Saturday, March 6, 2010


why in the world you ever buy anything NEW when you can get lovely things for almost nothing? I do! I think back of the money I have spent over the years on all sorts of household things, tools, outdoor patio things.
Of course there are things you can't and should not buy second hand..but...just things that make a house a home..and a nice home at that....

Today, even with the threat of rain, we were out by 8am this morning. There were almost no garage sales at all. Even the listed ones were pulled due to a rain threat.
But on our way home after stopping briefly at a couple..then to our usual pancake breakfast...we stopped at one more...
..and on a blanket in a pile of junk was this..blackened by what appeared to be a fire. Soot covered the poor thing and it really did look there were some of those places in the bottom I knew were a loss.
But I asked the price anyway..

See the Reed and Barton sticker? It is also inscribed right into the bowl but it is difficult to see.
The man said with a pause..two dollars. I shook my head and said no thanks, no quibbling, and we left. We went to Walmart and then started home. I told Sweet husband that...maybe I should go back and take another look at the bowl. No problem he said...
So back to the garage sale we went. No one was there..and the clouds were gathering darker and darker. I jumped out of the car and said "I'm back!" when he came out of the garage. He remembered me and said.."Ah yes, the bowl." It was still there so I picked it up and said "what in the world happened to this bowl?!" He said.."oh well, I use that thing on top of my hamburgers when I barbeque and it got kind of scorched..." I said "50 cents?" and he said sure..
took the poor thing home and went to work on it.
I think it turned out just beautiful..I saved it's tiny life! :) It will help make my home a bit prettier. I appreciate it. So will sweet daughters some day.

Last garage sale a block from home..this little blue and white (I have a weakness for this blue and white..)plate. I needed this like a hole in the head, but...
It came home with me too. For this I paid $2.00! But after all, it's Royal Delft..and anything "Royal" has to be good. Well, that's what I thought anyway...

And that was Saturday. Big thick Tuna sandwiches and salad in front of the fireplace. Ah..Saturday's. Love 'em! I hope all of you out there had a wonderful Saturday!



  1. Well your post yesterday got me out for hours today hitting up all the thrift stores around me. Not much out there though. I came home with a set of napkin rings, a book to read (paperback) and a tablecloth. That's it.

    Actually I could have gotten more stuff but I found myself putting things back. I just don't have the room to add much more to my collections. So unless I knew where it was going I put it back.

    Now you have me wanting to go to the garage sales. I think I may end up doing that next weekend.


  2. Beautiful bowl! Sounds like a delightful Saturday!

  3. That bowl turned out gorgeous! You have such a great eye for the hidden gem.

  4. That bowl is beautiful all polished.You have some wonderful "finds" Have a great day...

  5. not only is old best but isn't it wonderful when you can restore it to it's former glory?

  6. what a wonderful find and the price was awsome :)

  7. Wow! Mona! What a find. You sure are good at this garage sale thing. You did safe it's tiny life and brought forth such a shine! Love the blue plate, too. I agree with you regarding "royals". There's a brand out there called Royal Patrician...Don't know why, but I'm particularly drawn to it... Ha ha ha ha
    Patricia :o)

  8. Hallelujah! Oh, hope that lovely bowl is singing your praises, Mona, after you've saved it's tiny life! It looks marvelous! So pretty with the fruit in it. Just a could always poke some greens in it and place the bowl and greens on top of a cabinet! :) Couldn't resist Dear One! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. What a transformation ya'll performed on that shiny little bowl. You have the vision for a great bargain sister!

    Have a wonderful Sunday and may God bless it!

  10. The bowl is did a great job of cleaning it and shining it up! Of course, I am always on the lookout for blue for my blue the plate! Put my name on it! lol Enjoy your evening! It was a good day! ♥

  11. What a teasure trove you brought home. They look beautiful and will serve many years of enjoyment for you.

  12. Hi: I would love to meet you. We have so much in common. Can we wait until the weather is a little bet better? I hate driving in the rain. I have never gone to Emilie Barnes home, not sure what it is or where it is. I am sorry to hear about your dizziness. It is terrible, I know. Let me know what they do for you, I am very interested. Blessings, dear friend. Martha

  13. Beautiful bowl and of course I love that blue and white plate!

  14. Beautiful new old treasures, Mona. That bowl transformation is amazing!..Christine


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