Monday, August 31, 2009


There is so much on my mind this morning. Do you ever have things on your mind..and decide not to write it down for...reasons that you ALSO don't write down?
I do.
I do it a lot.
I usually end up posting about something else. I mean, how can one argue with a lovely deep red quilt? you are not into reds. :) No problem. It's a lovely soft 100% wool and those are not always easy to find in perfect condition. A Saturday estate sale turned up this gem. I love it!

This little clock was just .50 cents at another garage sale. It works perfectly. It was very dusty and one hand hit the other. Easily fixed. Cute? :) Keeps perfect time!
*note the fruit on the little pendulum. :)

I get temped to vent now and then about things...political and religous and otherwise..but..I cannot do it. Peoples feelings mean a lot to me. I care how I make them feel.
Thus this Saturday garage sale. It's good though. I mean, it's a part of my life and I enjoy doing it. Do garage sales hurt feelings...gosh..I hope not! :)

And so...on to my box of childrens book that were also in perfect condition. I am shipping these to Georgia to my Great grandchildren. :) Ok..not exactly a steal at $10 but worth every cent if you consider how much they would have been in stores. NOT even a smudge on them. Believe me I checked them all out!

Lastly, a couple of beautiful books for me. $2.00. Perfect least I have found not a single flaw yet. There were even lovely unused book stickers inside of them. I do love books and my collection is getting quite large.

That is it for the day. I expounded a bit...but hopefully nothing that will hurt feeling. I tried to post what was happening in my life without causing pain to others. I hope I have done that. It IS my blog but keeping the balance can be daunting at times. I will keep a private diary if I ever feel I must do serious and angry venting. Now..that is stupid because I won't do that. I always tear out the pages! LOL

Love and hugs to all..

P.S. I have deleted much of what I wrote on this if some of the comments seem strange to you and seem not to is because I backed off. All the comments on here were totally appropriate ...I am the one that is off beat here. :)
I used to do it a I am back to doing it again.


  1. Mona, post what you want to post. I look at this way, we are all friends and there will be times we just need to let it all out. Most of us will listen. Some won't comment but I am certain all of us will keep coming back. I think there comes a point in our blogging lives that we need to vent on our blogs.

    I enjoy your blog and if you vent once in a while then I feel as if you are a friend because that is what friends do and friends will listen. That doesn't mean we will always agree. If we always agreed how boring would that be!
    Take care and many hugs ~Sue

  2. Mona, my heart hurts for yours. Please vent, rant rave to your blog family. We all need to, we all need friends who will reply and leave us an uplifting message. We all need to identify that we are not perfect and we do not have to go it alone.

    I pray that your hurt heart is filled with joy and laughter. I pray that no eggshells fall on the floor. I pray an uplifting spirit overwhelms you with laughter. Have a blessed evening beautiful lady.

  3. Well Mona my friend, YOU KNOW how I feel about posting on our OWN blogs. I say post what your heart and mind desire. When you are not trying to hurt anyone then nothing should hurt.

    How one feels about politics or what should or should not be on a blog is of no one's say so but our own. I was told once that I should not put Obama on my blog as it would hurt my business. Funny, a republican said this to me.. :) BUT, my politics has nothing to do with how welll I do my craft & I do it well.

    I was also told what type of music I should or should not put up. Well I dare say I have at least one song for any genre of music excpet Metal which, i'm sorry, TOO LOUD.

    I was told I should refrain from being so open.... from someone who takes others ideas and uses them on their own blog. Was it that I was TOO open or was it envy from one who seems only capable of one or two topics... I don't know.

    I know this: FRIENDS stick no matter what!!! PERIOD. ANything short of that, don't fret over it. Be yourself, your wonderful.

    Hugs and love

  4. Hi Miss Mona, you are a highly sensitive person, I am too, and I believe some of these things will always trouble you to some extent.

    Blog about what you can't make everyone happy. If you say how you feel, respectfully, that is about all you can do.

    Since I am a bit tired, I am not truly catching on here but know that I really think you are just wonderful. I truly do!!!

