Saturday, April 17, 2010


A lady had these out by the side of the road. I thought they were so pretty and Howard picked this one out..

I love these little clay pots with cacti planted in them for just $1.00 each! I loved the South West flavor of pretty!

Ah yes, another day in paradise! Up and out early in the morning...and the treasure hunt is on! Today was actually sweet Howard's day I think. He actually bought a great wardrobe.
All like brand new...from a high end store which was nicer than nice! These were things he would have never bought for himself. Brands you would recognize. Once again he grinned all day long! Lovely dress shirts for church, sweaters for next winter that were gorgeous! Like new sweat pants and 3 pairs of summer shorts.

Books. All hard back. I bought four of them for 50 cents. The rest for just $1.00 each. If I don't like them, and there is always that possibility, not a huge loss.

"THE ENGLISH PATIENT." I have been wanting to see this movie for a long time. I caught just a bit of it on television one night and could not get into it. It's because it is a film you must watch from the very beginning. What a tragic story. But war is always tragic!

The tiny bunnies only have an insignia on the botttom and the year 1997. That is the year I lost Patrick. These will stay on the shelf above my desk.

The tiny cross stitch pillow is for my favorite Aunt. It has a tiny tassel on the bottom that you can't see and it hangs on a door. It was free. The man handed it to me when I admired it and said "Here, from me to you. It's free!" What a sweetheart! Sometimes it pays to have gray hair.

Who knows why I bought the soap holder for the shower. Probably because it was ten cents. It didn't really work all that well..but I'm sure my sweet husband will figure out how to make it work. He is good at that sort of thing even if he has to resort to duc tape. :) (He wouldn't do that ...would he??)

The avacado's were almost free..and I needed that storage container not at all..but it was NEW! You know how it is...don't you? :)

I have to tell you...we go to the best place in Riverside for pancakes! Three large eggs, two HUGE pancakes and two sausage and two bacon for $4.15... I never can eat it all..and don't really try. It is our once a week treat.

Love and hugs,

P.S. You would have been so proud of me. A lady was selling a set of 12 silver plated goblets..I passed them up. I mean, really! When I am I going to use silver goblets. OH NO! Did I really do that???


  1. You hit the big time again, Mona. You are one of the few that I would love to fly out and visit and go treasure hunting with!!

    How nice that Howard was able to buy some nice things. It is very rare that my husband finds anything, but he does gravitate toward old books.

    I AM proud of you for passing up the silver you said, when would you use them. That's my problem. I buy things that I just display or tuck away for tablescapes and it really is a waste of space. Yay for you!!

    Maybe I will go gray, too!! ;-)


  2. Once again dear Mona ya hit the mother-load! Those little bunnies are just precious, ya know me...gotta love the bunnies! Hubby and I watched the English Patient when it first came out. It's a difficult film to follow...I think we re-watched it like two more times to really catch it all. Some films are worth takin' that kinda time.

    The avocados look marvelous, I'm a fan. I have trouble findin' great ones 'round these parts. When I visit my parents in Brownsville I always take advantage and bask in the wonderful fresh avocados.

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a Terrific Tuesday!!!

  3. Oh Mona,
    You are such a great treasure hunter! I want to shopping with you!! Love the bunnies and those clay pots, too cute. Oh, and you have beautiful gray hair! Lucky you, not everyone is so lucky!
    Have a nice day,

  4. What great treasures you've found on your hunt! You're such a sweetie - no wonder someone would gift you with a little bonus treasure!

  5. I want to move to your have the best sales.Ours are just starting due to good weather. Joe says,"When did you get interested in garage sales again?" I didn't tell on you, Mona. Your "finds" have got me interested again. Thanks..(I think)

  6. Love the title of this post, Mona!

    Goblets? I agree. Who uses those things anyhoo?


  7. You always find such great buys when you are treasure hunting!

  8. It's nice when the men find things, it keeps them wanting to go and it's always nice to have a driver! And help carrying things!

  9. Oh Mona, you always find the best deals. I would have grabbed those goblets....Christine

  10. you certainly hit the mother lode! I wish I were there with you and Howard to share in the treasure hunt :) You are a stronger woman than me, I don't know if I could have passed on the goblets even though I know I would never use them either!

  11. Sounds like a great day together. The books looks good. Maybe your husband might model some of his finds for you? :) That would be fun to see.

  12. How nice that you and hubby enjoy hitting the sales together. You sure did find a lot of fun treasures and the breakfast sounds wonderful.

  13. Mona now that was quite a haul and you made out like a champ. Great finds and wow prices. Love the cacti and the bunnies are so sweet. A good day I would say.

  14. What great finds, Mona! Bill and I went out Saturday, found some sillies to bring home (me and my rusty garden art). But our full-blown garage sale season isn't quite here yet.
    Love seeing your treasures!

  15. Mona, you always have the best luck at yard sales. The best part is breakfast out, no cooking, serving, clearing or doing dishes! It is nice to have someone else do all that once in awhile, isn't it?

  16. wow you always do so well and those goblets good girl i know we get carried away somtimes lol:)

  17. Sometimes I actually think I need HELP. I keep thinking maybe I can remember where that yard sale was and go back and get those goblets...sigh...yep...I think I need help!

  18. What nice things you purchased. The aunt pillow is my favorite. I love going to garage sales. On nice weekends we make a map and go treasure hunting. I do the same thing you do-pass something up because I don't need it, and then regret it. Last weekend there was a beautiful black sewing machine painted with flowers. It wasn't in a cabinet-just laying there neglected among a bunch of junky car parts. I was sooo tempted, but I didn't succumb, now I wish I had bought it, or hope somebody else bought the pretty thing!

  19. Dear Sweet M...

    You will NEVER KNOW how much I needed your sweet and timely words today. I needed the boost in my confidence as I've been dragging low for a few days.

    Words of praise coming from someone like you means more than I can say.

    Thank you, friend. You bless me.

    Love, Rebecca PS: LOVE YOUR FINDS...I'd have bought the goblets...just because. :)

  20. Evening Mona,

    I'm just popping in to see what you are up to and to let you know that I am thinking of you! I am so behind in my visits but not a day passes that I do not think of you. Now, about those passed them up? Eeek!!! Oh you are right though. Would you ever really use them? I'm trying SO hard to stop buying things that I don't need. In fact, I need to get rid of things rather than collect more!!!


  21. Hi Mona,
    The red you asked about is called Apple Red. No kidding, just a perfect clear red. It was a Dutch Boy paint chip I believe. Hope that helps, Happy Wednesday. Cindy

  22. You really got some nice goodies from your yard sale finds. I was amazed at the size of the avocados. Back here I just get puny little things and have to wait for days for them to ripen up. Practically out of the mood by that time. They're expensive too. Never under a dollar. Still prefer AR tho!


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