Thursday, May 14, 2009


It all started when I discovered Penny at Lavender Hill Studio. I found her by following threads to her blog, The Comforts Of Home and there I discovered her great talent as a Mosiac artist.

I inquired about a teapot lamp first..but it had been made for a customer. So..I began to watch and long for a piece of Penny's art. Since I had never owned a piece of Mosiac art I really had NO idea the work that went into it...and began to read more and more about it. And I watched.

Then one day..she showed a Mosiac House Plaque and I KNEW that would be my first piece of Penny's art. She agreed to make it for me... we settled on the colors I wanted and then I waited. And in what seemed like no time..and at the same time an was finished and IT ARRIVED TODAY!

When I opened the box..the beautiful smell of Lavender came me and there was a little gift in the box all wrapped in Lavender tissue and tied with ribbon that was beautifully printed with Lavender Hill on it and a charming little business card was attached~

I opened the little package and inside was a wonderful bar of Lavender soap that smelled like heaven!

I unfolded the piece of paper and there was a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Penny!

And then I lifted out my house plaque and opened it. It was PERFECT! Just beautiful!

Please notice that sweet little butterfly in the corner...I was just delighted! I hadn't expected that! Just an example of Penny's attention to detail.
I knew it would be beautiful because she had posted a photo of it when she told me it was finished was even prettier than I imagined..and here it was, ready to be hung.

Within the hour it was hung and here it is all mounted on the wall as you enter our porch. I LOVE IT! It added the sweetest touch!

All I need now is my miniture lemon tree in a pot..and my porch will be ...oops..I almost said complete...and with me and my home..nothing is ever really complete. It is always a work in progress!

Smiles and love~


  1. Awww! Yay it is so sweet! It looks just great! :)

    All the best,

  2. That is gorgeous.

    And now we know your house number. We're one step closer to stalking you in REAL life!



    Jan from the Sushi Bar

  3. It fits Your house perfectly! She really have put a lot of work in it!

  4. It's absolutely beautiful! Very cottagey! It made me notice the gorgeous heart shaped topiary down on the ground too. What a gorgeous welcome for guests.

  5. It is gorgeous and looks fantastic on the wall! Have a good weekend.

  6. Bwaaaaa....I WANT ONE, is just beautiful. And...the butterfly? She puts one on every single piece of her work..her trademark. I have one of her little has the cutest little butterfly.
    Your house numbers look perfect...

  7. Love it!! Your site is so sweet, I love to visit.

  8. Good Morning Mona,
    I am glad it arrived safe and sound and that you love it! It was and honor working with you as a client. The plaque looks great hanging there!

    Anytime you want that lamp, you let me know :-). Custom made, just for you.

  9. It looks perfect there.I'll bet it's fun to do.

  10. It's just beautiful and we can tell how much you love it Mona.

    Love the professional way Penny wraps and sends her treasures!

  11. That is just beautiful and looks perfect where you have hung it. Penny does lovely work.

  12. Mona how awesome is that...I love her work..and it does good great on your house my friend..Hope all is well in your world...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  13. Hello Mona,

    What a lovely plaque... so nice to surround ourselves with beautiful things that make us smile, isn't it?

    I must tell you Mona, I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog. What a sweet treasure you are! I love the sincerity of your writing in all of your posts and your profile. I'll be back often!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs from Dawn

  14. Allidink...Allison..I KNEW you would like it with all those flowers etc. :)

    Siler.....Really? Awww...thanks!

    jpooh...Thank you! Stalk away...I need to experience EVERYTHING in life cuz it's getting late...ok..well..maybe not EVERYTHING!

    Christer...yes..yes she did put lots of work into it! Glad you like it..

    Stacy...well, shoot! :) Thanks! You mean I don't need the lemon tree?'re does look great! Sigh...I'm feelin' soooo good!! Thanks!

    bj..... oh can have one too! Just go talk to Penny and she'll fix one up for you in nothing flat! Shhhhh..dont cry..shhh...I HATE it when you makes me wanna ...bwaaaaaaa..sniff..sniff
    Wait justa tell me..that she puts a BUTTERFLY on ALL of them???

    Hillary...Well, thank you Hillary..and I love to HAVE you visit! You just sit down and stay a't rush off..ok...but come back soon...y'hear??

    Penny...(humbly..) OH GREAT MOSIAC ARTIST! Yes..yes I do love it! Ever so!
    About that lamp...I am saving my penny's..I mean pennies.. :)

    Balish...thanks so much. It really does look cute there doesn't it? Nothing humble about me..

  15. Oh my gosh my heart just melted .
    How beautiful and how truly special.I am so glad I stopped by to visit.I was longing for some fabulous inspiration to jump start my decorating and I just found it !
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful treasure you have .
    Have a blessed weekend.

  16. Oh what a treasure -- just like you!

  17. Oh very pretty. I'm feeling better today.

  18. Terry...what a sweet comment. It's always nice to know you have inspired someone! I am not the most inspiring person so it really was nice to hear!

    Mid Atlantic Martha.... You are such a SWEETIE! Thanks so much! I am going to have such a BIG head! :) You always make me smile!

    Patti Cakes....I am SO happy to hear you are feeling better...and John is better also? I glad you like my House Plaque.. :)

  19. That is so beautiful! To be cherished for sure. It's one medium i've not yet tested but hope to one day. Gorgeous.

  20. A Stitch in Thyme....I just got back from visiting your blog and read your post. Whatta day! You poor baby...and yet you have a husband so supportive and loving..and that is just SO wonderful. We are lucky ladies!
    Love and smiles.

  21. Mona,
    That is just gorgeous! Oh, it looks so lovely there on your darling porch. Cindy

  22. Hi Mona,
    Oh it looks just perfect!. I adore Penny's work, I have the black and white toile tea pot lamp and I love it. Next I will have Penny create my house numbers.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  23. Lucky YOU! It is lovely! I would be very proud of it too! :)

  24. Hi Mona
    Your house plaque from Penny looks great! She does great work doesn't she? I am thrilled that you're joining the porchparty. I'll add your name to the list.
    Hugs, Rhondi


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