Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Do you ever have trouble deciding what style you like? What colors are really your favorites?
I am so torn between my love for deep red and golds and my love for shades of pink and white and delicate greens. It's terrible to be torn like this.
Another example...
I am a liberal/ conservative /traditionalist (and don't tell me there is no such thing because I are one!) that believes in everything because I don't want to miss anything and I want to be prepared in any event. I want to believe just in case it's true..and I still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny. Who knows...they could be real. Prove to me they aren't. And you know full well there are witches.
I love living in my fairy tale world...but then...

I don't believe in firearms but I don't want to be caught without mine. (I live in California you know) :)
I believe in growing old gracefully but I HATE my gray hair. I loved school but went crazy sitting for an hour in a classroom and NEVER had the answers when the teacher called on me because I was constantly day dreaming. Now I'm smarter and have the answers and it doesn't matter.
I love going to church but dread sitting still for an entire hour and 15 minutes!
You know, it's getting late and I get kind of nuts when I get tired so I better just finish this up and go to bed. :)
I became really ill last night and I felt icky all day today. I will be back to normal tomorrow I hope.
But..can you see the inconsistancies here?

So..anyway..Saturday was garage sale day..and we had fun.

The First Methodist Church had their rummage sale and I got all of these childrens books for
25 cents each. I was delighted. All in perfect like new condition.

This is a darling little red bag I found for $5.00 with the May Co. tag of $60.00 still on it. I didn't really NEED it but it was, after all, red!

This little straw bag is well made but not a Brighton as the young man told it. I knew it but he sold it for $10.00. I have already given it away.

Well.. my Sweetie got the find of the day. A beautiful edger..for $60.00. He is so proud! He has been looking for things to edge for the past two days now. He makes me a little nervous though when he starts looking around INSIDE the house. When a guy has a new edger he wants to edge EVERYTHING! :) Bless his heart!

So that was garage sale day.

So...do you still love me now that you know I am a gun totin' liberal who can't make up my mind, and would probably stay home from church except I want to get into heaven and if I get there I do NOT want God mad at me!
Ok..I'm done. I need to get some sleep...or I won't have a friend left in this world!
Love and hugs!


  1. Haha! Mona I love you no matter what :) It's your sweet spirit that counts! Yay for the cute purses at the garage sale! And good deals!

    All the best,

  2. Ahh, Mona...you sound so very much like me..I believe most of everything I hear. I am afraid not to, as it may be true and everyone believes but me. I don't want to miss out on anything so I jump right in.
    Love those purses and the edger is great. Mr. Sweet is looking for one..his is worn smooth out.

  3. Oh my goodness, you sound exactly like me, that it way too funny!!! Love love love that red purse find, it's great!
    ♥ Teresa

  4. I totally understand your political stance...my husband is an elected county official....he is a democrat, one of the few.greatly outnumbered. The funny thing is that he is so conservative......I tease him about it.
    Sometimes it is good to be torn, it makes our horizons broader, and more colorful.

  5. i'm definitely your friend, Mona. And practically your twin, except I haven't owned a purse since about 1986.

    And Fairies---don't forget Fairies.

  6. Mona, I absolutely love this post!

    I don't really like guns but don't even say that loudly in our home. My husband believes in his constitutional rights to have them and we are in Oklahoma afterall. I love church when I'm there but would dearly love to read the Sunday paper. I wish every single person had medical care, food, shelter, etc. but I'm not loving the idea of more taxes. :) I could go on but the point is that we must have been separated at birth.

    You got some great finds last weekend. Way to go!

  7. Mona, you are just too cute! That was a very enjoyable post! Believe me...I can relate.... There are many of us out there!

  8. We keep a gun in the house too and can be quite liberal about some things. BUT the older I get the conservative seem to creep in more and more. Just consider us 'free thinkers'.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  9. Just goes to show you're not perfect.....and so few of us are (smile). I think being unresolved is great, you keep yourself entertained that way...and think of the internal conversations and arguments you can have...with Yourself....the mind is boggled by the possibilities. Isn't that what makes life great, all the possibilities. Keep being you.

  10. I love your nutty posts late at night! I call it sleep-blogging! I'm sure many people feel the same as you, I know I do. I tend to see both sides of the coin. Some may call me wishy-washy but I call it living in reality. I mean, how can one truely choose just one color palette or style. Oh, did you think I was talking about politics and religion? I don't do that, even around home. I like the view from the top of the fence and don't like when people try to pull me to one side or the other!

    Your hubby can come edge at my place. My husband is a groundskeeper...but you know how the cobbler's kids have no shoes...

  11. Mona,

    I always say I am a paradox. What I like today I may shun tomorrow. Life is richer this way. If I take a stance on things, I usually keep it to myself. I'm not fond of confrontation~I'm not afraid of it, (I do have opinions after all), I just think we are all entitled to our own views.

