Saturday, June 6, 2009

~REALLY EXCITING STUFF~ I lied a little...but Saturday is our garage sale day and in my life...well..pretty much anything excites me.
Anyway...I look for two things...dishes and books. These are my finds for myself PERFECT new condition. (you can see why my heart was pumping!)

I thought this cookbook was especially beautiful. I tried to capture the gold gilt edges of the pages..but they didn't show up. Ah well...just take my word, those pages JUST gleam. Anything shiny gets me...

This one I really do love and will use. Not a mark or any sign of ever being used. No names even cracked when I opened it. I bought all of these books for .50 and .75 cents each. But it was late ...nearly noon and they were wanting to get rid of things...they had lowered the price from $1.50 they said.

Please understand..I don't NEED another cookbook..(yes I do!) but it was NEW! For .75 cents! Well, what would YOU have done?? (I'm old and I'll KNOW if you're lying!)

To be perfectly honest here...I think it was the pictures of all that delicious food and I was getting hungry!

And these beautiful childrens books. The most expensive one was the Precious Moments children's stories. That one cost me $1.00. It is in new condition and the cover is soft and padded. Lovely!

Of course I couldn't pass these classics up. EVERY baby needs these!

Would you just look?! I even scored a couple of lovely pop out books and one that has a little keyboard so the child can play music! Emily is going to LOVE that one!
I think Emily's little library is well on it's way!

Now I know these glasses are nothing special..but...these dessert dishes were cut glass and diamond shaped...and ok...I paid $10.00 for them..but..but...I couldn't help myself! (besides my daughter, Sandy, gives dinner parties...and these are going to be used as a bribe to get her out here to California... (now to find something to bribe Kristy (GD#1) ya think?

I HAD to have a few coke glasses...

I honestly am not sure why I bought these..What??...I was on a roll!

And these green coke mugs.... they..sparkled in the sun?

And then we headed for a big pancake was a really, really wonderful day...oh, but then after we unloaded the was off to Lowes..for..FLOWERS AND MY LEMON TREE!!!

Saturdays! I love them!
And so on to Sunday and my granddaughter's wedding reception. Another nice day?
~Smiles and hugs~


  1. Looks like maybe I should get my petite little bottom *ahem* out of bed earlier on Saturday mornings and see what treasures await at some of our local yard sales. Nice buys, Mona!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Conratulations on your successful yard sale day! I can see you are a true yard sale woman....You know a great buy when you see it. What great "finds"....i love the clear glasses. Have a terrific time at the wedding reception...hugs, Kathleen

  3. Hi Mona! Looks like you found some great books! I love all of your glasses and dishes! I'm afraid I'd have iced tea in that Coke mug! It reminds me of a Mason jar...the traditional Southern container for sweet tea!! lol Take lots of pics at the wedding reception!...Debbie
    PS...Your blog dress is always so pretty!

  4. Well, it sounds like an exciting excursion to me, especially with the fantastic sale you got on the books and cut glass! Hope the bribery works!

  5. I love your new treasures and a girl can never have too many cookbooks!!

    The Raggedy Girl

  6. Can we ever have too many cookbooks? Really? You did good and I love the glasses. I did my tagged post from you this morning. We'll have to do that again.

  7. We had sales all over the place, yesterday. I stayed home like a dud! I look for books and kitchen things too.

  8. Now that sounds like the perfect day to me! Great books and glasses. I have not been to a yard sale yet this season. I need to get out there soon!

  9. O, I love all your finds. There's lots of garage sales going on here right now..didn't get out of the house Sat....mowed the lawn, watered, puttered, slept, ate, slept....just not in the mood for sales. Now...come next Sat. and I'll be right out there with the rest.
    Glad you had a good day!!
    xo bj

  10. GM Mona...girl I did yard sales also some great things that I didn't need..ha ha!! Hope you have a fun day today...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day to me!

  12. Mona, Mona, Mona!!! May I give YOU my shopping list ... what great finds. I wonder if the little glass dishes are pressed glass or cut glass ... they are wonderful. I'd have been after those books as well ... I'm always looking for new recipes, particularly cause every time I go to the Drs. I bake him a cake. Proud of you ... wonderful 'finds'.

