Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Now my laundry area is in the garage and the floor is concrete. :) Yep. I was pressing something..who knows what...and suddenly the iron simply jerked out of my hand. The cord caught. It FLEW..I GRABBED...but it was too late! It hit the concrete, there were sparks and smoke ...and it was all over! No more iron!

So...iron shopping began. I iron not like I used to, but I do press things, pillow cases, and I touch things up. Come on! Everyone does a "bit" of ironing.'s been some since I have bought one.

Big deal, you say? Hey! I was on a quest here! This is possibly the last iron I will ever own on this earth. Think about that! It suddenly ...meant something!

See? I told you it was dust! Would you believe my love wanted to tape....never mind! He is frugal to a fault!!

MY BRAND NEW IRON! Would you LOOK AT THIS? A little button on top...and you can SEE the temp you are setting!

...and STEAM in a I have never seen! BLAM! Wrinkles gone! :)

Large easy button to push for mist and steam! Lovely!

A Shark? Hmmmm...I had never heard of it...and I usually buy a brand I am familiar with.'s time for a change. Change is good!

I'm a movin' on!

Hugs and love to all of you fantastic people out there!
I cannot begin to tell you what you mean to me!


P.S. Please hold Balisha from "Never Enough Time" in your loving thoughts today..Please...She is undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor...surround her in a warm God light!


  1. Hi Mona!
    The only housework i like is ironing! The rest I can live without I feel :-) :-) I used a lot of shirts in my younger days, so I got relly good at ironing them. I think it has to do with that I can think of other things or watch tv at the same time :-) So a good iron is a must in life :-)
    Have a great day now!

  2. Just love your new iron...I've always liked ironing, sort of a mindless activity that lends itself to prayer and meditation. I have several 'Shark' appliances and have been happy with them all!

  3. Now that is a sleek looking iron. Did you make your ironing board cover, the pretty pink striped fabric? It looks familiar, like I might also have some of that pretty fabric!! Have a nice day!!

  4. Mona, Thanks for the heads up on Balisha's health...prayers going up from English Cottage.
    I do not remember seeing your new brand of iron when I was replacing my 30 year old iron several years ago.
    I finally found a basic GE metal iron and am happy enough after going through 3 previous irons.
    Better to let the iron fall to the ground than to try and catch it.
    I laughed at your comment on my last post. Ugh, my predicament exactly - maybe this color, maybe that color...
    When I posted I was leaning to a cream white. After wise bloggers' advice, I think the cream white is good. It would allow me to change to whatever colors I wanted later.

  5. Yes I iron too! And I love my iron -- she's my "buddy" -- glad you found a good one.

  6. Wow Mona, I am excited for you. Looks like you purchased the Cadillac of irons. As a picky perfectionist it is odd that I will go to great lengths not to iron. Hang wrinkled items above the dryer, in the bathroom, tumble with a damp cloth anything to keep from ironing. Know I will keep Balisha in my prayers and you have a great day with your new iron.

  7. Hi Mona! Oh I do try to avoid ironing as much as possible! I have an iron. However, my ironing board just recently bit the dust, and I find I am in need of shopping for THAT instead! I have to admit, I don't feel terribly rushed about it! (0; I did remember that you mentioned you would like to see my rooster potholder when it was done; so I wanted to let you know I just posted it, if you'd like to see it! ~tina

  8. Not me Mona, I don't do a bit of ironing. I'll throw a load of clothes back in the dryer with a wet towel if they set to long and wrinkle!

    She is a beauty though. All that color and chrome and her lines remind me of a classic old Chevy!

    talk to you later,

  9. Oh geez! And I like washing dishes too...and we don't have a dishwasher! Have I gone around the bend here? LOL

  10. Great iron Mona...Pretty much only use mine for crafting, quilting and such...Wrinkles are In!!!!xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  11. Hope your feeling better about blogging too...Hope my comments were helpful at that early hour this morning...Trying to pass a kidney stone as we speak, so if I sound a little off...I'm blaming the drugs!!!!xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  12. What a classy lady and such a pretty color too. If you don't want to iron you can just set her on the mantel. Ironing is not my favoite thing to do. I was an army brat and my Sat. morning chore was to iron all my father's uniforms which were startched so stiff they stood by themself in the corner.

