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My sweet friend Barb at GRITS AND GLAMOUR, has tagged me to play the "Tag! You're It!" You are supposed to go to your 6th file, find the 6th photo and write about it.
Then tag six of your blogging buds to do the same. So here goes:

I didn't know you could put things in files..ho I went to my pictures..found the 6th row..6th photo...and here it is...(you can put things in ...FILES?? Wow!)

It is the family homestead that is on an island in Maine. Bucks Harbor. The only way you can get on the island is when the tide goes out..and then you drive across a sort of rocky barge. It doesn't hurt to have GOOD transportation to do this. Apparently the island has been in the family and passed down for generations. The old homestead house has been sold to folks outside the family..which is a bit surprising. Just the home was sold with a bit of land, as I understand it..but the rest of the island is still family owned. I walked up and peeked in the windows as no one lives on the island full time...and it was amazing. It is just exactly, or appears to be..exactly the same as it was in the early part of the century. It was like suddenly being transported back in time. A strange feeling.
Oh..and there is NO electricity OR running water on the island and you use an out house...but it really was a lovely one..all white with a nice clean compost potty inside. The potty is up on a concrete slab inside the outhouse. So when you got up there and got on the were on your own..little throne. Litterly. NO curtains on the windows..but no one is know..
Anyway...back to the home. As you can see it really is wonderful to look at.

We will be returning to Maine in August. I can't wait! :) HI JANE AND EMERY! :)

I am tagging the following sweet blogging friends..

1. A little Shabby Always Chic
2. A Cottage by The Cranelake
3. Blueberry Plains
4. My Little Cottage in the Making
5. Mid Atlantic Martha
6. My Little Cottage in The Curve

Now to go let them all know the wonderful news! I really was tempted to just make up some wild story about the picture...but decided to be a good girl and tell the truth. I have to wonder if it's haunted.
My husband told me about a young girl that insisted on spending the night in the house all alone...I guess just to see if she could do it. Apparently she was very young. He thought about 15 or 16. My husband said he, as an adult wouldn't even do it! :) Well..she did it! Brave girl I would say!

Smiles and love..


  1. Haha what a neat story I think it's cute! Neat house I can't imagine staying there though I would die. I am like a no camping kind of girl, well there at least has to be running water and a real potty, otherwise I would gripe the whole time LOL. It's a darling little house though!

    All the best,

  2. Evening, Dear Mona! Oh, what a wonderful story - your family owns an island in Maine!? It's like a movie! This is a charming little house. Now I'd have a little problem with out electricity and water! LOL

    Oh, thank you so much for all of your advice. I've decided I'm just going to keep my blog nekked for a while and go for a 'clean' look! Ha! That's what I must say until I put another dress on her.
    I do love your dress and the header is beautiful. She does brilliant work, doesn't she?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Oh fun! I'm going to post mine this weekend! Thanks for the tag!

  4. Great little house...looks somewhat like a tiny church.
    Loved your story with it, too.
    xo bj

  5. Mona my have you I loved the Birthday Party you had...just beautiful and all that food YUMMY!! Now girl I could live in that house and be just fine with it...its very preety and bet the island is awesome...May you have a great week my Dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ps I thought you were tag free...

  6. Mona, wow! You really roughed it out there, huh? At least you were in your own island. LOL

  7. Allidink...glad you like the house. I think I will try and snap some pictures through the windows this summer..IF no one is around. I didn't take many pictures last time we were there..but I wasn't blogging either!

    Shelia..No, no, my husbands family owns an island...NOT mine! I just visit and enjoy! Truthfully..I never once went to that outhouse alone at night. One night I made Howard get up and go with me..and we got lost in the fog. erie feeling...being lost in fog. Had I been alone I think I would have fainted dead away from fright!

