Sunday, May 15, 2016

~FANTASY HOMES ..for wee me?~

:)  OH, if only I could!

I've drifted from blogging..and I am not sure why, but the longer I am away the harder it is to return.  
I took to Pinterest for a few days..and found lots of bloggers there..AND on facebook whenever I happen to drop in there,  if I am mentioned.   Then of course I stay, peeking, reading, shaking my head finally and leaving.
...and the hours pass....

I stop it and wander through Pinterest for a bit then I am back to doing choses and in no time back to Pinterest...

 for what I promise myself is just for a "few minutes"  and then I discovered these little hobbit homes and fell in love with them.

 I think I just might be trying to turn this little trac home into one of these...however...
not possible to dig it into the side of a hill.

 Well..I have a path across the front of our home leading to the back gate all done in the flag stones...  but that's just one thing.and .sadly about the ONLY thing our homes have in common.

 And would I really be happy in one with no windows?  No real sunlight?  
And if it rained too much..would my little hobbit house leak?  OR worse yet, cave in on me?
No of course not.  :)

 I do know I am suited to this kind of dwelling rather than a high ceiling one.  Round  and oval are my favor shapes. 

I have heard of these turf homes, but who would think they would look so sweet!
So I guess you "mow" your roof?  

Little round window at the end of the table...and notice a lot of the food is finger food..
I love the candle light.  This table would have fit my family of nine perfectly.  
Wondering if this picture was taken in one of the little homes or from the restaurant.     
I have to check on that. garages?  :)  No AC?  Lots of questions...but I don't think I need to worry.  You know what I mean? :)

Would you just LOOK at the view out the front door of his little hobbit home?  

These photo's are from the Hobbiton tour in New Zealand.  HOW I would love to go on that tour and go inside each and ever little home.   I suspect this might be a restaurant on the tour.   

Whatever the case...ever since I read the Trilogy and the Hobbit, I have been in love with Tolkien's writings for years and years.  I go back and read them from time to time...probably always will.

A very favorite Author...kind of reminds me of PH.  Kinda, sorta...don'cha think?  

Nice to be back..missed you guys!



  1. I could live there no problem!!!

  2. I'm betting that's a fairy garden that has exploded into magic! Love that!

  3. Mona, Been missing you. Hope you, PH, and your family are doing well. That could be a fun play house. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Oh Susie, no, REAL house. They are so cozy inside. Lots of fresh ventilation would be a MUST though! :)

  4. where are you???? have you moved away to a hobbit house? i miss you!

  5. Who wouldn't enjoy being a Hobbit for awhile? They have the coolest houses!

  6. Such sweet houses. And just as I imagined them when I read the books. I love the view from the doorway. I think I might be able to live in a hobbit house too. Missed you!

    1. Thank you Kathy...:) You are always just so dear.

  7. Those are cute little houses. My little hobbit house would need more windows, though.

    I am happy to see your post here today!

  8. good morning Mona! yes, those little hobbit houses are so whimsical and charming! but you bring up a good point.. the lack of windows.. I could not handle that. and possible bugs. you know.. worms.. ants.. potato bugs.. lol! we can admire those sweet little homes in books and on line! and enjoy our sunshine above ground! lol! glad you posted! have a great week

  9. So glad to see you posting again I have missed you. Love your new header. Enjoyed this post very much. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Your home is perfect for you and you've made it adorable! Those Hobbit homes are so cute. Earth homes were a big rage back in the 70's and 80's. They stay cool because they are underground a bit and also stay warm in Winter. We have a few around here but I've never been inside. Interesting and I imagine it would be a fun home tour! I'd love to go and peek inside too! Good to hear from you!

  11. I love them!! I missed you,,,

  12. They are just dreamy aren't they Mona. At least when you do get back to it, you get a few comments. Nobody seems to comment on my blog anymore and I'm about ready to give up on it!
    I like small, cosy homes too and these hobbit homes really do fit the bill. I have seen programmes about the ones here in England and they are just gorgeous. However, they are not necessarily right near the shops etc.

  13. Hi Mona and yes I have missed your posts, but can understand how it can be hard to return to blogging after time away. The hobbit houses look so very inviting and mowing the roof would be an interesting challenge.

  14. I loved this houses!!! Fantastic! Greetings!:))



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