  13. Love washing dishes, doing laundry even making the bed.. but ironing... not so much. I have a gorgeous heavy weight black and decker silver iron but only use the thing for my craft. I make sure to stay on top of the "end cycle" buzzer on the dryer... :)

    Now mona.. fess up, you threw that iron on the floor didn't you? YOu just wanted a new super duper lights on iron!! hehehe

  14. Mona, My idea of ironing is Downey Wrinkle Free! No, I do iron my husbands uniforms, but I do not enjoy it a bit. I am glad to see you have posted. I was worried for you. Remember that for those you don't appreciate you, there are many more that appreciate your warm, kind and loving heart!


  15. Fancy iron!

    I had a friend who LOVED to iron. It made me feel guilty, so I went out and bought one. When I used it my son asked "What's that?" I don't know how old he was, but it still told me that I had been neglectful in that department!

    Happy ironing...glad you didn't burn yourself when it fell.

  16. Yes, Mona...I, too still iron. I iron my cotton tops, my husband's hankerchiefs, pillowcases, and a few other things. I love to iron. I know women who don't even own an iron. I have had people visit while I am ironing, and say, "my God, you still iron?: Yes, and I am proud to do it. Hugs, Kathleen

  17. Hi Mona,
    I've been here before, I remember reading your bio, your story reminded me of my girlfriend who also lost two husbands like you.

    I have the same iron, I bought it about two years ago. It's still going strong and YES I IRON a lot. My washer broke down a couple of weeks ago, the new one just came today, so I will be putting my iron to work again. Hope you have good luck with yours.


  18. I do NOT iron....and you should have said something...I have three still in boxes from my wedding 11 years ago!!!

  19. Hi Mona,
    I am feeling better and I am so impressed with your new iron! That is one nifty looking one! My Mom says the same thing now, It may be her last. For some reason, that just tears at my heart. Hugs to you and I am so happy your feeling a bit better today. Cindy

  20. Hi Mona, glad you are feeling better.

    Have you gotten those Fall decorations out yet? I just feel warm and cozy surrounded by all my pumpkins. Hehehe.

    Love ya, Barb :-)

  21. Nice iron, I haven't heard of that brand before either. I'm one of those rare people who enjoys ironing! Don't do it a lot, but I don't mind when I have to.


  22. The Cottage By The Cranelake.....Thank you, Christer. Now I feel better! I think so too!

    Diva Kreszl...I feel better knowing someone else bought the same brand and is pleased with it. I had just never heard of it before.

    Mary Ann Miller....I commented on your blog about the material. I have had it for years now and it has held up wonderfully and it's so cute.

    Kathy... Wrinkles are in! Yes, yes...and it is hard for me to accept. LOL A KIDNEY STONE!! GOOD GRIEF! Ouchie!!

    Stella...the..mantel. REALLY!!! ok. :) NOT a bad idea at all!

    A Stitch In Thyme.....OH DARN! You know me too well, Tammy! LOL Those pretty lights didn't hurt my decision at all. I went to K Mart, WalMart, Sears, (and I never go to Sears anymore!) and then Target. Target had the one I wanted at the right price.

    Jan....I LOVE the way you iron clothes. I do a bit of that too.
    Blogging..well I was just in a "panties in a wad" tizzy here..
    Had I pushed that button and lost my blog..OH GOD! I gotta quit thinking like that! Thank you for your sweetness, Jan!

    Aspimom.... I imagine my kids are probably older...but still remember the bag of ironing in the frig because I hadn't had time to iron yet. Mine knew what an iron bet! He didn't know? How funny! Yeah...what if I had caught it..

