Sunday, March 15, 2009


If I am going to spend so much time at this computer..I want it cozy, cute and comfy and even a bit messy. Isn't that what home is all about?
This little footstool is a luxury under my desk for my tired feetsies. The top comes off so it can be washed. Little ties hold the plush little cushion snuggly in place. PERFECT!
And this little footstool opens to reveal a place to hold magazines, etc.
Of course a clipboard is a must have and it HAD to be an old one. New wouldn't do. More waiting. I was delighted with this one. It fits nicely in the old hymnal holder.
This little item spins and is great for pens, pencils etc. I also use it to hold note cards and envelopes.
I got stapler, scotch tape holder and the staple remover one at a time as they appeared on Bea's ebay site. FINALLY I got all of them! See the little letter holder in the back? It has a handle and slots for envelopes both front and back. It was a silverware holder..but I used it for mail.
I called my friend one day and told her I badly needed bulletin board, told her what I wanted..and in a week or so it was delivered clear from Missouri. Love that woman!! Hi Bea!! :)
These are old hymnals from an old church. My friend's husband bought and painted them and she added the roses. I bought two and hung them on the wall behind my chair. They are great to hold my clipboard, magazines and papers of all sorts. I hung them right under the bulletin board. Convenient spot. I spin around and everything is right there. ~sigh~

See the little file holder? All covered with roses..and the file tray? I have finally won another one and it is on it's way. These are very old and hard to get. The gold clasp had to be repainted on the file holder...and the key was intact. LOVE it.
I have a tiny room all to myself with my huge oak desk with shelves and little drawers. The walls are lined with bookshelves which are stuffed with books. I reread my books over and over. Is ..reread..a ..word? Oh well..
Hope your weekend was peaceful. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my story. You are all so encouraging. I love you for that!


  1. This is just so beautiful~ I love all the touches of rose, so feminine and fun. Love it~ Cindy

  2. Hi,
    Your room inspires me...but what do I do with my husband? He shares the other half :) Maybe I could paint roses on him or dress him in a flowered robe.LOL

    Your space looks wonderful.It's you!

  3. How great to have a place for yourself, for your time, and to have it decorated so wonderfully. You have a talented friend there. I have my studio (actually it's my spare room) that is all mine. I too, have books there, a cd player, and all my crafting supplies. I love it! Hugs, Kathleen

  4. What a delightful private space! My 'office' is a section of my very large living room, but a section nonetheless. In my studio, I'm like the cobbler whose children had no shoes... I keep saying I'm going to 'pretty it up' but just never get around to it. But it is well organized and that's more important to me right now.

  5. Mona...I love it!! How very feminine and cozy and you! I see the Victorian Trading Company magazine in there and I have one too that I look at all the time. I love anything Victorian. You have really made the room reflect yourself in every way. Nice job and thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. I am creating a room upstairs in my house that used to be my sons. I will share the before and after photos on my blog sometime. It's still a work in progress. Looking at your beautiful rose decor made me feel like I had just visited you and had a cup of tea...of course the tea cup had painted roses on it...(sigh)...thanks!

  6. Mona, I just love it! What a sweet, feminine touch to all of those useful, but industrial-looking products! I had to laugh at Balisha's comment about the husband! My husband hates it when I "pretty" things up. Probably b/c he's a 6'4" 280lb fire fighter! :)

    BTW...yes, reread is a word! As a former 3rd grade teacher in a state that emphasizes prefixes and suffixes (testing...yuck!) "re" is one of our prefixes and "reread" was my example of testing procedure..."Please 3rd graders, reread the passage before submitting your answers!" LOL

    Blessings to you from Kansas!

  7. That footstool really looked comfortable! I should have one by my desk too.

  8. I love love love all your fun and romantic. I, too, love my spot to be pretty, comfy and a little messy..never did want everything all straight and stiff!!
    Waiting for the next installment of your wonderful love story!!
    xo bj

  9. That is all so pretty! And the footstool is cool and such a good idea. I love your bulletin board :)

    All the best,

  10. So pretty Mona! I love the idea of a little footsie bench and yours looks so comfy. I may just have to find a little footsie rest and paint my staple remover and add some polka dots...just as soon as I do my homework! ;)


  11. Cynthia...I am so glad you like the roses. A bit matchy, matchy, but all the oak breaks it up..and's MY office. Right? :)

    Balisha...Why...Balisha..I am surprised you didn't think of what to do with your husband! Paint a few roses on his tushie..and go right on with your business. And..hey..a flowered robe for good measure. I'm sure he wouldn't care a bit. HA!! :)
    I'm glad you like my "space" as it is the very first time in my life that I have had ever had such a thing.

    Kathleen: It is BEYOND great to have a space all my own. It's wonderful! I can tell you totally understand. :)

    Gaston Studio... Thank you so much for your comment! Organization is so important..without it, at least to a certain degree, I would go nuts. The few organizational skills I have probably brought me though when I had all the children. Actually, Patrick was the one with those skills. He was a DI. :)

    Debbie: I can't wait to see the room you are doing. Take lots of pictures. I always forget!
    How I wish you lived close enough to really come for tea. I would LOVE that. :)

    Valerie: I know exactly what you mean. You really do need your very own special corner for something like this. Your loving partner has to be considered. Totally!

    Christer: You definitely need a nice leather footstool and maybe a tiny heater under your desk in the winter. I have one and it is on every single night during the winter. :) Cozy!

    bj..a compliment from you is always an honor. Thanks so much. I am looking around...I think I need to do some tweaking tomorrow. You know, go through some stuff...goodness!!

    Allidink: Yeah...I really do like the bulletin board! Large and wonderful. Usually they are alway terrible looking. I don't really need pockets on this thinking of adding a few little pockets down the right side. You know for reciepts...small things..? I can pin them on with the pins..maybe something just made of sturdy paper? :)

    Swaddle Cottage..Dear Dena...sweetie, get yourself a little soft footstool. YOU need it if anyone does!! I have two. They are just alike. Same lady made them.

    Hugs to all of you. You sure do make me feel loved!! :)

  12. All so very pretty. You lucky thing.


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