Friday, January 30, 2009


G'morning! Listen..I am should I say this. I can't really ..I am not a person that is comfortable with "competing." I so love getting on here, reading the wonderful things people write, looking at the lovely homes, and being wowed by the gorgeous photography but even though I would love to have a fantastic camera, I am not good at all that sort of thing. That is why I love to visit other blogs so much. I won't be doing giveaways, competing for that I think about it I might just jump into that pillow thingy that "Sweet Cottage Dreams" is having but I would probably be more comfortable just buying her adorable things.
Also...If I say something on here that you take issue with, please, please do not get all upset with me..snub me in some way or holler at me in CAPS..and like that?
Ok? One lady whose blog I read this morning is really someplace there is another one upset..and see what can happen? So..please..I already feel vulnerable having chosen to hang my heart out please just be kind if you don't like something I say. I love you.. :) Well..not really..but I sure am liking a lot of you a whole lot!! :) nufathistuff! I am off to watch THE VIEW..OH NO..I missed almost all of it! Dang!!!
P.S. No, no! No one is mad at least not yet. Just being careful here. :)


  1. You have several blogs that I have not read. I guess with everything that's happened with us this week I've missed them.

  2. Merci, thank you for your comment. I'm happy... a friend from America ! Waouhhh...sorry, my english is no good. Au revoir, à bientôt et bisous.*Mylise

  3. Good Golly, Miss Mona, who did you tick off? I can't imagine. You're the sweetest thing since pralines. If you tick them off or they tick you off, you could always delete them. *wink*

    Yeah, I know I'm running this thing into the ground but I really get a kick out of it. I love ya!

  4. Oh, Mona...I do love your fabulous sense of humor, girl.
    I'm pretty much the same in the fact that if I say something on my blog that offends you or someone else, it's ok if you (or that someone else) just skips on by....
    I try very hard not to mention things that might cause friction but I have been known to do it from time to time! Hey, it's OUR blog, right...we can say whats on our mind or in our hearts and...the wonderful thing about Blogland is that mostly ALL the ladies and gents understand....
    hugs, bj


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