    I am with you on decorating. Always wanting to try something different when inspired by a magazine or blog picture!! But I know deep in my heart those are only fleeting ideas, so I stay true to my soft world of pastels!!

    Love you for exactly how you are, Mona!!! :-)


  12. Hi Mona, girl, you are an original. I love red too and gold is my new passion....the color!

    I also like pink but don't use it the way I once did. I decorate to suit me! Period. I always have.

    I love your goodies and you did good!

    Variety.....it is indeed the spice of life in things and attitudes.

    Hugs, Barb

  13. You are so funny, Mona. I think we are all a little bit like that- and you explained it wonderfully! Hope you are feeling better. Great sale finds. I love purses. I've been carrying one since I was like 2 and won't go anywhere with one.

    Have a great day!

  14. That red purse is excellent. Red is perfect with anything!

    And I often torment myself with all my choices. That's the philosopher working double-time.

  15. Oh my gosh! My God too! I thought I would be dead in the water by now! I really did. But..you know..I get so tired of sort of tip toeing around and I shy away from any talk of politics and religion. It isn't good...but it is such a HUGE part of our lives. Politics rule us to some extent as does religion. I just love to let it be and enjoy the "to each his own!" I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! :) Thanks!

  16. Oh Girl you know I love you more than my luggage ha ha!! hey I live in Calif also so what well brought up gal from here would't have a gun ha ha!!hey if they are going to shoot at me going down the freeway I'm be shooting back..And girl I have not a clue what style I am I love Victorian...but oh shabby chic just steals my heart and I love country...I'm also a mess love it all and it shows in my house ha ha!! May you have a Great Fourth my friend...Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  17. I'm with you. I am not one to tip toe around anything. I just choose my company very carefully when I speak of such hot topics. I never disclose my party, our income or my religious denomination other than to say I'm a christian. However, as long as a discussion can remain logical to a degree, I think anything can be discussed if not gently debated.

    I love this post... oh... decorated as your eye's & heart desire!!

  18. I think most people are like You, but never would admit it like You do :-)

    I would also try to find a lot of places to edge if I could find one as cheap as that :-) I understand him perfectly :-)
    Have a great day now!

  19. ROFLOL!! AMEN!! Mona, my special friend ... What a kick ... can't dispute one word you said, sounds good to me.

    May I buy the red purse from you, WOW! it is gorgeous, good buy.

    Don't be afraid to speak your mind, just remember what I said before when we spoke ... there are marrow minded one-opinion(ated) ?? out there, my friend.

    Very nice post ... rest easy, you are one of a million of us.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  20. Gloria...my touch stone...I love you back! Ah..how good it is to get your back scratched! :)

    With Loving Stitches...I LOVE everything about you...what a great comment.

    The Cottage By The Cranelake...I figured you would "understand him
    perfectly!" I guess I do too...between his CD's, box of wire and edger...the man thinks he has gone to heaven. And ...thanks for the sweet comment about me. I appreciate you.

    Blushing Rose...Marydon..you always make me grin! What would I do with you guys!

  21. I dont really like labels anyway. I would say Im Republican but a centrist. (whatver that means lol ) I just see me as a middle of the road type person, I hate extremes.

    BTW if your hubby is looking to use that thing,,,,tell him to offer to do the neighbors houses ehehhee . Im sute they wouldnt mind. Or heck, have him start a pt. time business doing it :)

  22. seanymph...LOL I have already thought of that...he just looked at me sort of odd. He is an old fashioned man from Maine and thinks I am a bit odd at times.

  23. Mona, always glad to see you stopping by my blog! You are so sweet with your comments...

    Your finds are amazing! So turning green over here... LOL

  24. You are so funny! I love how you redid your swing. It is gorgeous! Thank you for dropping by and sharing wedding memories with me. They were so precious. I hope you had a happy anniversary this past week also! xo rachel

  25. Hi Mona,
    I am also one of those liberal, conservatives, traditionalists so I know just what you mean! You always make me laugh girl, your sense of humor is delightful! Oh, and I don't know my style either but I always love your's so I think I have Mona Style! lol, Happy 4th! Cindy

  26. Mona, you have me laughing so hard over here! I can't even think of what to type but I know this much..."today's" me loves what yesterday's me didn't and vice-versa. Does that make sense? Yup, knew you'd get it.


  27. Mona,

    Your post really tickled my funny bone! I are one too, a liberal, conservative, traditionist that is....
    I know just what you mean too about being confused about styles and colors!
    Right now I'm ready to get rid of everything I own and start all over! But since I can't afford to redecorate my whole house I try to convince myself that I still love all my old stuff!! Some days I still really do... See totally confused!
    I guess I'm just an open minded, eclectic kind of person.

    I'm also a Cali gal, do you think that there's something in the water, causing the confusion? Ha Ha!

    Have a great holiday weekend!


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