Friday, May 15, 2009

~WHY, WHY, WHY....~

I will make this short. I am tired and saddened by the "Farrah Fawcett" story that I just finished watching on television. Two of my precious husband's have died of cancer..Patrick passed quickly, within ten days of finding out he was ill. Cancer of the lungs.

Cancer killed Frank within three months of finding out he was ill. Cancer of the liver. I don't want to go into what we went through. Farrah said it all and the questions she left us with...I would like answered.

I lost both my Mother and my Father of cancer. My Father's cancer was slow and miserable as was my Mother's.

With Patrick..I was sure he would get up and leave the emergency room..he didn't.
With Frank..the same..both big strong wonderful men. Both way too young to die.
Pat was only 63 and our retirement life was just ahead of us. March 3, 1999 was the day we dreamed of starting our wonderful time of travel...

It never happened.

The same with Frank...I had a new life...for such a short time..and Cancer took him.

You see, I didn't want to watch the Farrah's Story..I felt I had been through enough and could not bear to see it happen once again..up close. I made myself do it because I felt I owed it to both of my husbands. I decided not to turn my face away and feel sorry for myself. She was trying to give us something..
I'm glad I did. Maybe...just maybe ...some of the questions she asked will be answered because they are my questions too.

Love to all..


  1. Hi Mona,
    I too have lost a love one to cancer. Very hard...the whole entire thing. I did not watch the Farrah Fawcett documentary but I would like to. Such brave..brave people out there that do not deserve this disease.

  2. I watched too Mona. My first husband had most of his tongue removed and then the cancer went on to other parts of his body.We lived a year with him being barely able to converse or eat without a feeding tube.I could write a book on our cancer experiences.
    I had an entirely different opinion of Farrah.. until last night. My thoughts about her previously, were things that were said by the media. I'm so glad this brave lady showed the real Farrah. I feel so for her...I could hardly talk during the program. What a fighter! Didn't you just want to help her in some way?

  3. Mona, I watched Farrah too. I thought it was haunting. She has been such a beautiful icon in America and this showed her to be just like everyone else. Fighting to live!

    We've had many people in our family who have had cancer. One of these days a cure will come - we have to believe!

  4. I too watched the Farrah Story. Thankfully my family has not had to deal with cancer....knock on of yet. I am truly in awe of her bravery thru this time in her life. I found myself tearing up a few times watching her struggle. She hopefully will bring a new light on this issue thru her having shared what she is experiencing herself. God bless her!

  5. Hi Mona, I didn't have the opportunity to watch the Farrah show but I lost my sister to cancer at 43 years old! It forever changed me to see a vibrant, beautiful girl wilt away.

    I am so sorry for your losses. Perhaps someday...we will have answers.

    Giving you a hug, Barb

  6. There are no words for your loss. I personally have not lost in my recent memory, any family to cancer. With all the money that goes into research I feel somehow we should just be further along with treatments. It's such a cunning killer. I did not watch the special and could kick myself now for having not. But i'm glad your all saying positive comments about it.

  7. As You know I lost a very good friend to breat cancer and it´s terrible!

  8. Amy...thank you so much for your don't deserve the suffering that comes with it.
    You are one should have to go through such a thing!

    Balish...You always seem to understand me. Not sure how..but you seem to know what to say to let me know you are right with me!
    I love you for that! I wanted to hold her close and make it all go away!!

    Stacey....I am trying to believe. It has been 12 years, 13 this December 15th...and no cure yet.
    I want her questions has not worked..

    Lisa....A cottage to Me...You are so blessed that your family has not been touch. It was not that long ago that mine had not been touched by it either...however it caught up with us. I pray for a cure before it catches up with your family and many other families..

    Barb-Bella Vista...I am sorry for the loss of your lovely sister. I believe they say it runs in families... I knew it was coming as I went through a time I didn't even want to hear the word...I think..somehow..I knew it was coming..

  9. I'm so sorry I missed the show. I hope it's on again. LIke everyone else cancer has touched my family as well. Raise your hand any of you who has not been touched by the life stealer known as CANCER.