    Your buddy,
    Barb :-)

  5. MIss Mona.
    Wow. That post was kinda all over the place. You REALLY need to vent.
    You know what? If you post someting on YOUR blog, and someone takes offense, maybe they shouldn't read it. Did you twist their arm? Did you ask for their opinion?
    I for one, have always loved visiting with you. You've never, ever hurt my feelings. I feel like I KNOW you - you know? We rock and roll through the earthquakes togehter Girl!!! If I were with you right now, I'd give you a hug.
    I've always told people "If someone comments on the dust in your house, they are looking waaaayyyy too close. Tell them to go somewhere else and look."

  6. Aaah, shit... I say to hell with all of them. All the folks that say do this, do that, don't say this... I do as I please on my blog, but then you already knew that, didn't you... *giggling over here at my place* I'm a liberal democrat and love Obama, loved Teddy Kennedy, and if people don't want to come to my blog because of it I ain't gonna tip toe around. Fuck em! LMAO Just don't care at this point in life. *sticks tongue out at all of you mamby pamby republicans... hee hee.. take that! I'll play whatever damned music I please.. jeez... lighten up world. It's just a flippin' blog!!! Ummm, sorry for the outburst... musta been my hormones... LOL Love you, Mona.. You know I do... just ain't gonna cow tow to anyone at age 55. No how and no way, Hosea! Yee Haw and zippity doo dah day.

    Snappy Di
    Fa la la la la La la la la......

  7. Sue@Not the Good Scissors!....You are right! IF they disagree is alright. Not a problem..shoot. Disagree away!! It's feelings that matter. You know?

    Nazzy....You precious lady! How kind your words are. I am fine. Just a wee needy today...

    A Stitch in Thyme... Tammy, have you noticed that it does not matter how well one sings, or acts, or paints when they are famous! People still refuse to go to their movies, buy their paintings, or buy their CD's if they disagree with their politics etc. I care....but I don't....but I do. Would you..believe I am a Libra?? LOL Hugs to you, sweet friend!

    Barb~Bella Vista..... You are right! This mood will pass away. But, are exactly right. Nothing to catch onto really. I am just sort of musing out loud is all. :) You are such a sweetheart to me. Always! :)

    Karen...."all over the place" is putting it mildly..but..I guess I was trying to kill two birds with one stone! No..of course I didn't twist their arm and no, of course they don't HAVE to read it.
    I was just chatting and showing pictures...sort of like when you drive the car and talk at the same time?
    Lordy, did I need that HUG! :) It was a rough night last night! Hugs back! A BIG one!

  8. Oh gosh you sound a lot like me. I prefer to avoid conflict if at all possible and get my feelings hurt too easily. Sometimes you just have to have a good cry and move on.

  9. Oh Mona! I'm so sorry that someone hurt your feelings -- I've decided that my blog is my "happy spot" and I'm leaving politics and anything that tends to be argumentative out -- It's not that I don't have opinions -- but this is a place that I'm not taking those -- so, I've also decided that it's not the other people I visit here or visit me - it's not their political views or religion that matters to me -- it's the friendships and the sharing that goes on -- I'll leave the politics and other matters to other "places" in my life. Everyone needs a happy spot that's just safe.

  10. Mona,

    It seems that the only conflicts I have lately are with myself. I post a bit about things that break my heart or have me pondering life, but for the most part, I try to look at things with a sense of humor, at least on my blog. I think, who wants to hear my problems?? As far as my beliefs and opinions, that is where all of we ladies are going to have differences, so I prefer to keep those things to myself and keep a common ground among us. I know you are frustrated and pent up right now. I think journals are wonderfully helpful. Even a paragraph a day. They add up.

    Feel free to email me, my friend...


  11. Hi Mona,
    Oh do I hear you! I have some very strong political beliefs but I hate conflict too! I want my blogging to be fun and not controversial. I love visiting your blog and rant all you want, I will always be back! I figured out, a long time ago, as I guess you may have too that we can all be friends despite our differences and we can find common ground that bonds us! Hugs, Cindy

  12. Mona... You know I agree with you... post what ever is of interest to you... and as in the "Field of Dreams" (and using a little poetic license of my own)...

    "If you write it...they will come"...

    many blessings. Dixie

  13. Mona, I have to admit, there are times when I wish I hadn't told family members about my blog. Mostly they are supportive but not always and they often don't "get it" the way my fellow bloggers do. I can't vent there, as you said feelings are too easily hurt and that upsets me too.

