Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yesterday, I found this old blond basket, took it to the back yard and painted it a deep brown, went to Lowes's and filled it with flowers. I like it. For now. But that is not what this post is about.
I have been asked a few questions by ENGLISH COTTAGE IN GEORGIA and I feel so honored that she cared enough to do that. Thank you, Lucy.
First, like anyone else..I have my opinions on some things..and yes, of course our Government and political issues are part of it. I have my opinions on religion, God, the to raise children, how to keep house, how to do most everything. I am, what they call a senior citizen..and have been around for a bit, and..I also have opinions on how to keep friends and leaving some issues alone is one of them. Only with long time and very close friends can I truly be up front but after 50 years they know and love me just as I am ..and only with them would I take the chance of clashing. And of course we do from time to time. Even sister's disagree. I can verify that!!
I am not on here to stir up anger but when you put yourself out always take that chance.
On blogs..we can do what we wish. I have already said all of this. IF you want to be is your choice. IF you want to sound off on your it! I have read a lot of these blogs..and for the most part...we all try not to step on each others toes. Now and then we boil over. Remember that it is just venting...and we HAVE a right. PLEASE, do NOT throw the baby out with the bathwater. Think about this. NO..I am not referring to myself, nor has anyone said anything to me. I am just making a general comment.
I try to find the positive in every blog. Today your blog might not really interest me...and tomorrow it might. Who knows...
Here is the deal. OF COURSE I want to please. Some will say they don't give a darn..and they probably don't. Good for them, I say!! Others keep things pretty general and stick to decor, recipes, babies, doggies and the like. Some stick to their every day lives...and I think that they are in the majority. IF it includes decorating..then...that is what they post about. SO many interests...

Some are grieving..and it is heart rending to read about, and we gather softly around and give as much support as the written word possibly can.

I have sat at this computer and sobbed at the death of Becky's son at SWEET COTTAGE DREAMS. It was late at night when I came across the news. I was stunned. I had just spoken to her on the phone and she was delightful. I was helpless. ALL I had were words and they fell completely short. I wanted to call her..and of course I couldn't. I didn't know her that well. And...what could I say? So I wrote. We all did.

Then there is Red Tin Heart, going through the loss of her beloved John..and major surgery. Music is her comfort..but all of us want in some way to help. Again..words.
The people we meet on here are all different and it is a world of it's own. This is a new way of living and peeking into hearts and minds and the very souls of beautiful people. Just enjoy. Be nice (and don't fight with your sister..Lucy) LOL I am NOT offended by talk of politics. If I disagree...I just disagree..but..I will love you anyway. I promise! :)

No..I probably will never post a table scape or if I would be a one time thing. But who knows. I certainly never thought I would write a "blog" and didn't even know what one was until I found Mary's LITTLE RED HOUSE while looking for something on the net, clicked on it out of curiosity and here I am. ~smile~ is the clincher.. (because I am writing too much.) I was asked by ENGLISH COTTAGE IN GEORGIA about the "hunger" post..and why it got the reaction it did. I don't know. Some have never ever been hungry but no one wants to think of others going hungry and there are many out there that KNOW hunger personally. I am one of them. It isn't fun and it is degrading, and it is far more prevalent than we even know. One man told me that he went to a park and drank water and ate grass. happens.
Lucy also asked me "How exactly did this experience impact you?" I wrote back to her and answerd her but it impacted me just exactly like it did Scarlet O'Hara. "As God is my witness I will never be hungry again, no, nor any of my kin!" I meant that, and as I write this...I am seeing to it that they do not!
She then asked me "Do you feel that the time of hunger was an expeience without a lesson, or do you feel that this is an experience which you never want to have again but appreciate the hardship you went through?" I think what I wrote above says it all.
She also said in reference to my early marriage "I think it would be really hard to keep the boat from rocking." Well...I am going to tell you about a "rocking boat" that capsized and was up righted more than once. This is my story and my blog and I will try and be as honest as I can be.