    Mid-Atlantic Martha...I hope you had fun doing it! I did!

    bj....More pic's of that lovely old home this summer...and I will take pictures of all the berries..and ..and... :)

    Happy To Be...HI GLORIA!!! OH...I am award free...Tagging doesn't bother me so much. It's the choosing of someone to bestow an award on...I just plain cannot choose. This is different!

    Chandy...NOT my belongs to my husbands family! I just get visiting privedges..
    however..using that the to say the least!!

  8. That sounds like a house I would like living in :-) Sounds much like the cottage I lived in before moving to where I live now. I had electricity and cold running water, but that was it. No real bathroom or toilettte and usually the electricity stopped working when it was as coldest in winter :-) Loved that place!

    I´ll check my photoes and write something about it in a day or two. The problem is to find people willing to continue this, but I´ll try do pass it on too!
    Have a great day now!

  9. What a strange story. How odd that you can't get there until the tide is down.

    When I first saw the picture I thought for sure you were going to say it was haunted. It sure gives that feeling.

    It's a darling home but something about it says....ghosts live there.

    I had to laugh at the message you left me. BOO! LOL

    I'm going to be pretty busy the next few days as I have two large cakes I have to do for a little girls birthday and a little boys birthday.

    But next week I'll get to the game. Hope that's ok.


  10. Mona, I think we need to get you into today's new technological world! Where DO you keep your photos? LOL How nice that you can visit a private island and catch a glimpse into history. The pic on my blog of the Sullivan family homestead is no longer owned by the family now, either. You've inspired me to post some pics of its interior... :-) Sue

  11. What a challenging life you havce lived. I just found you, and I'lll be back. We just returned from a trip to Maine and New England. You might find my writing interesting. Take care. Susan

  12. Hi Mona,
    Love the house on the island....looks like a neat place to visit! I enjoy reading your blog....please don't pull your fingernails out because of my dish! ouch! lol
    Take care~Patti

  13. I love the house and the island. I so hope to visit one day. If you and your hubbs are driving there in August you could pick me up on the way. I'm no trouble and only eat a tiny bit!

    xooxSweet Post!


  14. What an adorable cottage! Did it belong to your husband's family?

    I love Maine. We vacationed there several years ago and went to Watertown to see a friend, stayed at Blue Hill in an Inn for several days, and stayed in a B&B in Kennebunkport. It was a great time!

    Thanks for sharing this house with us. That blue Maine sky and those green, green trees are lovely!


    Sheila :-)

  15. Mona,
    Small world, my parents were born and raised in Maine. Your family homestead is charming. It is nice you were able to visit and get a glimpse into another time.
    Also I did not mention the color I am painting my house, because I have not made my final decision. I will definitely do a post about it. ~Cathy~

  16. I too love Maine and I love this little house! I might spend the night there alone, especially if it was raining.

  17. I think I'll take your word for it & enjoy the story & pictures via you. I'm not that curious ... running water, toidie, cooking stove then I am set.

    Did you figure out why you aren't linking me up? Wish I was helpful.

    I love your blog ... been in the midst of finishing the construction so I haven't been good about keeping up ... I'll be better next week.

    Hugs, Marydon

  18. Hi Mona I have just found your great blog & will be returning for the post on the old house although the dunny I would have to give a miss...Maine has always looked so beautiful to me (from watching *Murder she wrote*) ha ha so wishing you a great holiday in August...

    Lyn xxx

  19. Mona... I just love your blog! It's soooo pretty! That little cake for Emily is just adorable...

    I had to stop by and tell you that I found my chargers while shopping with Candy at a giant flea market.. what luck! I'd been looking for 6-months... They're not really very practical to use for eating.. but they sure are pretty!

  20. Beautiful picture, oh, I'd love to be able to visit that Island. What a great story that goes with it.

  21. I just learned about files
    sounds like a great place to visit! looks charming!

  22. Christer...not to worry about that! No electric and running water is something you just get used to. As a small child I have lived like that so..nothing totally new to me.

