Friday, September 18, 2009


...because you could lose what you already have...and then where would you be?

This is on my refrigerator...words to live by?

My gosh...I think I am being punished! :) Have you ever felt like you've brought something on wishing for something you simply cannot have..and then..what you do have is suddenly taken away?? Ok...well..I won't go into that too deeply...but let's just start with my camera... camera. I have been not so appreciative of the one I have..and longing for a new one like Di's at SNAPPY FINGER...and now it won't work. Sweetie Pie is in Maine and won't be home until next CAMERA. I should have appreciated what I had!!

In the meantime..I'll start sanding those stools. Lots of wonderful advice from Lucy @ ENGLISH COTTAGE IN GEORGIA and others who were kind enough to help me. It's getting on with the task that is the problem! I am a procrastinator!

What would I do without my can of red spray paint! It's the little things..isn't it? :)

I collect red Mosser glass... The deep red and the cherries always catch my eye. I should save this for Ruby Tuesday...shouldn't I..ah well..

I buy usually from our blogging artists and seamstresses...and this little pillow with the wheel barrow was made by Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams. The other items were from other artists on ebay.

This canaster set is very old. I bought it at Sears probably 30 years ago..packed it away, thought I had sold it at a garage sale...and found it later in a box. I was DELIGHTED! When you think you have lost something ..and find you still have it...ANOTHER good feeling! :)

I keep seeing new canister sets...cute ones with Roosters! You KNOW how I love Roosters...but...I have decided to be grateful for this set. It is, after all, RED!
I need to learn to be grateful for all my blessings and not always reaching for the better this or better that.

I will go paint now and stop wishing for more STUFF! I am already a lucky woman. I MEAN I DO HAVE ALL OF YOU AFTER ALL! ~smile~ And my camera WILL get fixed!

Hugs and love,


  1. Mona you are so right my friend! I love to come visit you for inspiration.

    Your RED canisters are just perfect and gorgeous. ~Beautiful post.

  2. I love RED so this is the post for me! The little pillow is so sweet and the doll...oh my! She is precious! Look at that face!! Love the red canisters and the Mosher glass is exquisite! I will remember the words of wisdom, too. I am thankful for what I have..but always seeing things I want! Thanks for the reminder! Have a nice weekend!

  3. Oh I love the pillow!!!! Very sweet. Also like your canisters.

    I know how you feel Ms.Mona.... I often say something like that but then quickly look upward and tell God that i'm happy the one I have is working.... :)

    What part of Maine Mona? My family is up that way from all over the state and dripping down into Boston area in Mass.

    Hugs and better days ahead. Tammy

  4. Oh gosh...let me share.

    Many years ago I had a TOTALLY charming place in an Antique Mall. I made lots of money and made lots of I could be home with my growing children.

    I complained. It wasn't enough.

    I wanted a REAL STORE! Nothing less would satisfy. So I prayed for it. Over and over again I asked for a REAL STORE!

    Well...God answered my prayers. He was faithful. Gave me EXACTLY what I asked for.

    I got the REAL STORE!


    ...High Rent - Payroll for the people I had to hire to help me - Workman's Comp Bills - Building Insurance - Maintenance Invoices - Advertising - etc. Plus the huge co$t of filling up a store with products I only could HOPE would sell.

    After a very short time I ended up hating it.

    Two months after I opened the place I'd prayed to own, the one I had LONGED FOR, the one that consumed my thoughts, that elusive Retail Store I COVETED, the OKLAHOMA CITY Bombing happened and all retail business came to an abrupt end (same as NY on 9/11)...

    I longed for the simplicity of the Antique Mall.

    As a result of slow sales and disrupted retail buying I nearly lost my HOME and the Biz went bankrupt.

    Now I'm VERY careful what I pray for.

    First words out of my mouth are:

    "God...I want what YOU want for me!" This way I can't go wrong.

    Love to you sweet friend. I adore you. Your heart. And your LOVE FOR RED! Thank you so much for sharing!

    May we all be content wherever it is we find ourselves...

    Love to you~Rebecca

  5. Ya left me seenin' red, girl. Such a happy color it is. I shine in red. Red is a good color and sits beautifully on this post.

    Have a colorful weekend enjoying your spray can and life!!!

  6. Oh yes Mona, I know exactly what you're talking about. In fact I'm always telling my hubby not to make negative predictions about things outloud, because I really believe that saying it outloud is the first step in making it come true!