Too end this I just want to say, rant and rave all you want to about politics. My teakettle usually begins to whistle about this time and I move on to the kitchen to make tea. IF I disagree with you or if I agree with will eventually know as we get to know one another. Actually, I try hard to keep an open mind. One of the things about getting older and maturing is that you feel things more deeply but are able to stay out of the fray. I have both Democrat and Republican friends. Some loved Bush and some hated him. IT IS THEIR BUSINESS. It is NOT that I am afraid of giving my opinion seems pointless to do that when I may love everything about that person but their politics, so why rock the boat? Is that so hard to understand?

I think I hear the teakettle whistling... :)


  1. Hi Mona...just stopping in for a moment. I am not sure what prompted your blog entry today or what questions you are being asked, but I really liked your responses. Everything you said (well most of it!) I agreed with. Although, I do think that as women we tend to be people pleasing and's our nature. My husband calls that "self pleasing" and for a long time I could not figure that one out. It just means that when we try to please others we are really pleasing ourselves. That being said, it's very important to have points of view or opinions if you will that are your own. There were many times in my younger life, I was a chameleon. What you believed....I believed...if you liked it...I liked it and I dare not say anything different. I've grown up some since then. You are right about loving people regardless of their "opinions" about politics or religion...etc. We are all different and come from all walks of life, but we seem to have a common thread here on the blogs and it comes in many forms. We are all sharing our love and kindness and creativity and pretty cool. Your blog is always so thought provoking! Thanks!:)

  2. We are kindred spirits, my friend. But I think you already knew that. Daddy always says that the best way to lose a friend is to discuss politics or religion. I tend to agree. I like discussion. I am pretty good at agreeing to disagree but many aren't and I'm not fond of confrontation. Like Debbie, I'm not sure what prompted this post but I sure hope that no one is giving you a hard time. You have such a good heart. It's clear to me that you never intend to offend or hurt anyone..........ever.

    PS. I thought you might like to know that I almost deleted my post the other day but left it as I thought of you. *smile*

  3. Oh, Mona! What a post and you're so right! These are our blogs and we are free to say and post what we like. I just hope no one has said something out of the way to you. I know of an incident this past week where some nastiness was hoping around in our Land of Blog. Not pretty.
    Oh, Dear One! I was curious about your posting today and went down and read about you and Pat and your hunger! Oh, it brought tears to my eyes. Honestly, Mona, I don't think I've ever felt real hunger! This really touched me.
    We have so much to be thankful for don't we and I don't want to take for granted any of God's blessings to me.
    Thanks for being you!
    You could never be a pain!! I'm still looking forward to our deal :)
    Be a sweetie,

  4. I think that when someone opens up their life and allows others to know that it was a hard road and not just all sunny some people get a bit taken back and don't know what to say. Like you felt when someone died. What can you say?

    It's hard to believe that in a country like ours that people do go hungry. Even those who are fighting for our freedom.

    Many don't know how hard our service men had it back in the 50's. Most don't know what it's like to be so poor you can't afford to eat every day.

    It breaks our heart to hear that not only did this really happen but it happened to someone we know. It could even be happening to someone we know now.

    I think it's wonderful that you have shared your story (and I hope you share much more) with us as I think it's really important to always remember where we came from.

    Who knows what is going to happen in our future. With so many people getting laid off and jobs getting harder and harder to find I'm sure your story will once again be a common one that all to many have to go through.

    But most of all it tells us you are NOT a victim! You are a survivor! You made it through the hard times and came out a beautiful person full of love for others. It's easy though to see how some can turn bitter and hateful and think the world owes them.

    Please keep writting you story. It's so interesting and since we know the ending (you made it through) it's a story to let us know how thankful we should be for our life today and for every meal we eat.


