Sunday, February 28, 2010


Today would have been Patrick's 76th birthday. I met him in high school. He was 17 and I was just fifteen. He should have lived. He should not have smoked but he thought he was invincible, I think. I wish he had been. No one is.
He has missed so much. We had such plans.

I like to think he would be happy about the way I am leading my life and his children are all leading theirs. I think he knows I'm doing fine. We are all well..and miss him. He was my Irishman.

We always celebrate our Irish backgrounds..and this year is no exception. A big party is planned.. I'll take pictures..
He would have liked that I think...



  1. I know you will bake a heavenly cake and his spirit will surround everyone at his party.

  2. Hello Mona,
    I'm sure that he is watching over you and your children and is pleased with how well you have done without him.
    He certainly was a handsome man but of course you are a beautiful woman both inside and out.

    What a sweet tribute.


  3. I bet you do miss him Mona. I am glad you have a big party - celebrate his life, I know he is
    smiling down at you now :o)

  4. What an absolutely handsome fellow he was! Look at that great smile and eyes. I totally see why you fell in love with him, Mona. We never forget or completely get over the memories from our first love do we? *sighs*

    Love ya!
    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. Sorry about your loss, I know you miss him! I'm glad you have lots of happy memories!

  6. What a wonderful tribute Mona, and what a gorgeous man he was!


  7. Mona, I am sure this is a very difficult time for you and your family. When I think about how much my parents are missing out on, I correct my thoughts and remember... they have the best seat in the house! I believe their spirits are with us all daily.
    Take care.
    Ladybug Creek

  8. What a handsome irish man he was Mona, and girl you know as I do you never get over your first love...Happy Birthday Patrick many you enjoy your Birthday at God's table...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. Mona, I know Patrick is looking down on you and his family smiling from ear to ear...celebrate his birthday with your own smile!

  10. OH Mona,
    Such a lovely tribute to the love of your life and the Father of your children. I know he would be proud! He sure was a handsome fellow!
    I am still in AZ. head back home tomorrow. I am missin my Man too! Hugs my dear friend, Cindy

  11. what a lovely post, I'm quite sure your sweet Irishman is watching and smiling from heaven above!

  12. Happy Birthday, Patrick!

    We know you are up in heaven watching down over Mona and your beautiful children. They miss you!

    Mona...thoughts and prayers are with you today. I'm sure you miss your first love very much!


  13. Yes, he would like that. :-) I am looking forward to hearing about the party plans and seeing the pics.

  14. Oh Mona how sweet of you to remember "your irishman" on his birthday! I know he must be with you always. Today was my dad's birthday too and my nephew's as well. I remember seeing your St. Paddy's party pics last gosh has it been a year that I have been blogging?? You would never know...I am hardly hear after the crazyness of this year! I wanted to tell you how much I adore you for the mother you are to all those wonderful children and also how envious I am of your new redo in your home! It was already beautiful and you made it even moreso! You are a great gal Mona....I love popping in to see what's up at your place. Sorry it is not more often. I have a hard time leaving a comment on 3 or 4 of the blogs and this is one of them....I have to go to internet explorer and all sorts of other things...anyway...hope this goes through! Early Happy St. Paddy's to you and yours!!

  15. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, what a handsome man he was and I'm sure you miss him and I'm sure he would be happy with your sweet life! Childhood sweethearts - how precious.
    I'm sending you a {{{{{HUG}}}}}
    Love ya,
    Shelia ;)

  16. What a wonderfully loving tribute to your handsome Irishman. I'm sure he is smilin' down at you and the children you share. Have a great day with your memories and celebrating the love you were blessed to share.

    God bless and have a glorious day dear Mona!!!

  17. Sorry for your loss, Dear. Even in your present happiness.

    Gentle hugs...

  18. I'm so sure Patrick is happy for you Mona. I'm also sure he's very proud of you and the children. Here's to Patrick and your lifelong romance.

  19. Best wishes to Patrick on the day of his birth ...and to the wonderful family he had to leave behind.

  20. I know he would be happy for you! It is the Irish Irish dad was 50 when he full of fun and loved life..We always remember, but we shouldn't mourn..but remember with a smile...Here's to Patrick!

  21. I'm sure he's been with you all the time, and appreciates all you've done. How sweet of you to keep him in your heart. He sure was handsome, and I'll bet handsomer in his heart.

  22. Mona

    Sending you love today my dear sweet friend, and know that he would indeed be very very proud of you.


  23. Hi Mona,
    What a very sweet tribute to your Irishman. Isn't it wonderful that we are able to hold such memories dear to our hearts? I know we would always prefer to have the person with us, but the treasured memories will never, ever go away. Thank you so much for sharing.


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