    I just love all your pretty red things! especially your glassware and that darling cherry plate, and guess what...I have that very same red canister set from Sears (we were both probably buying it at the same time! lol) and it is now in my storage room.
    I considered selling it in my last couple of garage sales but didn't. It's pretty hard for me to part with anything that's RED!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Oh, Mona dear, you are so after my own heart. I, too, find myself, at times, wanting what everyone else is showing on blogs...I have never been one to have a LOT of stuff setting around....after 2 yrs of blogging, I am finding my house is busting at the seams. I just hauled a lot of STUFF to Goodwill for someone else to "find a treasure"!
    Yes, I love roosters, too, but I get tired of them if I have too many. The solid red canisters are classic and will ALWAYS be in style. Roosters will just strut themselves right out the door one of these days!! :)
    Sure hope your camera gets well real soon!!
    xo bj

  8. Well, what on earth happened to your camera?? Did you drop it? On it's little head? Did it go boom?


  9. The shade of red that you painted your cupcake tin is gorgemous! Love it! And that red glassware . . . to die for! Isn't there something about red that just makes you happy! I think that for some of us, red is our basic beige -- :D


  10. I hope your camera is fixed soon!! LOVE the red canisters....

  11. I love all your redness! Amazing what a spray can of red can do!
    Hope your camera is fixed soon. For us bloggers, its our computer or camera, can't live without either one! LOL

  12. Oh I do so agree with you. I need to remind myself to always be grateful for what I have and not wish for something I don't have. There is always someone who would love to have what I have. I love all of your red. Everything is wonderful, and I know your camera will get fixed. Hugs, Marty

  13. You´re so right in that we usually forgets to be happy for the things we have. But can it be that when we first get what ever it can be, they sort of don´t fit in our lives?

    But then if we find them again they fit perfectly and we start appreciate the more? And You´re so right that it´s the little things in life that makes the difference :-)
    Have a great day now!

  14. I love your red muffin tin -- can't wait to see what you show us with it. Lovely "reds" in your post today -- and good thoughts to ponder as well.

  15. A visit here is always inspirational - thank you !

  16. You reds are beautiful, bold, bright & they bring a warmth to any decor. Perfect for the season.

    Moser glass is so very expensive & very hard to find ... when found it doesn't stay in our shop very long.

    We were so tickled when we visited Prague, Czechloslovakia, & found a 'museum shop' full of Moser ... it was awesome to be surrounded by such exquisite pieces. You'd have enjoyed this immensely.

    Have a lovely weekend ... TTFN ~Marydon

  17. So sorry about your camera and you are so right about being appreciative of what we already have. I love the little red Raggedy, of course and the canister set is so neat. I get a little overwhelmed when I think how old some of my things are.

    The Raggedy Girl

  18. Red red red. What would I do without it? I had never heard of Moser glass, but I am sure going to do some research. You have piqued my interest. I collect the LE Smith Amberina, but I am running out of room. The cardinal on your fridge just jumped right out at me. I love that saying, and those are good words to live by. We have so many cardinals in our yard year round - they are like bright gifts from nature and they always bring a smile. My wish for you today is that your camera will be fixed, and very quickly; and that you will also have a wonderful weekend.

    All my best to you.

  19. I have to remind myself too of appreciating what I have and not always wanting what I don't have. I lost my engagement ring once for a few months and thought it was lost forever. I always dreamed of a new one...a bigger diamond and all. When I was without my ring on my finger and not a new diamond ring in sight...I wished for my old ring back. Well...I was lucky enough to find my ring at the bottom of the clothes hamper beneath an empty bag. I can tell you now I could care less about ever replacing my ring.

  20. Just love all the red!!! Thanks for sharing...have a blessed weekend!

  21. Sweet Words. I think it is absolutely OK to want to jump across the fence and munch on someone else's grass occassionally, as long as you don't foget to make and enjoy a salad of your own grass on occasion. How's that for an analogy today??

  22. Oh, Mona, we must be soul sisters. I, too, love the deep reds, roosters and now mosher glass. How beautiful. Hugs to you, my friend.

  23. What fun to find your Sears canisters when you thought you had sold them:)

  24. Mona girl you always uplift me when I come by here my friend..Thanks for being one and I thank God the day I found you and your wonderful blog...Love all your red girl...You know I was looking around my house for red things because i want to do BJ's drug awareness thing and I have very little have lots of Pink...hey thats red with more white added ha ha!! May you have a great weekend my dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  25. Hi Mona...

