Monday, March 9, 2009

~SAN FRANCISCO 1954 continued but.......~

Before I go on with my story..which is just below this post, I just wanted to say that...THE BLUE RIDGE GAL has begun a new post called NICKLE CHERRY COKE and takes you on a journey back to the 1950's through the 70's. If you love history as I do, give it a peek. Her pictures are fantastic.
A sweet blogger friend of mine once told me.."This is YOUR blog. You can write what you like." But as I told Kathleen from RURAL MAINE LIFE, "I am sure you have heard the rather new saying, "dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening"..well, blog like no one is reading. This is our space to create, vent, show off, give our opinions and so on. I am in no contest here. As they used to say in the Old West, there is always a faster gun. At first I thought, I cannot do this! My home is not all that pretty, I don't have a huge talent for decorating..nor am I that crafty. I average older, now gray haired Grandma and Great Grandma and I do love to show my little finds from thrift stores.

I am having fun. I am afraid I have no special recipes to all know where you can go to find those and so do I! ~smile~
For perfection in decor, for posts to make us laugh, for gorgeous photographs..we all know where to go and soak up beauty. For a rip roaring motorcyle trip and a good laugh, and common sense that will amaze and delight, you just might want to try WORDS OF WISDOM FROM A SMART MOUTHED BROAD! For low key comfort, coziness and caring..there is always SWADDLE COTTAGE ..and the list goes on and on. My thanks to Debbie, AliceMary, Joanne, especially to Christer and so many of you. You add so much to my life every single day, and to bj and Penny and Patti. What a rich tapistry of people that write on here. There are blogs for everything...and I am sure there are even the ones that are a wee spicy. It is all on here. As all of us have..there is our favorites list that says who we love to follow. What a great thing we have going here.
I have to smile because the people pleaser in me wanted to...keep up. I can't. I am doing my best..and that has to be enough. I had to realize..I don't HAVE to keep I am doing what interests me. My daughter Dawn once wrote a little song..and one of the lines in it went like this:

It is ok to feel the fool..
You can join in there are no rules,
So relax and smile...
Sing and dance awhile..
You'll be surprised to see.. me??

So in a sense I am singing and dancing my heart out.
Besides...and this is the important part...I have the most WONDERFUL followers ever!
In my mind and heart, you all have wings! Thank you for being there, for reading and for giving me the courage to stay with blogging. My continued story is below if you are still interested...and thanks.


  1. Well, I'm glad I found you, too! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog today and I'm really glad I came here tonight. For you see, I just did a post about a favorite alcoholic drink I have and the whole time, I'm thinking that it's awful to write about a favorite drink. I shouldn't be condoning alcohol. What if there are alcoholics out there who read this? And the worst, "what will my followers think of me!" Gasp!
    Well, what the hell. It truly IS my blog and I can write what I want.
    Thank you for reiterating that.
    And very nice to 'meet' you!

  2. Good for you! I don't think anyone who is fighting being an alcoholic is going to be driven to drink by reading something. There are billboards, magazines, ads, name it. You are not condoning anything for anyone else but yourself. Relax..sing and dance and blog to your sweet hearts content. NOT to worry.
    LOL I do not drink but I am going to read it cause I bet there is a bit of humor there...and..I always could use a laugh.
    Besides..."judge not..."

  3. **muah** I left a little something for you over at my site.

  4. I adore your blog, sweetheart. You don't give yourself near enuf credit. I look forward to your stories and always come here when I see you have a new post up. You are fun, striving to make a new life better and still remembering your past life and loving to write about it. I love reading all of it, Mona. Keep it up!!
    xo bj

  5. There are no "must" when writing a blog! Perhaps that is why I like to do it so much and to read others blogs so much? And it´s so true when You write "Write like no one is reading". Then the blog will be so much more interesting, because it´s then we get to know You!

  6. Dear Mona, thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving me your wise thoughts. You are so right, so dead on. I vow to write whatever I want, and show my art without skipping a beat. Thank you dear your blog....looking forward to "the rest of the story". Hugs, Kathleen

  7. Oh Mona, thank you for your sweet words and let me just say, you dance divinely my dear friend ;)


  8. Dearest Mona,
    I read it all.. all the way from the first time you met and the time you reach your glory.. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story of your life as a woman, a wife and a first time mother all in one.. And thank you for being honest. You don't have to be a pleaser, I prefer honest comments like the ones you always sent to anyone.. Such a beautiful blog you got here.. This is not to please you but to tell you that I'm learning so much from you my friend. :)

  9. Mona,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all your sweet comments, and how much I am loving your story. Please keep writing. You are a natural storyteller. :)

  10. Oh Mona you know I love ya girl...You are one of the best and I love the fact you girl shoot from the hip and just be yourself..I am so glad I got to meet you and always enjoy my visits know I love ya more than my luggage girl!! hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Hi Mona,
    Your a sweet lady with a gift for writing. Please keep blogging, we love coming to visit. Cindy

  12. Mona, thanks for dropping by this afternoon and leaving your kind comment!

    I was amazed when I read the "snippet" of your life story b/c I know there's so much more to you than the "About Me" forum allows for...espcially after having 7 precious kiddos and 3 successful marriages!

    And how about those kids...your daughter donated a kidney to your son?!!! I can only hope that I instill the values of selflessness and generosity in my own two little ones.

    Life is such a gift. Along with the good comes the bad, with the rewards comes the loss. I try to remember that when I am saddened over the loss of 5 makes the two blessings I have that much more precious and life with them that much more sweeter!

    Keep writing, blogging, and living like no one is watching! Take care.


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