Saturday, May 9, 2009


~Happy Mothers Day~

Mother's Day is, for me, a time of mixed feelings. I love being with my children, gathering up the hugs and love they shower on me..but..I miss my own Mom..and I don't think you ever get too old for that. There are many reasons Mothers Day can be difficult. I guess all special days are like that.


Because I love all the blogs I visit..or TRY to visit..INTEND to visit, and love the people who work hard on them..and because I simply get tied up in knots chosing someone for an AWARD..I have chosen to be AWARD FREE.
I hate to do that..because I love it when I am praised..all of us do, but it also embarrasses me to no end. I know..I simply KNOW when I am not worthy. It isn't that I don't like me, I do... (at least most of the time) but..I'm simply not that good at blogging and never will be. There are SO many Bloggers that are just brilliant. Some are so funny ..well...have your ever seen or heard something SO funny you can't laugh? Ok..well..probably not...but I have! And some so talented with their "snappy finger" photographs...and, well, I hope you get the idea without me going on and on.

I won't belabor this subject any more. As nice as it is to get Awards..Please pass them on to others. I love you for thinking of me but I have made the choice. I am going to keep what I they were given so lovingly. I said..I LOVE pretties!

Have you noticed that most of my awards are from SMB...LOL. What can I say..she loves me. Right? Right? (silence.....)

Why is it I ALWAYS say more than I intend? Never mind..please don't answer that...


  1. I love ya my friend..I also made that coice as I can't pick peeps...too many I love ..Love your Mother's day post...I just di mine for my Mama also..counl't let the day go without showing my love for her...come by and see it...Thank you...Hugs and smiles Your friend...Gloria ps like your rose you choose...

  2. Oh remind me to learn to spell ha ha!! oh well you know what I said...he he!!

  3. Hello, dear one,
    Yes, we are never too old to miss our mamas. I miss mine just as much as I did when she passed away over 20 years ago.
    And...if you will notice on my sidebar, I am also a AWARD AND TAG FREE blog. I totally understand!!
    Happy Mothers Day....
    love, bj

  4. Mona, I understand how you feel about accepting these awards as with them comes a mish mash of emotions, at least it is for me.

    My mother always told me I should accept compliments gracefully, but I still have a hard time doing that at my age!

    At any rate, I do understand Mona and know that you've made a wise choice for YOU and that's all that matters!


  5. Dear Miss Mona-

    I know exactly how you feel about missing your mother.

    We will make it. She used to tell me to try and make others feel good when I felt sad. So here I go-

    You have a great blog Mona.


  6. I definately share your feelings on this post on both subjects. Happy Mother's Day & memory checking! They will never be absent so long as we keep them forefront in memory.

  7. Just do what I do....say thanks and then forget about it. I don't think many people really check to see if you've passed them along or posted them in your sidebar (at least I wouldn't/don't) and they are only passing them along out of obligation. I just figure I'm saving someone from feeling guilty or obligated if I just tell the "giver" thanks and be done with the whole thing. o.k. I admit it, I'm lazy but at least I'm honest. :)

    Happy Mother's Day! I hope you get lots of great hugs.

  8. Mona, I'm with you. I miss my mom terribly. You're never too old for that.

    I'm also with you on the awards. It's great to be recognized but I think I may just start taking the MLS out too. Say thanks and move on. No worries. I completely understand. And yes, of course you KNOW I love you.

  9. Mona,
    Happy Mothers Day to you and I understand about the awards. I thank you again for the one you gave me, I always say thank-you but I just don't pass them out myself because I don't want hurt feelings. I think you'll always miss your Mama. Hugs, Cindy

  10. What isn't there to love about you, Mona?! May your memories bring you joy on this wonderful day ... God gave us wonderful Mother's to share our lives with to create blessed moments ... TTFN ~ Marydon

  11. Morning Mona,

    I totally understand about the awards. I struggle to pick folks as well because I want to give them to everybody or worse, I forget to pick mine up and post about them :O) which reminds me...oops! Oh I hope that your day is filled with special goodness. Happy Mother's Day my sweet friend.


  12. Happy Mother's Day, Mona! Regarding your choice to be award free- I applaud your decision to make a choice and abide by it. No one should ever feel pressured or obligated to do something that she does not fully believe in. Take care. Sue

  13. Happy Mother's Day Mona....I hope your day is a beautiful one. I don't have any children, so I can spend the whole day missing my MOM. And I do...I want to call her everyday! Hugs, Kathleen

  14. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Mother's Day!!!

    God bless you and your family!!!

  15. Hi Mona, I want to thank you for expressing how you feel about the awards; I feel the same way. While I adore them and feel so grateful, I cannot bring myself to pick and choose. I did this twice and felt upset both times. I really was beginning to think something was wrong with me for the way I was feeling.

    So glad to know I am not alone.

    Blessings, Barb

  16. Aw, whenever you see an award on my blog in the future just know that I wanted to pass it on to you too! LOL Happy Mother's Day Mona!

    All the best,

  17. Hope you had a great Mothers day! hugs!! Britt :-)

  18. Mother's day is a mix of emotions isn't it? I hope you day was super happy anyway! xorachel

  19. I totally agree. And while Ive been given a few awards and I do appreciate them.... I dont have the time to be picking out favorites to pass it onto. I have so many favorites too....I figure if they are on my bloglist then that says it all considering how many millions of blogs are out there.

    Its nice to know someone really loves your pages tell them so in the comments! Thats the very best thing. And In the meantime if you do find a blog you must tell the world about it :)

  20. Hi Mona,
    I miss my Mom too. She passed away 3 years ago and every day I still want to pick up the phone and call her.

    I totally understand being award free. It is too hard to choose one wonderful blog when all of my blog friends have wonderful blogs!


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