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  6. Dear sweet speak from your HEART! I can hear you speaking these words. You know, one thing I have learned from losing my son is this: it doesn't matter about what the world thinks....about the things we have in our home....about what we shoulda,coulda,would've done....or worrying about what others "think" about us. You know, my blog was started with the simple intention of just posting about the simple things in life - you know, cottage stuff. Recipes, home decor, life...never ever dreamt that I would EVER do a post about losing a child. NEVER. EVER. I feel like someone took a shovel and stuck it in my soul and just kept sticking it in deeper and deeper. The pain is so unreal. Painful. But, I know YOU know, if anyone knows, what I am going through. What our family is going through. Losing a loved one is horrific. Beyond words horrific. However, I KNOW that our Jordan is in Heaven so this makes the pain a wee bit more bearable...however I miss him with each breathing minute I have. Each one. Thank you for your friendship. Please, if ever you wish to talk, I am here. Here to hear.

    much love to my sweet Mona friend,

  7. Mona, Mona, Mona, seems like I just when through this a few weeks back myself...But girl this is your blog and I love reading about your hard times and your good times...
    We are both of the age where we were changing real cloth diapers at the same time..
    And girl I do windows but I don't get into each his own but I seen so much fighting in Oct on some of these blogs with women that were friends at one time..
    I do the exit stage right thing when they get into that area..
    Girl I pray no one hurt are my far one of the kindnest ones and real ones I have met..Ok enough said now I am just sending you a BIG hug...Hey old ladies ROCK !! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ps my word verification is Harpo how funny..

  8. Good Morning Sweet Mona,

    You are such a blessing and I am so very glad that you are here :)

    Love and hugs,

  9. Mona,
    I agree with you about the power of our blogging and posts through the internet. Oh so true your thoughts about wondering as we write our little ditty if we are going to mightily offend someone with what to us is a small inoffensive (my interpretation of..."we try to not step on each others toes") word or sentence.
    My first reaction to the emails, which were written to me after reading your post was horror and fear that I offended you. After scurrying, to your post, I still did not get it -what had sparked these 4 individuals to anger on your behalf?
    Truly, I am still puzzled. To me your post was about the power of the internet pen and how it has created a new type of relationship blog friends. You elaborated how other bloggers' experiences caused you to grieve. Through blogging, the decorating, cooking, or crafting skills of others can inspire or intimidate the reader.
    You post alluded to this observation which our situation has proven, when one reads a post, they do so with their life experiences, personalities, preferences and biases. One post, the same words, can be read by many and used or viewed in as many ways, because of the difference of people.
    As I went through the comments of your old posts trying to get a clue about who had proclaimed me as their "blog enemy" ,I was struck at how many of your followers are deeply affected by the narrative of your experiences...which led me to email you with the "hunger questions". I was struck at grace and stoicism with which you handled the hunger experience. On the comment post, I reflected on your restraint. I knew you had a strength, where I had a weakness. I would have been grabbing used bags with popcorn still in them. My comment reflected a sharp reaction and reflection to your experience. As I read AND studied the other comments. One comment was a strong rebuke in regards to military pay. Oh my goodness, I had not even thought of that. I was stuck on eating. To repeat myself, "One post, same words, viewed differently because people are unique.
    Oh Mona, do pull out the chairs, refill and heat up the tea kettle. What lovely conversations, blogging does create. Yes, sometimes there will be misunderstanding, but they too will pass.
    As I have shared with you privately, I am now going have such a compelling life story. Your writing captures your ability to recall raw emotions felt so long ago. Even while revealing the raw emotion pulled out from long ago memories, you are able to describe in detail, what you were wearing, the color of the car, the scent in the air, etc.
    Oh Mona, what a writing gift you have. In addition, to have all the experiences which you had to have done so with such restraint and grace is amazing. I do think that your writing would be a treasure to women who could learn so much from you.
    I would be saddened if "our experience" changed your writing. I am so blessed with the self and life reflections which stirs within me as a result of reading your posts.
    I am sorry that I wrote on and on, I should have emailed.

    An LOL!!!, by the way: When I emailed you last night, I had received 3 emails. I had one this morning which I had to use a interpreter on which came from Sweden. You are internationally supported. :-)
    Morning hugs from one of your BBFF (Blog Best Friend Forever)

  10. Dearest MONA,
    Thanks for sharing your views.. And please visit my site so you can get a FRIENDSHIP AWARD. I know you got one already but may i present it again. Thanks.. See ya..!

  11. Not knowing the background, I was still aghast by your blog today, which I have only recently discovered. It's obvious that you have many, many wonderful friends out here in blogland, I feel certain you feel lucky about that. I would like to join them as your words were from my mouth too.

