Monday, March 23, 2009


My wonderful family is what came from our 43 years together. It was a wonderful and difficult beginning and there were bad times but we made it. We actually grew up together in a way. He was there the day this was taken..I felt him next to me. I know he is happy that I have gone on and and learned to live again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The first time I ever saw him I was walkig across the quad to the school bus. I just stopped and stared at him. I thought he was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen and I still do. I believe in love at first sight because... it happened to me. I now know how lucky I was to have experienced it as I think it is fairly rare. A friend brought him to the school bus window when I asked who he was. It was nearing graduation and he would be joining the Marine Corp. We were introduced through window and the bus pulled away.
A few days later I saw him on the football field at lunch time. He put his arm around me for a picture someone was taking (how I would love to have that picture now) and quietly whispered "one day we will be married and have seven kids." I didn't reply but I remember how I blushed. We saw each other the rest of the school year, had our first real date alone on his graduation night. I remember we went to dinner and to a movie. He kissed me and said "Will you marry me?" I said "yes. Yes I will" and we turned and watched the movie. Shortly after that he left for boot camp. And...we did get married when he returned from Korea and we did have seven children! We were married for 43 years. I lost him on December 15, 1997 at 3:30 in the morning. I miss him. I always will. He was my heart and soul.


  1. I'm so happy you are telling your story again. It is such a great love story. Even through the ups and downs the love was there and you made your relationship work.

    Look at the wonderful family you have all because you didn't give up.

    It's easy to hear the love you still have for him as I read your stories or listen to them in person.

    I bet your kids feel so good when they hear you talk about their dad. Knowing how much you were both in love must really touch their hearts.

    I know my aunt just recently told me that my mom and dad really really loved each other very much (they had hard times and lots of ups and downs too) and it made me feel so good to know that I was from parents who truly loved each other.


  2. Joanne...Yes, they know. I got a grip after he died ..for them. I had to. I think our making it has helped them in their marriages too.
    It seems to have.

  3. I believe in love at first sight as well. And I believe in demonstrating that love to your children.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful love story.
    You had something most people don't have and it is good that you remember it all. I know your children are so proud of you~
    xo bj

  5. What a beautiful love story. Thank you for sharing!

    Blessings to you from Kansas,

  6. Mona, your family is absolutely gorgeous. You are incredibly lucky to have seven wonderful pieces of your passed husband here on earth with you.

    Thanks for sharing what has to be an incredibly special photo.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  7. My heart goes out to you. My mother lost our father 2-1/2 years ago, only 67 and in fantastic health, but from a major stroke. He languished for 10 days. It still doesn't seem possible that he's gone some days.

    Your sounds like an incredible love story, a very special relationship. Thanks for sharing.

    You seem to be on several of the blogs that I am following, so I decided to pop over and visit your blog. ;) I am a fan of inspiring women 40 and over, esp since I am one of those! (ok, maybe I don't fall in the INSPIRING category, but I DO fall in the over 40 category!)

  8. GM Mona, I am so glad to see the story continues...what a wonderful lokking family you have How many boys and girls made up the seven...
    Just keep on writing I think it does you good..I know I sure enjoy reading about this strong Love..we today its so easy for couples to just move on that to fight for thier relationship...May you have a great day dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. Hi Mona,
    A beautiful story and a beautiful family...Lucky you!

  10. How lucky You are, very few have that chanse to "meet the one"!

  11. What a beautiful family you have, Mona! And my silly, romantic heart just melts at your story... :) Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  12. Oh what a sweet, sweet story. I wish you were near by I could share a story with you.

  13. Mona, your post brought tears to my eyes, it made me stop to reminisce about my first love.

  14. Mimi...thank you so much for your comment. Thank you!

  15. Gaston Studio...Thank you for your warm and kind comment. Our children knew their father and I had something ..special. They talk of it still.

    bj...the children knew. I think anyone who knew us knew. No one ever asked how we "made it" they knew because they "knew" us! are SO welcome. I am glad you enjoyed it. I left out many details..but..I am a bit self concious right now. I will get better with time.

    The Blue Ridge Gal...Di..thanks for saying that. It is a special picture and I wish we all could have been in it. Not easy to get all seven together anymore. The last time was on my 70th birthday..and they all flew in for that one! :) I'll have to find the picture.

    Oz Girl...What happened to your father is exactly what happened to my husband. A major stroke and he also lasted for ten days. It has not been easy..My heart goes out to your mother...Please give her my best.

    Happy To sweet thing. I am not really continuing with my story for reasons you know well..but I am going to keep writing. It's a feeling of..someone is watching? :) I know you understand.

    Balisha... :) Thank you so much for the compliment. Nothing is ever perfect. Pat and I were not perfect..but the love and attraction never failed. NOT low profile people...LOL Nope..not us!

    Christer....Yes. You are right. Anyone who finds "THE ONE" is fortunate..and Pat and I knew it. I wish I could say everything was "perfect" but it was not. But..I would do it all again! Thanks so much, Christer.

    Mary...Thank you for your visit and for your kind comments. :) I am always delighted to see you.

    Patti Cakes...Thank you for the confidence you have shown in me. It touched my heart!

    Mimi...I have already thanked need to know how your words touched me. It amazes me what love and kindness is shown to people we have never even met.

    I shake my head here in wonder at the beauty in all of you!

  16. You have a lovely family, Mona. I know you are proud of them.


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