Friday, January 30, 2009


A very elderly lady passed away and left this to me. Her father made it..and I have had it for about 12 years now. It is hand made and the back and seat are made by fitting little pieces of wood together. The sides are made of just one solid piece forming a kitty. I keep storing it away..bringing it out and finally decided rather then hiding it, I would just paint it. Ok, ok, I already have a lot of red..but I thought red would make it stand out. I usually try not to paint old things..but..I just jumped in and did it. It's not for sale and never will be so I made it work with my things. LOVE toys. Gee, I wonder why!? :) Anyway..that was my project for the day. Added Beckys little pillows. LOVE it!


  1. You've got the coolest ideas. I love the stories behind the "stuff". I'm looking for ways to bring red into my home and getting very inspired here.

  2. Well..let me tell you that YOU are the one inspiring me! You are teaching me how to be "up front."
    I..sometimes tippy toe around..wanting to be liked by everybody..when as a woman (ahem!)my age, I should know that it isn't possible. Just a lesson I never learned. Hugs to you..

  3. Well...Is that not cute! You know I love cats and I have never seen aything like it! Thanks for sharing...Debbie

  4. Love it Mona, and I thought I recognized those sweet little pillows. Isn't Becky amazing? She sews the prettiest of pretties :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.



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