Thursday, February 12, 2009


I thought this little Fairy cottage was so sweet.
I was raised with an Irish Grandfather and Grandmother and tales of Fairies in Ireland. When my two oldest sons, Patrick and Michael and their wifes returned from two weeks in Ireland and brought me beautiful Irish lace and a VERY old green marble egg. They also brought lots of footage of themselves and their travels through Ireland.
They told me they only had a "wee bit of the good ale" but..from the footage..they proved themseves to be as Irish as their Pop. Those mugs looked good size to me but they said it was an insult to the establishment if they didn't down a quart right off. Do I believe that. Oh..well...probably. I'm gullible. Sounds like a buncha Irish tommyrot to me though. :)
My poor babes are Irish on both sides. Their Dad was all Irish and I am half. All seven have their fathers and my green eyes and dark hair. (Shhhhhh...we won't mention the pic. below!) They all have tempers, but hearts of gold and generous to a fault, AND they all tell a good story. An Irish trait for certain!
Anyway...I just felt like talking about my children a bit.


Nana said...

That picture of you in the previous post is very cute! Oh I have mailed you some hair. It's in a brown bag so, very discreet? Just paste it on w/ Super Glue.

bj said...

Hi...enjoyed reading a little about your family. Thanks for sharing!
xo bj

prof en retraite said...

Oh Mona...I am also part Irish! I would love to go there one day! Love the fairy cottage...Debbie

Mona said...

Nana...I wanted to let you know that the "hair" in the plain brown paper bag arrived safely. My dog got hold of it..and totally distroyed it. I was so darned mad at her for ruining my chances that I grabbed her and Super Glued her to my head. Now my hair is red and it barks at the postman. Oh well. Back to the drawing board!
Hugs and thanks for your help!

Mona said...

Debbie...I would love to go there one day also. Their Dad used to dream of going to Ireland and the children had his family crest made in Ireland and sent to him. It is beautiful. Even if he didn't get to go his sons did. He would have loved that.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said... are sooo cute! I'm Irish too...and have fair skin and green eyes. I didn't realize green eyes was an Irish! My maiden name is Irish or so I've been told. My Dad had lots of red in his hair and very fair skin and blue eyes. I once heard that eventually everyone will be dark hair and brown eyes since those are the dominate genes. I loved hearing about your boys...they sound like a lot of fun! Susan