Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~Sometimes the plans of mice and ..old ladies...~

He stays right here guarding the porch..but..

Do you see all of these??

and all of these too??
Well..they are SUPPOSED to go right here..

Yes...and here...
but..I have come down with the worst cold I have had in ..years! So..they sit patiently waiting on my front porch..while I ask my sweet husband to go out and give them a drink for me. No pictures of puffy faced me. Lots of juice and cold pills and hot tea.. and I was so ready to tackle the job too! Maybe tomorrow! (sniff, cough!)


  1. I'll bet your hubby would plant them for you if you asked nicely and maybe supervised sweetly on the side. :-))

    Get well soon!
    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Oh, have I been there, but ususally with me, it's the back going out as opposed to a cold. Wanting to get it all done in one day, that's me, and I usually pay for it.
    I agree: ask hubby nicely!

  3. OOO, I'm sure Mr. Wsprsweetly will plant those for you while you look on and have another cup of hot tea.
    Feel better soon, Mona girl...
    xo bj

  4. Hi Mona,
    Just put your "feets' up and relax today. I hate colds...they just have to run their course...and we have to be "patient." Gee, we gardeners use that word a lot.

  5. Hi Mona, Hope you feel better real soon. I love your love gets me thinking of mine. I met my husband in 1976. I knew he was my soul mate that very first day. Life happened, and we went separete ways....hooked up again in 2001. We got married a year later. My wedding day was the happiest day of my life. I feel you girlfriend...hugs, Kathleen

  6. GM Mona...should I bring a new box of let me get you a tea with honey..and fluff those pillows up for you...Oh girl I am so sorry you have a mean cold..sorry all your flowers and guess what all things wait for your body to back to bed girl..sending you a BIG HUG...Love ya girl...Gl♥ria

  7. Hi Mona,

    Oh you poor thing :( I hate it when my body won't let me do what I want to do and there is nothing worse than being sick when it is so pretty outside. Get tons of rest and find some good movies to enjoy. Hope that you feel better soon.


  8. Oh so sorry you are sick, Mona! Your flowers are'll have to show us when they are all planted!!! Feel better...Debbie

  9. Oh no! I feel so sorry for you. I hate being sick and I hate hearing when my friends are sick too. If there is ANY thing I can do for you or if you need anything please let me know.

    Your gardens are going to be so pretty after everything is planted. You got lots of great flowers! So pretty.


  10. Lovely flowers!
    here everything is frozen again! We had spring here for almost one week, then came winter again :-)
    Hope You get well soon!

  11. Oh so sorry you are sick... I hate being sick when there are so many things I want to be doing, isn't it so frustrating?! But take care of yourself for a few days, take it easy, and hopefully you will be up and about by the end of the week! ;)

  12. The bunny is so cute! I hope you feel better soon! Are you sipping tea out of your lovely Beatrix Potter tea cups? ;)

    All the best,

  13. I have sent you an email. Please read.

  14. Di....yes..he probably would..but.."I'd rather do it myself.." :) He is such a great guy! He has gone off for some fast food for tonight as HIS suggestion. LOVE that man! I feel like poo!

    Gastpm Studio...:) I will be past this in a couple of days..bad back? Ouch! I only had that once and the memory still haunts me!

    bj.... Yes..he would plant them! Bless his little pea pickin' heart..but he is doing the back yard and getting it ready to plant..and goodness..he is after all 75 and running around like a 20 year old. It will pass.

    Balisha.. I had to laugh...yes we do use that term a lot, don't we?
    We had that curbing put in and now we have a LOT of beds to get ready for planting...and the clock is tick, tick, ticking!
    Feetsies have been up all day long. I just wander out and watch him for a few minutes then back to the couch.

    Kathleen...I am so happy you enjoy my stories about Pat and I. I am also happy that you were eventually able to be with the love of your life. It is a good thing when that happens. It is a rare and wonderful thing. the tissue (gone through an entire of those biggies? Face feels like I have been hit with a board. I just tired of laying so wander in and look at the computer screen and do something simple then back to the couch. You know how it is! Thanks for the sympathy. It makes one feel better..

    Dena..yeah...sigh..a good movie..I have Elizabeth Vol.2 and going to try and concentrate on that...but the cold pills keep knocking me out.

    Debbie: Yes...I will show you when it is finished. Probably this weekend. I hope. "sniff!"

    Joanne... :) Just you being you makes me feel better. Thanks.
    I hope it all looks pretty when it is finished. There has never been flowers etc. planted here since the house was is a first for Howard. :) I think he thinks I am nuts for all the planting..but he helps like crazy so he must like the idea! :)

    Christer.... :) Thanks so much! I have not had a cold in a long, long time and had nearly forgotten how miserable they are. Yeah...the flowers ARE pretty..aren't they? No comparison to your lovely wild life but they are certainly balm to the soul for certain!

    Oz is SO frusterating. I hate feeling bad and am anxious to get out there and get busy. The sky was the clearest most beautiful I have seen it in ages. Perfect weather...and I am on the couch!!

    Allidink... Hi sipping tea out of my little cups but it would make me feel better I bet. I am going to put them up the first of April. You will love them.
    Thank you again for your suggestion. I can't wait to do it! :)

    Now..back to the couch and my box of kleenex!

  15. Please get well soon.. Those lovely flowers need your friendly loving care.. Hope you're already getting better when this comment reach you..

  16. Loida! Where have you been?'s where have "I" been!??
    You are moving? I need to get with it. Will try and catch up later.. :) hugs to you!

  17. I'm so sorry you have a rotten cold...but I am so jealous you can actually plant flowers already. I'm still months away!

  18. Ahh..Nikki..I'm sorry! I have family in New England..Maine and in New Hampshire and Connecticut and all say the same thing! Got the flowers, got the space ready now to just get it DONE! :) Thanks for stopping by, Nikki! LOVE your blog! Too darned in like..Family Guy! LOL


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