    Joanne, not really anything odd. they just never bothered to build a bridge. Remember the saying "Time and Tide wait for no man!" It applies here. :)

    Sue...LOL My girl friend, a Real Estate agent has shown me how to click and make a folder...I hope I can remember.

    Crystal Rose Cottage...LOL Ok...I won't..but I really DO hate it when you cry like that! :)

    Rebecca....If we were driving..of course you could come...just grab your wings and join us! :) YOU are always welcome!

    Susan...thank you so much for stopping by. I will definitely go read! Beautiful area, New England...

    The Quintessential Magpie....Sheila...thanks so much for your visit. The home and island apparently belonged to my husband and his sister at one time and over the years it has been divided up between children and their children and so on. With the harsh weather I am surprised it is still standing so stately...but I think it has been cared for. The entire family appears to be very consciencious about taking excellent care of things. The entire island appears to be well cared for and extremely clean!

    The Stylish House...Aha! So that is why you didn't mention the color. I am anxious to see what you choose.
    Maine is just plain gorgeous. We might live there if it were not for the cold winter weather. We are not used to it. Also...mine and my husbands children are here in California...but it is so nice to go for brother and a dear friend are in New England...and I will get to see them also.

    Gaston Studio...LOL But of course you would! If I ever get a chance I will tell you exactly why I would NOT! LOL

    Blushing Rose...Marydon...LOL I totally understand..but..but..where's your sense of adventure? Yeah..mine too! LOL

    My Pink & Cream Cottage? ...huh? Lost me on that one...thank you, Lyn. We will definitly enjoy ourselves..the company is great!

    Dixie...You are so funny! You can send me yours and I won't have to look any longer...kidding you. I'll keep looking! I was so disappointed in the feedback on the ones I found at Penny's.

    Margorie (Molly) Smith... HI! Thanks for stopping by. You would LOVE it there. The stars...SO bright..and it is so quiet..

    Tootsie.. Thanks so much for making me feel better. I have so much stuff to sort out now that I don't know where to begin. will get done...:) Glad you liked the post!!

  23. Hi Mona, Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I am enjoying reading your blog. Loved the birthday party. We just returned from our granddaughter's third b party. Have fun in Maine.

  24. Mona, Just read your comment. I too got tired of coloring my hair. Yours looks lovely au natural. I've starting calling my hair color champagne. I think you will like the potatoes. It is good to know you.

  25. Love the story about this house!!! I don't think I would have stayed there alone!

    Have a lovely weekend!!!


  26. Pretty homestead! And the island sound very interesting!

    Cute pics of Ms. Emily in the previous post...she's adorable! Happy Weekend to you!

  27. GM Mona...girl thanks for coming by and seeing me...whats your plans for weekend...
    Mona, I love dishes but will tell you I have ran out of room for them daughter Gina is taking all my Chintz so I hope to clean up at least one more cabinet ha ha!! I have them under beds, sofa, china cabinets, etc...Len just rolls his eyes when I look at more..I even have dishes for my guestroom table ha ha!! Now I have a BIG porch sale tomorrow so who knows what else I'll bring home I don't need...Oh stop the "MADNESS" oh girl I got ahold of your blog designer and I think I have her made me a new dress...I am naked right now...Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ps. I was only kidding you about being tag free...your my favorite person I can kid with...

  28. Hi Mona...

    My friend...I just had to come by to tell you thank you, thank you, thank you for the sweetest note that you left about my water tablescape! You just made me "smile my socks off"! Hehe!!! Seriously, you made my day with all of your generous compliments...I sure do appreciate it!!! And thank you for the anniversary well wishes too!!! own an island? That is totally awesome, my friend! Can you go and lay claim on it? Hehe! Girl, that house is's too bad that someone sold it to somebody outside of the family! I think it would be a great place to live...I could live on an island!!! Only would I blog? eeekksss...maybe I should rethink that! It really is a beautiful place...thanks for sharing it with us!!!

