Thursday, January 15, 2009


This was taken just before Dawn and Mango got into the car for their journey back to
Santa Cruz. Mango was a little girl and was the sweetest of little dogs. This picture is one that Dawn requested be sent to her and I will send it framed. I will keep one. Our whole family is so sorry for Dawn. Dawn is the baby of our family and we are all grieving with her. We have already talked of getting her another little is way too soon. Maybe when this hurt has softened we can get her one. But not now.
The winds are back.


  1. Your daughter is beautiful and looks at her momma with such pride.. Her mango was so cute, and I know missed.. I'll continue saying prayers for her and her loss. hugs ~lynne ~

  2. What a great picture. I know she is just heartbroken and you are heartbroken for her. How nice that you got that great photograph on her last day there with you.

    PS, I have to laugh because everytime I go to comment, you've deleted the post. *wink*

  3. Lynne and Smart Mouth (I know not to use your real name) :) you have been so understanding and kind. I was so...oh...kind of not sure about doing this..and it is sort of touch and go. is people like yourselves that make places like this just a pure blessing. At first I thought it was sort of "who has the prettiest house" and I am not really into competition and it isn't that at all. I am still trying to figure it out..just exactly how it all works. I know one thing. I am having one heck of a time leaving things alone and not deleting them. Anyway...thanks SO darned much! You are appreciated!! I read your comments to Dawn today when she called. She was so touched by the things you said. She told me to thank you. She was so touched.


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