Monday, March 2, 2015


If I've shown these pictures before..although I just took them recently, just remember, my memory is slowly slipping away. :)  
Old folks do this.  They visit the past more and more.  Mull things over, remember things they often would just as soon forget.
Not me.  I don't want to lose a single memory, good or bad.
It's my life.

It was in 1942 and we lived in Portland Oregon.  The war was raging.
  It's been a long time ago and my memory, as memories do, has shut out a lot of what happened..but some things I do remember. 
My baby brother had choked on a peanut..perhaps some of you remember me writing of it some time ago.  
We had come home from the doctor's office where the Doctor had told my parents that Georgie   would be fine and not to worry, they were over reacting.  When my baby brother breathed, there was a whistling that came from his chest.  But they accepted what Dr. Poacher said and took their little boy home.  He was about two and a half years old.  I was six, I think.  
I had a doll with golden curls, and she was all dressed in a long red cape of velvet with a white satin gown underneath.  She was Snow White from the Fairy Tale.  
 At the side of the house was a water faucet and later that same day when we had returned home, I was outside playing.   As I walked down the driveway, I saw a bucket of water and as I came near I saw my beautiful doll stuck head first in the bucket of water.  Georgie had found her and probably decided to wash her hair..who knows.  Just as I was pulling her out of the water her hair came off in the bucket.  I was furious with my little brother.  I looked up and saw him coming toward me..down the drive.  I think I may have yelled at him...I don't recall but suddenly he fell to his knees and couldn't get up..I ran screaming into the house and told them that Georgie had fallen and couldn't get up.
The rest I've already written about in a much earlier post, but briefly, they rushed him to the hospital where they operated to try and remove the peanut that had lodged in his little lungs.  He died on the operating room table.

My guilt for being so angry with him was terrible.  I think I have remembered it differently for a long time.  
 I didn't go to school for awhile.  They said I was too upset but looking back over the years, I think my mother needed me near.  She was never the same after that.
 None of us were.

We moved to California soon after..I think within a year.  My toys were left behind.
It's things like this that I go over in my mind when I can't sleep.  
My baby brother would be 74 years old now
How I wish I had him back.

 I've slowly replace all my childhood toys..except for the little red umbrella with the scotty dog handle.  Also a composition baby doll with black painted hair.
I search ebay..some come close..but no.  It's not her.

 I found many of the things in the pictures above at garage sales.  Even the sweet little sofa table.
 The little wick buggy is in perfect condition.  Someone loved it very much.
The wicker highchair is really different.  I've never seen one like it.  $35 at a garage sale.

That's it.  That's all I have. 
We had rain and hail and wind today.  You would have thought we had won a million dollars the way we all yelled and celebrated.  Tomorrow..(too cold and drizzly today) we are going to go out and take picture of the snow in our mountains.  
You want I should send you some....hmmmmm?  :)

I'm just teasing you!



  1. I hadn't heard that story before about your brother, Mona. (HUGS)

  2. so awful about your brother. sad memories... theres lots of things Id like to forget and a lot of things I wish I could remember!
    how sweet that youve been able to collect toys and dolls from your childhood. you have lovely dollies!
    have a nice day Mona!

  3. Oh Mona, I had not read about your little brother and this is such a tragic story of long ago. Perhaps it helps to share and for others to relate and sympathize. I so enjoy your stories and all the lovliness of your home. The dolls and their accessories are treasures. Big hugs to you darling Mona.

  4. Hi Ya Buddy - have been suffering more storms and losing power, but all back. Had 15 inches of ice taken off lower roof which built up with TWO ice dams. WOW, never had that before. We had freezing rain one storm and it broke through an edge in the snow on the roof and settled there.
    Many of us have these sad memories of family that have passed, but it is so much harder with children, especially your own. I truly enjoy your posts with all your lovely decorations and I love these photos of the babies in the beautiful carriage and high chair. You have an enchanting home - NOW, you've got to go out and buy PH an enchanting mirror and reflect like crazy to help get rid of these 10 foot snowbanks, eh. lol

  5. I have not read that post about your brother Mona. Such a sad time for you all. And even at such a young age has kept with you.... When we lose people we love so much we always go over the things we said should of said, maybe done. But it was not anyones fault just an accident that noone could be blamed for.
    I am sure he has been looking over you his big sister all these years. IT must of been terrible for your parents to bear and they probably just wanted to keep you safe and close by. I am glad you have managed to collect your childhood toys, as it was such an uphevel for you as a very young child.
    Thank you for sharing , so brave.
    Sending hugs.

  6. what a sad story. the day my little brother died, he begged me to take him shopping with me. i said no because i didn't want to drag him around with me all day.i still feel awful about not taking him and often wonder if he had been with me maybe he wouldn't have gotten in the car he was killed in.

  7. I knew your baby brother had choked on a peanut, but did not know all of the other details. That doctor was negligent and today, would most surely have been had up for malpractice...such a terribly tragic happening in your very young life, and the hardest burden and loss for your parents to have had to bear!