    Great post my friend.
    The Blue Ridge Gal

  10. GM Mona...I also watched the Farrah story last night...also I thought about all the love ones I have losted to cancer...I am also a cancer sucess story..YEA!! for 15 years now...Very sad..for her and everyone that has this terrible disease...May you have a great weekend my friend...come by and see me sometime...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. I watched, too...I've always been a fan of her's. It was hard to watch...seeing someone so sick is heartbreaking. I said prayers for her the entire time .....
    Mr. Sweet has beaten 3 deadly cancers and we stay on our knees about that...

  12. I have it on tape and will watch it later with a big Hankie in my hand because it is just so sad.

  13. very powerful, are very strong, and my heart goes out to you.

  14. Aw Mona, I'm so sorry to hear about this. :( I didn't see it but I heard about it. I'm sending much love your way.

    All the best,

  15. Mona,
    My heart goes out to you for having lost so many of your loved ones to cancer. I watched my dad fight 2 forms of cancer for 2 and a half years and found it devastating to observe this disease ravage his body. I remember being in high school when Farrah came on the scene in Charlie's Angels. At the time I couldn't believe that one person could "have it all". Now to see her suffering with such a horrible form of cancer at such a young age is hard to believe. I watched the documentary last night and cried my eyes out. Some of it was tough to watch, but I think it will be a real eye opener especially to those who have not had experience with it yet. She painted a true picture of what it is like to be fighting it. I can only hope that her documentary might bring us closer to winning the war on cancer.

  16. Hi Mona
    I just spent the day with a dear friend who lost her 60 year old husband to cancer just over a week ago. It was only 3 months ago that he was diagnosed. I lost my mom to cancer and she lost her second husband to cancerBoth my husband and son had cancer but praise God they are survivors. I am so sorry to hear of your losses. It is a dreadful disease!!

  17. I think she was so brave to make this documentary and to do it in such a realistic way. I fought back tears through most of it but totally lost it at the end. MI had these same questions 33 yrs ago when I watched my grandma die from pancreas cancer it's unthinkable that we are still fighting this aweful disease.

  18. Hi Mona,

    I watched it too and cried so much my eyes were swollen when I woke yesterday. She is so brave to put her story out there. I was deeply touched by it. Hopefully it will raise awareness. We need a cure for this monster.


  19. Hello Mona! I came by your blog via Donna at Designs on 47th st. I was coming by to recommend Curves as a great place to excercise. We have had so many women whose cholesterol and blood pressure #'s have come down because they are excercising. I was sorry to read of what you've been thru with cancer! I did not watch Farrah's show. I have watched friends die of cancer and many ladies at Curves I've prayed with over a loved one or themselves fighting this horrible affliction. My prayers go out to you! God Bless! Lauralu

  20. Mona,
    I have been thinking a lot about Farrah and Patrick Swayne and their courageous battles. At some point we will all pass from this world. t is the human condition we share a part in on this journey through life. ~Cathy~

  21. Thank you for visiting our blog, Miss Mona!
    We are so very sorry to hear about your loses. Cancer is a horrible disease. Our hearts go out to Farrah Fawcett and all of her family and friends!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  22. Mona,
    I stopped by again to let you know I completely agree with you that in this day and age no one should have to suffer needlessly. It seems cruel bordering on inhuman not to have adequate pain control. When my loved one’s have needed meds Idid my best to make sure they had access to them. I have spoken to several friends about exactly this topic today and they all feel the same. I really respect Farrah for stepping forward and sharing her story. I always thought she was a great beauty but she has certainly proved herself to also be grace under fire. I think Farrah is in alot of people’s thoughts and prayers right now.
    Hugs, Cathy

  23. I watched the documentary as well. I was deeply touched. My Dad and Mother in law are both battling cancer. It is a horrible disease and I think that Farah Fawcett was so brave to share her story.

  24. Hi Mona, it's hard to find someone who hasn't had some sort of tragedy. I don't believe we will know the answer to our "WHY" questions here, and so I trust that someday all the answers to our questions will be revealed. In the meantime, we can support and care for each other.

  25. I lost my older brother to Cancer when he was just 35 y/o. My mother passed from a heart attack just two months before his death and when we obtained her med records it was found she also had cancer but didn't share this news with any of us :0(.
    I am the ONLY person in my immediate family who has not been hit with some form of cancer. I thank God every day for that gift.
    No one deserves to suffer with this illness.


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