Thursday, March 11, 2010


Between Naps on the Porch hosts this lovely event.

Yep, it's true...all ours. :)

I simply cannot find the two boxes that contain my St. Patrick's Day's out there...but ...(shrug..)

Last year when my son's and their wives went to Ireland, they brought this home with them..and I have posted it before..but I am trying to qualify for the St. Patrick's LOOK, I CANNOT find the darned shamrocks and clovers! I looked! OK?

Yes, I just picked these and I love that I can do that again. I missed it. I am not great at arranging. I just plop flower into a vase, in this case my new GW cherry pitcher! :)

My new bunnies from Pottery Barn. (Shoot, those places are expensive. Back to GW!)

My china is Nortaki and the pattern is Goldcourt. It was sent to me many years ago from Viet Nam by Patrick.
...and of course my garage sale find of INTERNATIONAL sterling. Pattern Prelude. (sigh :)

Another garage sale find from a long time ago. It says only CROWN sterling on the bottom.

The birds nest chargers are, of course, from Pottery Barn.

The sweet little napkins are from Pottery Barn. I fell in love with these but only got two. Yeah. And you KNOW why don't you...

The nest was a "heads up" from Penny@ Lavender Hill Studio. Thank you Penny. I love it. It just arrived today.

Have a wonderful week and hug everyone you see! Ok..just kidding! :)


  1. Now how did ya know I was a huger?

    Your table is just beautiful and totally classifies for a "Patty's" tablescape. I may have to find me some of those birds-nest chargers. They're adorable and that little nest, too cute. You set a mighty invitin' table what time was dinner??? Heeeheehe!

    Enjoy this beautiful day, sweetie!!!

  2. wow I love it all the silver rabbit candle stick, love that and the beautiful china and silver with the added pottery barn pieces, so wonderful, everything works so well and looks so inviting...Love the napkin holders and the twig chargers, love the look, thanks for sharing your pretty things...Phyllis

  3. Mona, you just have a way with making ordinary days and things special, and when you have a holiday to work with---look at you GO!

    I just love this, and all your beautifuls.

    Away to do some hugging now (and one for YOU!),


  4. Lovin' that table. Heck, stick a bunny on it and I am a sucker for it. It is just lovely.

  5. I am one person that is very glad that you cannot find your box of shamrocks! At least for now. The table you set is so lovely. All springtime and bunnies! Your PB purchases were worth the cost- they are very pretty. I especially like the bird's nest chargers.
    You have an eye for a hidden treasure- your garage sale finds are wonderful!
    I am so glad I visited your lovely blog. Very inspiring. And I see you have a little pom- I do too. And he makes my heart sing!

  6. Your table is so pretty! And you did come up with some green things...placemats and candles and greenery. Yup, if it's green and it's this close to St Paddy's, then it's Irish! (If I lived out there I would come and help you find your Irish table decor. )

  7. Oh, this is just stunning. I love the tablecloth, it is wonderful. Your dishes are so beautiful. they are really lovely. I love your bunnys and your nests are also so pretty. The marble egg is one of my favorites. I have a small collection and I love them all. Very pretty. Hugs, Marty

  8. I just love your fresh picked flowers! So colorful..
    Jees, those nest chargers are expensive...I am waiting for them to arrive at the PB outlet, that's where I shop!
    Love your table, Mona..and the dishes from your sweet!

  9. I'll hug you....and I'll give Penny a hug when I see her! Love your bunnies and beautiful dishes. The little bird's nest is precious! Love it! ♥

  10. everything is absolutely beautiful!!
    the bunnies are so much fun!!

  11. Now you know how those leprechauns are this time of year -- up to no good -- bet they've hidden those boxes -- hope that when you find them perhaps they'll have some "lucky gold" in them!
    Love your pretty table.

  12. Love your flowers - they are exuberant! So bright and they look awesome with the aqua candles. This is a pretty table! Have a great weekend!

  13. A quilt on the table? Love it!! And gosh... how many bunnies do you own? Love every single one of them.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  14. I think that is one darling tablescape! Love all your bunnies! That silver or pewter candle stick holder is so cute.