    I did not realise you were recreating your childhood memories of your dolls by collecting similar ones in adulthood. I do wonder why your toys were all left behind when you moved. Surely not because of the war? Toys would have been so comforting to a little girl in a new place and at a time of great hardship and

    It's so special when you share your memories and ponderings about life and everything in between, Mona! I, for one, am always a receptive and respectful listener, so share as often as you feel the need to.

    Big hug as always xox

  8. Another stunning header, Mona! And I would love to see your snowy mountain, so please do take pictures when you venture out to have a look, tomorrow!

    I never tire of seeing pictures of your home, garden, Mele, family, dolls, exciting garage sale finds, things you've been up to, meals you've enjoyed. They all contribute to the richness of your blog posts!

  9. Smiles going your way.
    Barbara xoxo

  10. Oh my goodness, that made me cry:( I know those memories are still with you of your Brother! Love all of your sweet baby dolls! Enjoy your day dear friend! I just heard on the news about your weather! HUGS!

  11. So many memories in life. I am so sorry about your brother, so sad. Your dolls are all so special and I love that buggy.

  12. We can't control all of life's good or bad outcomes. When things happen in childhood those memories can have an impact on how we live as adults. You've had a lot of tragedy in your life but you've managed to keep moving forward with happiness and hope for the future, but never forgetting the past and always having a tender heart. I'm sorry for the loss of your little brother. Hugs to you Mona today. can keep the snow in your mountains! We're getting more of our own today!

  13. Mona, Odd I should click on your blog today...talking of your loss of your little brother. I will be burying one of my little brothers this week. I think it doesn't matter how long we have always hurt to lose loved ones. I know your young heart must have hurt so badly. That's a lot of trauma for a little girl. I am sending hugs to you . Bless your heart, xoxo,Susie

  14. hugs, my Dear. such a sad, sad happening. so many years ago, but still with you.

    and such a sweet project you have been on. to replace your child hood toys.

    I don't understand why you had to leave them all behind, in the move........ ??? but... if it happened, it happened.

    more hugs to you. and to the little girl, who still lives inside you. she still lives inside all of us. and we could do well, to give her a hug, now and then.

    and lovely new Banner picture...

    hugs, Tessa~

  15. Mona so say to hear and read about your brother. I love all your beautiful dolls. Keep smiling and I am glad you got some rain. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. I love to hear the stories and memories of your life Mona. They are all so interesting even the sad ones about your sweet little brother and the monster in the closet. Your life has been amazing and you have such a wonderful family.

  17. You are blessed to be able to keep those memories....good and sad. After my daddy died when I was 9, I lost a lot of memories. They sometimes come back in a trickle, but not much. How sweet that you have replaced your dolls. Hugs!

  18. Oh how tragic! You are a strong person to have lived all the sorrows and come out on the other side.

  19. Just browsed through your blog. You have had some set backs in your life but you seem to be doing well now. I hope things keep going so.It is true we tend to enjoy our memories more as we grow older.

  20. Hi Mona! I'm so sorry and I do remember you telling us about your little brother. That must have just been awful for you and your family. I am happy for you that you've been finding replacements for all of your little toys you had to leave behind. I know that was hard too since you were just a little girl. You're a dear and I really appreciate when you just open up your heart to us. Sending a big ole upstate hug and no, you can keep your snow since we're covered in it! ;)
    Shelia :)

  21. Mona you should never blame yourself concerning your brother. What a sad story and it would be nice if you all had been able to spend your lives together but it was not to be.The doctor with the wrong diagnosis should be the one blamed.
    Your doll collection is beautiful. You have so many treasures! I could have such a good time at your house...well after coffee!

  22. Hi Mona,
    My name is Lynn Spencer. I am your swap partner in Vivian's Easter Swap!! I can't wait to get to know you better. I too have searched ebay hi and low for my favorite baby doll of all time. My Mom tried to keep her for me. She wrapped her in plastic and put her in my hope chest. Well, when I went to get her out and unwrapped her, she fell apart me my hands. I cried and cried. I also sold and gave away the rest of my baby dolls when I got married. Oh how I wish I had them all back. I have found a few of them but not all of them. my email address is
    Please email me your mailing address and tell me what you love for Spring and what do you decorate your home with for sprig.
    Have a great day!

  23. Mona, such a sad remembrance of your little brother, George. Obviously, his death left such a big impression on you then and through all these years. It's difficult to remember those sad times in our lives, but sharing it may help because we all have had similar losses of a sibling, parent, friend.

  24. I'm sorry for the sadness you went through at such a young age, Mona. I'm glad you shared this as sometimes it helps to talk about things. I love all your toys. I can see how much joy they bring you.

  25. How sad about your brother Mona. I'm so sorry. I love how you hold your memories. I do too. Some days they hurt a lot, other days it's just the good ones I recall. I am replacing my toys too. They bring a comfort which nothing else can do. Keep smiling.

  26. Mona,
    So sad about your brother.
    I loved this post, seeing all your beautiful "toys". I had a Victorian doll house built for myself at age 50 because I never got one as a child!!


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