  12. I do write about political desissions in my blogs, if I feel the governement make it difficult for people that already have it difficult. I don´t like when they kick people already on the ground so to speak. But I don´t care what parties there is in the governement, if it´s parties I like or not like.

    To mention anything about religion in a swedish blog is like asking for trouble. We can write (and talk9 about everything else, politics, sexuality, economy.... but religion is a no no.

    The important thing is that one is comfortable with ones own blog! I really like Yor blog!

  13. I was just out visiting new blogs and found yours. Enjoyed my visit! ...and trust me - from someone who is living through a heartbreaking situation...words that may seem empty to you can mean a whole lot to others! There have been times where I felt like my blog was like a down mattress...a place I could crawl into and get comfort.

  14. Hi Mona,
    I just stopped in to see how you're doing and what you've been up to. This was a very interesting post and you touched on so many things that I'd love to comment on. Especially your thoughts of Becky. That post on 2-4-09 made my heart stop and I felt like there was nothing I could say or do to help...and there isn't.

    Anyway, I agree with just about everything you said. Especially about politics, religion, etc. I don't like rocking the boat and would much rather just spend my time enjoying people than argueing with them. Some might call me bland, but oh well!

    This post was so personal and transparent. And I like the person it reveals; a very loving one. Hope you have a wonderful weekend,
    Patricia :o)

  15. Debbie...thank you. No one has ever told me that what I had to say was thought provoking so..I am sort of taken aback. I..think that is a good thing. At least I hope it is. :)

    SMB..But of course we are...though I don't know how that should be so considering the huge age difference. I just plain love you dearly. No there is none.
    No one did anything but ask me questions which honored me greatly.
    I need to be careful how I put things, but I guess now and then you come across differently than you think. No one took offense to anything...they were just curious. :) It was nice.

    Shelia.. Sweet friend...thanks for reading my ..ramblings. I am overcome with the kindess of your comments.

    Joanne...WHAT a joy to meet you today. You are so charming and open and loving. Please do come again...and...I forgot to take a picture of YOU. Shoot. I will have to go on your blog to read about our day. I had a wonderful time. (I talk too much!!) :)

    Allidink...You NEVER fail to make me grin!!

    Sweet Cottage Dreams. Becky..Sweetheart if I could hold you and make it all better I would.
    Yes, I know pretty much what is happening with you and your one on earth can begin to know the enorminity of it. Not really. I will share with you later...not here. Nothing but time can heal. And even then..never completely. No pain begins to compare with losing a child.
    I will email.

    Happy To Be...Gloria...Sweet are a delight. one has said a single thing wrong to me. Somehow I must have given that impression and then I went in and tried to fix that darned post..shoot!
    Old ladies might rock..but sometimes on toes. LOL

    Swaddle Cottage: Dena... :) Thank you. You have been the warmest of gifts on here. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

    English Cottage in Georgia:
    Lucy...What can I say to you. I just shake my head at what came your way because of me. I am so very sorry. You honored me with questions and because I didn't know how to put my post together you ended up taking a bit of flack.
    I was so honored by your interest..and enough to ask me questions. I LOVED it. :) Thanks for being so gracious. I appreciate you.

    2L3B's: Loida... :) I know which award is mine...I am on
    my way back to claim your sweet prize. Hugs..for everything you give.

    The Cottage By Crane Lake: Christer..YOU are so special. You have a way of making the world see right..and as it should be. Thanks for that.

    Julie: I am so happy to meet you and thank you for commenting on my post. I will pay you a visit soon... :)

    Gaston Studio: Wow! Thank you so much. That was a great compliment! You are right..every day I am amazed and delighted at the fantastic people I have meet. I am definitely greatful!!

    Vintage Linen Treasures:
    Patricia, thank you so much for your sweet and kind words. I know exactly how you felt about Becky.
    Everyone felt the same who knew and loved her. It was a shock that is still rocking our blog world AND our real world. Becky and her family will walk very closely with God for awhile now. Even closer then usual.
    I do hope it is alright for me to say that.
    Hugs and love to everyone.


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