Monday, May 25, 2015


Memorial Day was quiet.  I worked played in the garden, clipping and planting pretty deep purple petunia's, swept the patio and watered the plants..or rather gave them a touch of water to keep them alive.  For now.
Eldest son's family came over and it was a lovely Sunday afternoon.  
 Son and daughter in law a kick back day off from the bakery..but still brought tons of food.
Pulled pork 
Huge homemade hamburger buns  (to die for!)
Delicious slaw and and big tossed salad.

I made a chocolate cake with chopped nuts on top.
Vanilla ice cream
....and lots of down time to just chat and enjoy the perfect weather.

 Both granddaughter and her Grandma  had birthdays.  Our little one will be seven and her Grandma was just 58.  My son will be SIXTY in August!!
 They played a game of hide and seek with tennis balls.
Shouts of "WARM!"  "HOT"  and " COLD!!!"  kept things exciting.
(at least for Emily! :)

I had to laugh.  I would just point the camera at her and she would pose. 
This was her kitty cat pose..  We had so much fun with her.
Listening to my little great granddaughter speak in Chinese and then switch to Spanish and then English..was  amazing.  She told me all about school and her best friend Mandarin.
I'm still working on English. :)

Things have changed, haven't they?  She is just turning seven ..and I understand that they are teaching babies to read.  Really???  

Yes, it was Memorial Day today.  The flag flew out front....and I remembered the horror stories that my husband told me just a little of,    Korea and three tours in Vietnam.  
I remembered the young men he spoke of..and the nightmares he had for the rest of his life.
But he came home.  Some of his buddies did not.
And now here we are again...
Will it never stop?

Not in my lifetime...but I pray it will end in my great granddaughter's time.  


p.s. I just came back and removed names.  I'm thinking..I should be more careful!!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! I detect a wee bit of nostalgia along with it which is perfectly fitting for this day! Loved your pictures and your post!!

  2. What beautiful pictures, of Pat, Cheryl and that incredibly gorgeous great granddaughter of yours. Emily has so much going for her...looks, personality, self assurance and an intelligent and enquiring mind. She has the potential to reach great heights.

    Please ask Pat & Cheryl how they keep their (enviable) slim trim figures when they bake such tempting, delicious goodies every day?

    Your patio garden is ever so pretty and lush, Mona! A little oasis of calm and the perfect spot to unwind. Clearly, from the relaxed expressions on Pat & Cheryl's faces, they were able to do just that! A good looking couple, they are.

    I always, ALWAYS enjoy visiting you, Mona. You are so grounded and the most charming hostess. I don't mind if you offer me a slice of that chocolate cake you baked. You are an inspiration, truly!

  3. What a lovely post Mona. Pat's food is really good and I really enjoyed the lunch we had at their restaurant. The patio looks so inviting and relaxing. Happy Birthday to that beautiful granddaughter - she is so pretty. So glad that you had a wonderful day.
    Have a great week dear friend.

  4. Glad you had an enjoyable day with family.

  5. Very sweet post Mona! It looks and sounds like you had a lovely family day. Your little grand is cute - and three languages! What a cutie. Jane

  6. Mona, Some holidays are happy and sad. I think memorial day is one for sure. Your family is so sweet. Blessings to all of you, Susie

  7. Oh my goodness, Mona... that sounds like the PERFECT day:) I spent Memorial Day remembering those who lost their lives and thanking God for those who returned safely! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  8. Sounds like the perfect day with family. Emily is adorable.

  9. a lovely day spent with your family and your menu has me drooling on my keyboard.. cute kitty cat you have there. and three languages amazes me

  10. Grands are amazing aren't they....three languages! My 8 year old grand is learning a new language from her new grand mother...she is from Thailand. Sadly her real grand mother died 2 years ago...cancer... Have a wonderful week Mona...hugs..

  11. Aren't grands the best. I'm glad you spent the time with family and a beautiful family it is. Love the kitty cat pose, she is one adorable little girl. Beautiful shots. fondly ~lynne~

  12. The kitty cat post was darling. She is a very cute girl. Sounds like you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I spent Saturday and Sunday here by myself. On Monday My daughter, Deann. her husbnd, Brian, and my grandson came over we worked out in the yard mowing the lawn, week whacking and trimming bushes. Then we had lunch hotdogs, baked beans, potato chips and watermelon. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. what a wonderful memorial day you had. my friends young son is learning mandarin. amazing isn't it?

  14. such a perfect day,

  15. Oh it looks like a relaxing day at your home.
    Yes, little ones are so advanced these days.
    It's hard looking back at the wars and those that never made it home. Very sad.

  16. What a beautiful Birthday Kitty, she is!!!!!!

    What school does she go to, to learn all of those languages? It has to be a private school.

    Our oldest will be 56 this fall. :-)))) We are both bouncing along, my Dear! But! We are still bouncing!!! :-))))))))))

  17. Those are the best of days, when you can kick back and enjoy being together. She is an adorable kitty. :)

  18. Gorgeous great granddaughter . . .
    Loved seeing some of your family . . .
    Learning language is wonderful . . .
    Babies reading . . . I don't think so . . .
    although I imagine it is possible!
    Happy you had a nice family time Mona . . .

  19. Oh, Mona...What a wonderful day you had there with family. I love that sweet little grand of yours- we have a couple of "posers" , too. lol It is amazing how fast the kids grow up. Working at the VA I have a whole new appreciation for what our freedom has cost our soldiers. We are so blessed to live in a country that is free --- but too bad it had to be paid out in blood.

    Your food sounds wonderful and so does the family time. xo Diana

  20. Wow.... Chinese and Spanish !!!
    Learning an additional language is always good and comes in handy any time.
    Like her cat ears :-)

  21. Sounds that you had a great day with your family with wonderful food. Your grand daughter looks cute in this pose.The two little ears above her head and black gloves in her hand makes her to look still more cute...

  22. Hi Mona! So glad yall had that nice day! And i am LOVING YOUR FAIRY GARDEN!!!

  23. What a gorgeous lade back day...Looks as though the sun was shining and there was peace in your house hold. I wish their world could see the peace we feel in our homes then there would be no more fighting. Your garden looks a pretty as ever.
    Big Hugs from Down Under.

  24. From this post, this was the sort of day that would be perfect for families to be getting together, relaxing, enjoying home cooked meals and especially each other's company. And, it is a day for reflecting and not many folks take time to do that.


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