    Your placemats and napkins are so sweet! I can see why you had to have them and I just adore those bunny napkin ring holders!

    Great always.


  15. Honey, I am luvin' those bunnies, both on the table AND the napkin rings! I don't care what you paid for them, they were worth it!! LOL :D

    I hope you find your Irish holiday decorations before Cuisine Kathleen's party. Hope to see you there!


  16. Sweet Mona,
    You have such a way with everything you touch. The table setting is fabulous! I love it all!
    Patricia :o)

  17. Mona, that is a beautiful everything about it but mostly the silver you got a few weeks ago...glad to see you using it.

  18. Everything is beautiful!!! Hope you are well.

  19. Hello sweet lady...

    Ohhh...what a fabulous table, my friend! I just adore all of your sweet bunnies! I especially like that silve bunny candleholder...wherever did you find that? Love it!!! Darlin', your Nortaki china is sooo beautiful, it's just exquisite! It sure makes a beautiful place setting! Love, love, LOVE your nest chargers! I knew that I had seen them somewhere and had forgotten where...(hmm, having a senior moment here! Hehe!) Now I know...Pottery Barn! The Pottery Barn napkins are gorgeous too!

    Ohh Mona, I just can't believe that you are already getting all of those beautiful flowers from your garden...they really are lovely and make such a beautiful centerpiece! Girl, it snowed at my place today...will Spring ever come to Colorado? I'm becoming more and more impatient! Not a good thing! Well Darlin', before I go, I just wanted to say that I think that beautiful egg that your son brought to you from Ireland is sooo pretty! Is it alabaster? Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Spring table with us, dear lady!

    I also would like to thank you for coming by and taking a peek at my Birds of a Feather tablescape...and for leaving me the sweetest note! I always love when you come for a visit!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  20. Hello there sweet lady,

    My, what a sprightly, cheerful and oh-so- sweet Easter tablescape; just precious! I love the bunnies and the silver, well really quite simply I adore everything you've created with this lovely vignette!

    Thanks for having visited and please do visit me again soon my dear lady!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee ~ The Plumed Pen

  21. I just love your tablescape with all those bunnies. I love Easter and notice that your blog is entitled with this beautiful and important holiday. Everything here is just lovely. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a chance to come by and say hello. Cheers, Lia

  22. Love your table Mona! The PB chargers look great! Great job!

  23. Hi Mona,
    What an absolutely gorgeous table!! You are great at flower arranging and table arranging too! I love the quilt, the flowers, the silver, the shakers, the bunnies, well my dear, I love it all~ You are fabulous at this, don't say otherwise~
    Oh, and those birdsnest placemats, oh wow~

  24. Oh Mona, your table is absolutely stunning. So much to the chargers, the plates , what was the pattern and the bunny napkin holders.
    The texture of the napkins is such a great mate for the texture of the chargers. Hey, don't apologize for plopping flowers in a vase..that is my favorite method of floral arrangement:-)

  25. You did a great job showing off your treasures; love those napkin holders; great post.

  26. What a gorgeous table you set! I simply don't have the imagination or worry that the cats might eat it (yes they would!).

  27. Oh lucky your to have fresh flowers for your table. They are just lovely the way you placed them in the vase. The bird nest chargers are just too cute. Great buy even if you felt they were a little pricey. You will find so many ways to use them. Beautiful table.

  28. everything looks soooo wonderful. i love those bird's nest chargers! i think animals are actually much smarter than humans and we are just too arrogant to realize it. the floods are almost upon us. living on a mountain, when the snow melts there is only one place for it to go. down in the city. i am going to try to get pics of it to post.

  29. Good evening my Dear Mona, girl you out did ypurself once again my friend...Girl I love those bird nest chargers how cute are those and all the sweet bunnies sighs...
    Your silver just shines...girl I would rather take a beating with a wet noodle than polish silver ha ha!! Hope all is well on your piece of Calif. Hugs and smiles to you dear friend...Gl♥ria


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