Saturday, January 24, 2015



That's my patio up there.  WHY I think I don't have to water in Winter when it's bone beyond me.
 Right now the wind is howling out there and those huge pine cones, some of them a good 8 inches plus in length, and hard as rocks, are falling like rain.  Almost.  Sometimes when I am outside I can hear them HIT with a bang on the side walk.  The tree is huge, I think it's called a Canary Pine, and I am hoping no one gets bonked on the head when walking down the sidewalk.  If they can dent a car, think what they can do to one's head.

When they fall from such height they can do damage,   PH planted that tree when he was in his twenties and I love it.  It's beautiful.  Now and then the city comes by and butchers everything in sight.  I've had a few arguments with them.

By the way..those of you who get snow..I hate feeling jealous, but I am!
It's Springlike weather here..lovely..but we NEED Winter.

On another subject, I'm finding I'm not the only one that has to force themselves to leave the house.
I never used to be that way..but when I do finally force myself to jump into my little truck and take's wonderful!  Then I want to hit the mall (I'm kidding!  I only go in the back door on one side (Nordstrom) and on the other side of the mall..I hit Penny's if I need jeans..but I haven't done that in..ages because I can buy them right here while sitting in my comfy chair.
Yeah...I know.  Not good!

I think..I'm getting a bit too "comfy" with everything I need right at my fingertips on this computer.
Oh...and before I forget..the picture of the pine cones above was taken just moments ago!
I am back in business.
Not only that..I'm feeling better.

I missed Christmas ENTIRELY.  I took pictures but now it's to late to post any.
And my tree was SO pretty... *sniff *sniff
It's the one I ordered on line?  A Frazier Pine and it was wonderful.  Shipped from North Carolina on the 6th of December and still so fresh when we took it down that I hated to see it go.  I'll do that next year.
I used to love going out to the tree farm with the kids...etc. etc...not any more!
Hiking across those fields, feeling my eyes freeze shut, not being able to feel my feet....
Oh wait!
That's National Lampoon Christmas Vacation!!!
Busy putting up hearts now...

Time to fix dinner.
Huge hugs!!


  1. Lol, the people with snow are complaining. I love the winter and snow. I just don't like ice and slippery roads.
    We live in Evergreen Hills and have pine cones but they aren't like that.
    I wish I could send you snow. We are supposed to get a bunch tomorrow. Hugs


  2. looks like we maybe getting next week, I can only hope. Save the pine cones, you can always use them next Christmas for different things.
    Glad you back up and posting again. Don't get blown away.

  3. Great spring like weather here too, but I really don't want any snow. I had way too much of that the 18 years I lived in the mountains in Oregon. Love the pinecones, they are so pretty and the really big ones are fabulous to decorate with. Get out and about, you need that.

  4. I've missed you, my funny, dear friend! I wish I could have seen your Christmas tree. I nearly bought one of those North Carolina trees last year as ours die so quickly. Ouch...$150.00 +. We were lucky this year with a tree that lasted more than three weeks. You have to consider the heat going in our home day in and out.

    Please send me some of those huge pinecones to decorate with!!!

    And thank you for a lovely comment. Can't wait to see my granddaughter! Yes...7 is a lucky number, I'm the 5th of 7! :)

    Jane xxx

  5. Mona, we got about 7 inches of snow on Sat and wish I could send you some. It was a pretty sight to be out walking while it was still snowing. Soon, the pretty white will become dinghy gray, but more is supposedly coming next week to remedy that situation.
    Yes, I know what you mean about dear and life long friends and am so fortunate to have several in my home state on NJ and recentky in VA. We are indeed fortunate, my friend.

  6. i spent my blog today complaining about high winds and cold temps.. we have spring/cold/spring/cold.. i would like to see your tree. so post it for us. at my age i might not be here to see it next year. LOL
    i love love love your header.. so beautiful.

  7. spring is a very long way off for us, I love pine cones and I think they look good year round! I am so glad to see you back!

  8. My garage looks like your patio:) I think you should still post your Christmas tree, I would love to see it! Enjoy your day dear friend! HUGS!

  9. That's my friend, she is back. Wonderful as I love reading your blogs. I need so bad to get mine done but just so much right now I can't think.
    Barbara-Florida hugs

  10. i wish i had pinecones like those falling in my yard. i like gluing pearls on them. it's not too late to post your xmas photos! i would love to see them!