    Did you figure out how to tap into me yet? TTFN ~ Marydon

  13. Hi Mona,
    I went garage saleing yesterday too and got some neat things myself! It was a very satisfying day and I will be blogging about what I found later tonight. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  14. Why can´t I ever find something like that here. That John Grisham book would have come home to me too. Kookbocks ? Probably one or two too :-)

  15. No wonder you bought all of those lovely books...(to be honest, I'd said no...ok, ok, so I'd been running to the check out before they changed their minds. I can see why you bought those glasses...they are lovely, I know I would have bought them in a heart beat.
    Nice fines. We can't ever find good junk (one mans junk is another mans treasure)like that around here.

  16. Mona, you are certainly the treasure hunter or should I say "treasure finder". What lovely finds.
    I love the vintage glassware. Alas, my lack of kitchen storage has me remaining a "good girl" as I tend to overdo in the collecting arena. I have to do a dish story one day.
    Love ya, Mona:-)

  17. I love the books, especially the little pop-ups. I remember being fascinated by them when I was a kid. I collect old cookbooks and try to find them from 1971,the year we were married. Those glasses and mugs look just perfect for a big dollop of ice cream floating in some soda! You have a great blog here, I am very happy to meet you.

  18. Hi Mona!! Such great finds....I adore the books. Oh, mercy, do I love, love, love books!!!!!

    You did good, gal!!

    Hugs, Barb

  19. Yay! What great things! I would have bought the books too! I never pass up a bargain LOL. I really like those little dishes! I think they will be a great incentive LOL. You're getting a lemon treeee!!?? I love lemon! I love lemon trees! Yay for you! Someday I want a lemon tree :) I hope you had a nice day today at the wedding reception! I am off to Temecula for my cousin's 21st birthday, and then mine is exactly a month from now! I am so excited! Talk to you later Mona!

    All the best,

  20. Howdy
    What a load of treasures .
    Way to go .
    I am so impressed .
    Enjoy .

  21. You made quite a wonder you're so excited! I can't blame you a bit for your buys. They are all good ones!


  22. I think you have a wonderful haul there! And I DEFINiTELY would've bought the cookbook too!
    We have been out of town since Friday but My friend Joy and I found time in the 2 days to hit all the local thrift stores and came up with some DOOZIES!!! YAY!

  23. Mona,
    You did just fabulous and I would love those cookbooks and the cut glass is very very pretty! I always love reading your posts! hugs,Cindy

  24. The Blue Ridge Gal...Heck yes, you should get out there! :) It really is fun to hit the road early with hot coffee. With your sense of adventure...there is not telling what you might find. (Take a truck! Oh...and wear your cap!)

    Kathleen...thanks Kathleen. Glad you like the glasses! I did have a nice time at the reception...

    Prof en retraite....the coke mugs are great ..but unlike the mason jars the tops are not "jar" like. the are smooth on top.

    gaston studio...Jane...the bribery HAS to work. I am missing her and grands and greats SO much!

    The Raggedy Girl...You are right...that is EXACTLY what I thought! One more always welcome!

    Patti like cookbooks too?
    I loved your post of the 6th picture. SO SWEET! Double the love. Sat...take a container of hot coffee...fix just the way you like it...and hit the road. I want to see what you turn up! :)

    Penny@The Comforts Of MUST get out there...but...first finish my flower pot! heh heh! :)

    bj....Yep...and I want to see those lovely finds too...! Shhhh..but I had the worst time finding a place for all that stuff!
    I need to HAVE a garage sale!

    Happy to you honestly think I NEEDED those things. I told Granddaughter newly wed to come shopping at my house...and I wasn't kidding...

    Domestic Engineer....It was!

    Blushing Rose...I tried. It didn't work..but I am waiting until after I am done here and try again. There HAS to be something I am doing wrong!

    Crystal Rose cottage....Patti...I can't wait to see what YOU found! It is always an adventure. If you decide to give it away...that's always great too. Sometimes I just like a change without spending an arm and leg!