    Just wanted to stop by to say hello! I have really enjoyed the sweet notes that you have left for me lately...I've been so busy my blogging has suffered! Well my friend, I am so sorry to hear about your camera! I sure do hope that your honey is able to fix it or that you can get another one! But you're absolutely right about appreciating what we DO have...we are truly blessed!!!

    Mona, I love, love, LOVE all of your pretty reds!!! Of course, red being my favorite color! Love those red canisters...they're gorgeous! Girlfriend, do you paint? You could always paint some cute little roosters on them...would be so pretty! Hmmm...or maybe decals? Just a thought! Also really enjoyed your pretty pillows...the little red wheelbarrow pillow is just precious! I love the look of the old "redwork" embroidery! Have seen a few pieces so thought I would try my hand at it...already bought the pretty red embroidery floss!!! Anyway...your pretty pillow reminded me of that!

    Well I know that this is getting to be quite the long note but before I go, just wanted to tell you that I loved your pretty breakfast tablescape! Girl, I DO LOVE those gorgeous red and white dishes!!! Ohhh...and your autumn table centerpiece is fabulous!!! You're such a talented lady!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  26. you careful what you wish for...and that whole thing hits way to close to home for me. I don't talk about it at all...but just know that what you have is what you should have and we should never wish for more...or we could lose so much that means more than the one stupid thing we wished for in the first darn place...
    I better stop before I get all upset again....
    I have never heard of or seen monster glass....where can I get some? I think I just fell in love!

  27. Hope your camera problems are solved soon. I have been having computer problems and need a new lap top. When is your birthday in Oct.? Mine is Oct. 4th.

  28. ha ha !!! and I called it Monster glass....yep...that is what I thought you wrote!!! lol....ROFL!!! yes...I was very tired when I read your post!
    thanks for the clarification and the am still laughing...and in fact, I think my face is about as red as that "monster" glass! lol

  29. Hi Mona
    I love all the red! So sorry to hear about your camera and I hope you are able to get a new one soon. I am having a welcome fall party on Tuesday and would love for you to join in. Maybe you have some fall photos you took before. There is more info on my blog.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  30. I love those colors..never thought I would like red but more and more i"m thinking I need to pull some of that color into my dining room, thru dishes and glasses.

  31. I love the red. It's such a pretty and bold accent color!!!

    If you get a chance, stop by my Blog for a visit! I just put up a new post...
    Have a great day,

  32. So true, "be careful for which you pray, you may get what you want". Finally at the age of 54, I do not negotiate with God. I praise what I have been given. One of the benefits of age is to be able to look back and understand the wisdom of unanswered prayers.
    I love your red kitchen pretties.
    I can't wait to see your completed project:-).

  33. You're so right Mona. I gained a husband and at the same time I lost a son! Thankfully, I have him back again now, but it took some doing. I love your red and white kitchen!
    Blessings, Star

  34. Hi Mona,
    Just checking in this morning to see what you are up to. How right your comments are. It seems my wish list goes on and on. Taking care
    of what I do have is enough ,I remind myself as
    I clean my home today.
    I love your red, especially the Moser glassware, just beautiful !

  35. oh yes, Mrs. Mona, be grateful, I know exactly what your saying, I've been there, remember the silver lining in everything, it is there, you just have to find it! I am loving that red glass, it's beautiful, and the little pillow with the wheelbarrow, touches my heart. Great Post.

  36. Mona, I think we can all be guilty of wanting something different or bigger or better~ instead of being content with what we have. The grass is not always greener on the other side, as some of us have found out... Thanks for the wake-up call to remind us! Hope you get your camera fixed so you can be happy,once again! :-)
    hugs, Sue

  37. Hi Mona I truly understand the loss of your camera. Mine is like an extension of my soul. It is always with me where ever I go. I love digital cameras as I can snap away to my hearts content, adjusting light etc.
    I love your red, canisters. I always wanted more land. We have just on two acres. It can be hard to manage this when you work(even casually) so I am really glad that it is only 2 acres. :)

  38. I don't think I have seen so much red under one roof!!! Red is so cheerful and you sure have a lot of cheerful at your home. I forgot what the pillow looked like that you bought from me (oh, and thank you for posting about it and for the sweet mention :) That little Raggedy doll is a guaranteed smile maker.


  39. I LOVE that white plate with cherries on it that's hiding behind your red canisters! Very charming!

  40. What a wonderful reminder to us all! I love your red canisters!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie


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