Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A Southern Daydreamer hosts this lovely activity..

My front porch...that Winter only touches lightly, and kisses goodby until next December rolls around. Native Californian's are not used to cold hard winters...and all I have is my memory of them from childhood.

I wished for cold and I wished for snow, and the quiet peacefulness that comes with it.. but it never came. So I visited and read about it..and looked at it..and that would have to do.

I didn't do anything all Winter on the porch and it really had begun to look neglected. So yesterday I began snipping here...and snipping there.. and favorite bunny began to be more noticeable

A couple of buckets of dead twigs and leaves and vines..and it began to look a bit better. A bit..

I will add flowers to the little wagon and under the fountain..but that's it. WOULD you just look?! I did good on this shot. I was trying to catch the Honey Bee but missed him. One of these days...I will take pictures like the big girls do. :) And you KNOW who you are out there! I am proud of this's the best I have done..little Bee or no little Bee! Wow..I must have hit a button of some kind. Made me smile when I saw it.

These flowers cover the entire front of our home. They get cut down to the very ground and in nothing flat they are back up...and seem to have been a great choice (by accident) for this hot dry area. That "Amend" works wonders!

A couple of ferns for the iron pot holders..and that should do it. I think! :)

Can you see them up there? The pot holders...all rusty from our fierce weather here in California?! I cannot tell a lie. I bought them in Missouri at a flea market on a vacation.

and he said nothing would grow there..never has in 45 years. Good old "Amend" and just look!

This was full of long grass and weeds and again Sweet Husband said nothing would grow. :):) But it did.

I didn't even get a chance to wear my new winter coat. Darn! And my new scarf!
However, The Mele got to wear hers!! NOT fair I tell you!
Maybe next Winter.

Love and hugs,


  1. Be careful what ya wish for sister! Heeeheehe! I'd sure trade ya a little cold for warm sunny days filled with flowers and green, oh how I long for green. Your porch is very charming and inviting Mona.

    God bless and enjoy this marvelous day!!!

  2. Mona - I love the pictures of your garden!! It looks so cheery. I'm so glad that Spring has arrived. Glad that you like the soap and lotion. Thank you for being a great customer and friend!!


  3. Hi Mona,
    I'm looking at the pictures of your garden and feelin a bit jealous of all those blooming, wonderful pink blooms!
    I love the bunnies in the garden too.

    The photo you took of the flowers looks like a professional shot. You did great.

    I think some of our northern and midwestern bloggers would have traded their snow for your sunshine in a heartbeat!


  4. I would have gladly shared some of our winter, it was the snowiest here this year since 1955. Do love all your flowers.

  5. Lovely flowers and I, too, am so glad spring is in the air here in Florida. I bought bunches of flowers yesterday ...they are so pretty...thank you for sharing.

  6. HE HE! Maybe before the spring is up you will get to wear it. Your porch is lovely! :)


  7. This is the only thing I have to say.

    Want to trade places?

    I'll take the sunshine and YOU can HAVE the snow!



  8. O gosh, Mona...we don't have flowers this fabulous all summer long here in West Texas...
    These are just flat beautiful...and you did wonderful on your photos.
    I love that little Mele...she's so cute...
    hugs, bj

  9. Your little daisy-like flowers are amazing! Love the color! Nothing is blooming here ... yet...

  10. Your dog is soooo cute :D Your garden is beautiful! Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  11. I loved looking at all of your beautiful flowers! Are flowers here in NC are a few weeks away....even though my new home doesn't have any flowers planted yet!

  12. Oh how I love your bunny peeking out of the flowers. I have a much smaller bunny... and I need tons more flowers before my yard looks as good as yours.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  13. Yes, be careful what you wish for!! I for one, here in NE Ohio, have had it with winter!! I'm ready for your beautiful flowers.

  14. Well you certainly do not have deer who dine on your lovely flowers. How beautiful they are and thank you for sharing them with us.

  15. Awwwwwh -- your porch is as blooming beautiful as you are! I've been watching and waiting for my daffodils to start showing up -- I got so excited today to see some little green things right were I planted bulbs last Fall (I think anyway) -- Can't wait!

  16. Hey Mona,
    If you come visit me, you can still wear that winter coat! Better yet, I could come visit you and enjoy those beautiful flowers and warm weather. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side! Hugs and enjoy the sunshine, Cindy

  17. OMGoodness, your porch and flowers are stunning. I have been doing grunt work in the yard and do not have the rewarding results as of yet which are evident in your pics - green thumb kudos to you, my friend.

  18. Nice to see all the pink blooms and the bunny peeking out to welcome spring. We should all be so lucky. Joan

  19. Hi Mona, those flowers are lovely. I wish I could have my plants grow like that. Maybe I should buy those kind. What are they called again?....Christine

  20. Your garden looks like a happy place to be! Looking forward to more coming up in my yard!

  21. It all looks like the home of a master gardener!! Everything blooming is beautiful and your photos are wonderful, Mona. Are you ready for Better Homes And Gardens??!! ;-)


  22. Well you sure have a green thumb or something! Those flowers are beautiful.

    I remember when I was at your house and your dear husband was digging that one area out. The flowers look great there! Good job!


  23. I love your bunny! I want a bunny!
    But I'll settle for a little sunshine!!!

  24. It looks like summer to me :-) :-) Up here in the north we still have at least two feet of snow and no spring in sight for yet another couple of weeks. So I just enjoy Your flowers instead!
    Have a great day now!

  25. I have been wishing for "stay at home by the fire weather" a lot, and we finally got it.

    Wonder if the Amends would grow well in some very hot sunny areas we have, and would it survive the winters here?I will have to look that up.

    Your flowers and porch are looking very sunny and pretty indeed.

  26. Oh Mona..breathtaking photos! Thank you for sharing these! I would give anything if I could get those flowers to grow in my area. You've sure given me some landscaping ideas. Have a wonderful Thursday, Terri

  27. Beautiful photos...I love how it looks like the bunny is smelling the flowers! The colors are so vibrant too! Oh the warmth of the sun does do wonders doesn't it!

  28. What a lovely garden. I love your bunny peeking out of the flowers!

    ~ Tracy

  29. Hi Mona,
    I love your garden photo's. You really took some beautiful shots. I know what you mean about taking pictures, some times they turn out well to our surprise and other times not at all.
    I love your little bunny! and your blooming flowers are delightful and so pretty.
    You know I think we all feel the same way about having the time or trying to think of what to post when we have run out of ideas or in blog fog (hehe that rhymed). But the love for blogging and all the sweet gals we have meant throughout blog land, I think that is what keeps us going for sure.
    I always enjoy my visit with you!.
    Take care, hugs and enjoy your sweet day,

  30. Hi Mona. OMG how pretty are all of those flowers in front of the porch. Love the color.What are they? Well both of your coats are pretty. LOL!


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