  11. It is so good seeing you post again and I am glad you are feeling your self once again. Love your new header. The sun is shinning here but it is cold in the mornings a little warmer in the afternoons. Those pinecones are huge. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Cant say I agree about the snow, I like the weather we have in San Diego and pictures like the ones Jaz shares with us do nicely when I want a winter fix. You live so close to Big Bear, you and PH should take a trip up there if they have snow.
    So glad you are back with us. I know what you mean about leaving the house. Home is my favorite place, but we need to get out and move around so we can stay young.

  13. Mona, your header is just beautiful, radiating warmth which I may need this week. We, my love, are supposed to get a Nor'easter!!!! I am elated!!!!...:)JP

  14. Mona, It is snowing right now...we are to get 3=5 inches of snow today. But the east coast is really in for some heavy stuff. I love your pine cones but would not want to be bonked by one. LOL. Hope you and your mister are in good health and enjoying life. xoxo,Susie

  15. we have another messy snow headed our way. but we got a load of groceries in, on sat. (going early in the morning, to avoid people. and I still wore my face mask)

    how super to be able to take and share pics again!!!!!!!! yesssss!!!

    and living where you do, you have outdoor things, to take pics of. here it is just snow, snow, snow. no photo ops.

    oh well....


    YOU have a "recapcha" thing, on YOUR comment area!

    so you too, are looking like you are asking people to do that "recapcha" thing, in order to comment here.

    has anyone ELSE told you?????

    if not, why do people NOT tell bloggers, such things????????

    well I am telling you!

    and I am also telling you, that if you are signed into your own blog, when you try to comment, on others..... type your comment and go right to clicking Publish.

    and you will not have to do that dreaded "recapcha" thing


  17. How fortunate you have all the pine cones you want in your own yard! I had to buy some as I couldn't find any lying around.
    We have only had a couple inches of snow so far this winter...still time for lots more before spring gets here, though.
    I ♥♥♥ National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...I can safely say it is my favorite Christmas movie.
    Have a wonderful week, Mona.

  18. Love, LOVE, the Pine Cone picture . . . Please take a picture of the tree, I'd love to see it!
    AND, never too,late for Christmas pictures. That gets a PLEASE too!

  19. You are a breath of fresh air. I love the pine cones, although not dropping on my head. I saw beautiful owls made from the a couple of moths ago. Keep a few to decorate next Christmas. It is no too late to show us a pic of your lovely Christmas tree. I would love to see it.
    Hugs Kay

  20. Mona glad to see you are back in business. Love that picture of your ferns and garden.Terribly jealous here since we have brown and dead along with cold. The little daffodils are popping thru the ground tho. Those are huge pine cones! Should be good for something.
    It's very easy to get comfy and wanting to stay home. We have the same disease but I really don't enjoy shopping...never did.
    Glad to see you and the new picture...snap away!

  21. Gosh...I wondered where you were, Mona...glad to see you back. :)

  22. So glad you're feeling good! I do a ton of stuff and most of my shopping on line these days. I hate malls...I think they breed germs! I'm indoors so much now because of my surgery, but with 6in of snow on the ground this morning, I don't mind! Love all the green on your patio and I wish I could ship the snow your way...but I would still enjoy seeing that tree. It's OK to post late..we won't judge! Ha! Have a good week Mona!

  23. We just had several inches of snow and I don't mind it one bit! I, too, think I've become a homebody. Like to go out, love coming home to the comforts of home.
    Love the pinecones.

  24. I was happy to see your blog today and with great pictures, too! I always wondered where those giant pinecones were from. I hope you post a picture of the tree they are from.
    Your patio photo made me start wishing for spring here. What gorgeous ferns and other plants. Everything is brown and winter-dead here. I am so impatient for spring, and would just as soon skip snow completely, but that is not likely to happen here in Missouri.
    I am curious what that recaptcha thing is, too. I was afraid to "x" the box. So I just hit the publish button instead.

  25. wow, i LOVE your garden. Beautiful!!

  26. You have such a beautiful spirit Mona! It shines through with all the lovely plants you are able to grow! I just admire your garden so much! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  27. OH!!!
    i had to play catch up.
    i've waited so long and then i missed your new debut!
    i'm SO glad you're back.
    what a horrific thing to happen.
    almost the feeling of being robbed. having had some stranger in your house among your things. and taking was is dear.
    but i'm not surprised that you rallied... you have that kind of spirit. you are walking sunshine.
    and your post about your friends.
    how beautiful!
    i'm so glad you're back!!! XOXO♥


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