love you anyway! And yes..I have room in my house, as a matter of fact, an extra bedroom and have been on pins and needles waiting for you to bring my best girlfriend to visit me ..and stay for a few weeks!!! I love you bunches!

  27. I was waiting for this!! You have such a beautiful outdoor space Mona!!! Thanks for sharing it--love your gorgeous flowers

  28. Beautiful outdoor post....what a nice extension to your home. You must spend a lot of time out here.


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