    The Cottage by the probably are not into cut glass..LOL..but...I bet you could find some great books for pennies if you tried! Books are expensive and this keeps me in reading material and I can KEEP them!

    Margorie (Molly) are telling the truth...:) NO doubt about it!!

    English Cottage in Georgia.... A dish story..OH tell...I want to hear!

    Florida Sue....Thank you SO much for visiting and the sweet compliment! You are RIGHT about the dollop of ice cream because when I saw them...I immediately thought the same thing!! Oh, and don't forget the porch swing..gotta sit out there to have those!! :) It's nice to meet you too, Sue.. come back and I will be sure and drop in tomorrow. I am headed to bed in a few...

    Barb~Bella Vista....I love to find gorgeous cookbooks in great condition...or any books ...wonderful feeling..

    Allidink....OH MY are practically in my back yard if you are in Temecula..ok..not quite but not far. I hope you had a great time.

    Terry...Howdy back! You sound more impressed than I was!:) LOL
    It's a fun thing to do!

    Nancy...Hello! What a cute picture of you!...thanks. I don't always do that good. It's an be sure. I am curious ...what did you find at your local Thrift store!! I wanna know!! I find zilch at mine...You really must share! :) Thanks for coming by and seeing me and for your sweet post!

    Darnold23....Hi! Thanks for stopping by...yep...had a good time!

    Cindy...shoot! You always make me feel so good. Thanks!!!

  25. Oh my gosh...if I'd been with you on your shopping jaunt you'd have had to fight me for those books! :)

    Why am I up at 1:36am? I'm nutso with my hubby here. :( :( :(

    I needed a MUSE and I found it right here!

    Sweet post! :)


  26. Rebecca..being your muse would be SUCH a responsibility! What a compliment..but...knowing you it is definitely the other way around!
    My home has your lovely treasures here and there and everywhere! :)

  27. MONA!
    You've been TAGGED! (hehehe)
    Visit my blog and see what's up!
    HUGS! Karen

  28. Karen...I rushed right over...LOL..and I will be happy to do a few of my favorite things! Hugs for asking me!

  29. Love all your great finds, Dear Mona! I haven't been to a good garage sale in a long time!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  30. thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, I did sell that little red wheelbarrow..after 40 years of being an antiques dealer I am pretty unatttached,,and I still have a picture of it on my blog. I buy all my books at estate or garage sales so i know your feeling of excitement. xo Joan

  31. Ooooh Mona what great finds I LOVE books especially pop up books whoever came up with the idea is a genius to me. I still have quite a few of my childhood books & although they are looking rather tatty now (after being handed down to my 4 kids) I still love them. I am lucky enough to have a book that belonged to my Grandad when he was little, the pages are starting to fall out & I only pull it out of the cupboard nowdays to smell it, something about the smell of old books.....
    Oh & I love your diamond cut glass bowls also...

    Lyn xxx

  32. found some great the coke glasses! You might want to link your post over at Rhodas...I think it would be perfect! Here's the link to her site/post:

  33. Mona, what a haul of glassware! I am addicted too. I've never seen colored Coke glasses like yours before- lucky you! And I'd like "the real thing" served in an authentic glass... ;-) Sue

  34. Great finds! Of course I fully understand that you HAD to have all those items. Really. I know it's not your fault. Those poor little unloved items just sometimes calls your name out and begs for a new home. What is a gal to do? You HAVE to help them and provide them a nice warm and safe place. It's not your fault. REALLY.


  35. Good evening my Dear Mona...girl you did great this past weeekend...I will have to post all the things I also brought home that screamed my name...Oh Mona I don't need another thing in my house its getting harder for me to clean it all so why do I keep buying...It is a sickness I tell you...May you have a great week dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  36. I'm with you girl...I love books, You've found some great deals...LOVE to garage sale! I haven't been for a couple weeks ...starting to have withdrawls!!!Cool glasses too!xoxo~Kathy~Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  37. Hi Dear Mona! Just popping in to tell you I'm mentioning you and your daughter's lovely home in my Tablescape Thursday! I got the book by Emily Barnes and 'the house'! I love it! But I certainly love what your daughter's done to it so much more!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0


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