    Politics and religion are such polarizing topics. Why? I don't know. No joke this time.(I really do know that roosters are all those things and that's why we love'em!) Maybe because we try to define ourselves by them yet we are so much more complicated than just right or left, believer or non-believer. I don't know how to figure it all out. It's so much easier to just go shopping. At least I'm doing my part to stimulate the economy!

  14. I am sorry you have had such a bad day, Mona.
    Have a lovely week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  15. Well, at least you're not deleting anymore. Your blog, your thoughts, your opinion. That's what it's all about. As always, you can be secure in my undying affection. Hugs!

  16. I Know exactly how you feel about being careful not to hurt or offend...I have been there where I read something some one I read daily says, that cuts so deep I don't want to go back-but I do because I know they did not write it directly to hurt me!
    You can vent anytime...this is your blog and we all enjoy you so much-we know you would never hurt anyone on purpose! differences are what make the world go around!
    now...for example...I hate HATE WORD VERIFICATIONS ON THE COMMENTS!!!! It sometimes takes me two tries to get it to work!!!
    see? are you offended???? no...cause you know I love ya! lol

  17. Snappy Finger...LOL well..ok. You are so darned funny, Di! Thanks, you pretty much said it for me.

  18. I know how you feel about not wanting to hurt other's feelings. Blogs are for expressing your own feelings and sometimes you just have to let them out!

    One a positive note, you found some really great things while hitting the yard sales! Isn't it so much fun to browse and find things you absolutely love?

    Have a wonderful week,

  19. Yep...I did find some goodies that I love at the yard sales...and actually except for that one small part we had a fantastic weekend.
    I cannot complain.

  20. Some days we need to let off steam. Who does it really hurt? no-one. You will have happy days and sad days. No-one is perfect. Just be yourself and share yourself with us. Your true friends will accept you are you are. A true friend is one who knows all about you, but loves you just the same.
    Blessings Star

  21. Write what you want to honey !! I love ya sweetie !

  22. I know what You mean. But as long as one just tells ones own oppinion I think it´s ok to write about anything in the blog. If I don´t agree with You I just tell You that (and writing what I think about the subject), but wouldn´t be offended or hurt of what You might have written about. So feel free to write about anything You like!
    have a great day now!

  23. My blogger blogs are for fun so I dont post too many controversial things there. But I do have a personal Multiply blog where I say whatever I want. I get folks too who come there and try to "fix" me or tell me Im wrong or I shouldnt post this or that. I now have a posting on my top page there that says "Oh and when you read something here and you really dont like it.....feel free to NOT comment..thats what I do rather than stir shit up.

    Thank you .....have a nice day "

    Those that comply or at least say what they need to say respectfully get to stay....those that dont are deleted and blocked. Or as I like to say (since Im the Queen of my pages) OFF WITH THEIR HEADS lol.

    Just say what you want, its your pages, the hell with everyone else. When I see stuff I dont like I just ignore it and move on.

  24. Mona...Life is too short to be sad about how people react to your opinions. EVERYONE...has their opinion and Praise God we live in a country where they can be expressed. There are a bunch of CHOICES here in this situation. YOU choose the type of blog you want to portray. Doing that, you really have no choice in how people respond, but you do have a choice as to publishing their comment. Most importantly, You have a choice as to how you let these comments affect you....I think that could be key here. I learned the hard way that it really is a choice to allow people comments or actions hurt. I'm the one that chooses to be hurt. I don't go there anymore... sometimes you just have to wipe the dust off your feet and go skipping down the road...not worth the effort to even allow the hurt to take hold. You my friend are a dear...Love that husband of yours, and embrace the life you have me some "Fallerizing"!!!! I can only imagine how warm it is there..Lol, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...Love you!

  25. Hi Mona! I had to laugh at the book about skeletons in your closet. My mother would have to convince my little brother, when he was very young, EVERY night, that there were NO skeletons in his closet! We did not know where he heard and learned the phrase, at his young age.. Probably t.v... but just 4 years older than he was, I remember it keeping him awake at night! My mother would have to climb into his closet, slide clothes around on the rack, lift things up off the floor, etc., just to prove to him there was nothing in there! (0; ~tina


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