    I also took read through your great-granddaughter's first brithday post! She is soooo adorable, Mona!!! What a pretty little girl! It looks like ya'll had quite the celebration too!!! You have a beautiful family, my friend!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  29. Hi Mona - I just posted my picture so come and have a look!

  30. Hi Mona: I knew this house the moment I saw it! We used to ride past it in the jeep at night when it was pitch dark and look up into the windows--it was unbelievably fightening--even though we KNEW no one was there to get us--it was something you just couldn't believe 100%! We used to walk out to the outhouse that was about 50 yards away from the cabin with only a flashlight and if that didn't scare the dickens out of you--no lights, no fancy commode--just the old-fashioned kind of outhouse; I get tingles just thinking about it now! Thanks for sharing this most interesting family abode.


  31. dos gatos.....LOL I KNEW you would recognize it. Did I tell you that we got lost in the fog...were out wandering under the wet trees trying to find that darned outhouse? I'm glad I didn't have to deal with the old one...even the new one was scary because of where it was. Your poor dad...awakened late at night..LOL
    It is hard to make someone imagine waiting for the tide and then getting across. The stories of people running pell mell with suitcases banging against their legs as the tide came in is it wasn't me. I walked out on it..but...I really was leary! The house...I almost expected to see someone suddenly look back at me through the window. And here I am...headed back in August. OH my!
    Thanks for commenting, Donna. Chatting with family on here is nice.

    Chari.....Hi there! The Island belongs to my husbands family. NOT to us. It's a long story..but the two husband and his brother...did a divy of land and his brother got the Island property and my husband got the property on the mainland. NOPE, not mine! But does belong to the family..and yes I am part of the family but NO it does NOT belong to me. LOL I just visit there when I go to Maine. It was an adventure...and am looking forward to this years visit.
    The Island is unique..but a wee spooky. As long as I am not alone..I am fine. :)
    Dos Gato's that commented below you is my husbands daughter and my step daughter. :) She grew up visiting the island and family in Maine...but is also from California.

    Mid-Atlantic Martha...I am going to hop right over and see your picture...:) Almost through here!! Hugs. Hope you had fun!

    Penny...I will love those potatoes. NO doubt about it.
    :) To be truthful...I really am trying hard to be happy with my hair. I just feel it aged me something terrible...but...I guess it's time.

    Sweet Cottage Dreams...Becky...gosh it is always so nice to see you. I worry!
    You sound so darned good! I'm with you about the house.

    Happy To Be.....Your new dress will be gorgeous! I guarentee it! :) I'm so glad you went to her! I love to change mine...LOVE playing around with it.

  32. Wow, what an incredible house. It looks like something in the movies. It does have that haunted look though. Not a scary kind of haunted, but one that has occupants from times past. I'd love to see more about it in the future if you get an opportunity to see it again. I enjoyed your blog and will be visiting again!

  33. What a cute little house and interesting too. Fun post. I really like your blog banner.

  34. What a lovely place, Mona. But the outhouse......Uh.....I don't know.

  35. LOL!!!! your so remind me of my lack of tech abilities you make me laugh. My files are self made and organized by the days they were downloaded. Is there really another way? I think my daughter said something of the sort when she was helping me with my computer:-). Oh, that reminds me, I need her to set up my telephone answering machine to the correct day and time when she visits next. LOL!!!
    I love your family's house. Do you fly in or travel cross country? Do the grandchildren visit - if so, their reactions on the outhouse have to be hilarious.
    Emily is such a sweetie. Happy belated birthday to her. You are such a hoot.
    Your sweet pic combined with your philosophy, "I'm the oldest, I can do what I want to" reat while the tune of "It's my Party" was going through my brain had me giggling.
    Your porch is very lovely! Once again your computer savvy astonished me. Remember, you taught me how to pull whatever it was off the thing a ma giggy.
    LOL!!! Lucy

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