    Kathleen... :) I iron all the same things you do! I even run it over dishtowels sometimes. They just fit better in the drawer and look nice. We use cotton napkins and those get a touchup too.

    jerseygirl 211...YES...another gal that irons! us your new washer! :) I used my iron to day and just loved it! Best iron I have ever owned!

    Tootsie....LOL..I fell over when I read that...
    I mean...that is TOO funny!

    Cindy (Applestone Cottage)...See? Our blog do effect people. I need to shut myself in the bathroom and not come out for a few days the next time I want to kick my heels on the floor! I hate it when I let things bother me like that and then...cave in. NOT good!

    Barb~Bella Vista....Fall! You said the magic word...and yes. I did get them out...and had a party! I mean...I put leaves all over the place...but..NOT happy with my front door wreath. I need a new one and am balking at buying one. I may have to though. OH NO! I need to learn to do with what I have...Its got apples and grapes..and is mostly burgandy..and it just doesn't look right. Gotta do something..but what!?!

    Smart Mouth Broad...AS WELL YOU SHOULD! :):)
    You want I should "will" it to you? If you want that iron when I die,'s yours! Ok? :)

    Yellow Rose Arbor...I always bought GE..and was attracted to one that was made just like the old ones...but it just didn't have what I wanted. You must try one of these. You will LOVE it!
    Kathleen...where did you get those clear yellow dishes in your header. LOVE them!

  23. What a beautiful iron! I enjoyed reading this post: it's very amusing! I also read the previous post! I am sorry that you have had such a hard time and I sincerely hope that life will be better soon.
    You said:"IF YOU CANNOT SAY SOMETHING NICE...DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL" That's also my device. I say "amen" to that!

  24. I still like to iron. That thing you bought looks spiffy. Really. I might have to go buy one after mine falls on the floor today.

    I hope your friend is alright. I will keep her in my prayers.

  25. Just checking in to see how you're feeling today -- hope all is well and your friend will be alright. You know we've grown to love you! Praying that your wellbeing and balance is restored. I know how certain incidents can knock you for a loop!

  26. That is a snazzy iron!! Mine is still hangin' in there. I don't iron that much but some things just shouldn't have wrinkles! (Including me but I can't iron those out!) You know, I don't think my daughter has ever ironed!! My mother used to iron every Tues. and she ironed everything; sheets, regular clothes and even my father's shorts!! Hope you are feeling better in the soul. I am going to the last post and leave a comment too.

  27. You'll find me ironing every week. I've had mine for some time now. Bet there are all kinds of new toys out there now.


  28. Hi Mona,
    Oh my! You did make toast out of that iron! And boy did you get a great new one. It looks like it can do just about anything you need it to. As you can guess, I do plenty of ironing, too. I love to listen to books on tape while I iron. It makes the time fly and I actully look forward to it.
    Patricia :o)

    PS: I said a little prayer for Balisha even though I'm a day late. Have you heard how she's doing?

  29. WHOA....that is some fancy iron you got there, Mona girl. All shiny and full of lights...
    Oh, yes..I still iron quite a few things. I love my tablecloths ironed, pillow cases, some shirts...yep...I iron and probably always will. Guess it's our generation, hu?
    So sorry your broke your old iron and I had to laugh out loud when you said he wanted to tape funny!
    I hope your friend, Balisha, is going to be alright. The doctors can do wonders nowdays. I will surely add her to my prayers.
    xo bj

  30. One of my greatest relaxations is ironing, seriously! Your new one looks perfect, I need to get a new one soon! Lori

  31. Ironing only when I have grew up as a Dry Cleaners Daughter I think that did

    It is a very nice iron, I would be worried that she would scoot right off the end of the ironing board and go out for drag racing at night, so lock her up and keep her on a short lead. lol

  32. sad to say, I love gardening better as ironing..i seldom iron my clothes because I hang and fold them accordingly..wink!


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