Monday, June 30, 2014


...or I could go for a walk of course.  
I know, I know.  This is just a mess on top of my refrigerator.  
AND it is probably pretty darned dusty and probably some grease too.  Today one of my very sweet blogger freinds said she would like one of those dryer covers for the top of her refrigerator!  "WHAT??"  said I!  "Those are for ironing" ...but of course she knew that and I had already ordered a second one for the washer.
She is very smart, my friend ...and I am not...because she was way ahead of me.
"But of course!  Why not?!" said I.   So I wrote to the Etsy lady and asked her if she could make a quilted topper of deep quilted red and  trimmed in red and white check piping.  It will have the magnets and won't move.  All I will have to do is to remove the items on top of the frig and throw the topper into the washer!  No more reaching and trying to clean up there.  
I've never been able to find anything that I wanted to put up there...and I think this would be perfect.
We shall see.
I'm only five foot tall..and don't see the 6'3" grandsons certainly can and most of the men in the family. 
She said yes!  She could do it. thinking of having one to match for the top of my microwave.  
Those refrigerator magnets probably should go.  :)  Been collecting them for ages.
ALL OF THEM?  Oh, wait.  (I need to think on this.)

Then I wandered outside and started playing with the left over stones from the path out front.
This is the little area under the back rose arbor.   The gardener is going to lay these in the ground for me on Tuesday.  Since it is just off the will be a nice place to sit a table, Fairy Garden ....or ...nothing.
Still playing with them..hmmmm..this isn't as easy as I thought it would be.  It doesn't have to be perfect you know!   (she said defensively!)   I can figure this out!  No, I really can!  It's those long stones on the left that are causing all the trouble because it's certainly not me.  :)



  1. Oh you made me laugh as I am 4'11 and I cannot see the top of the frig either so in my head it is not there but My Hero notices the let us call it dust art. Will be interesting to see that cover. Hug B

  2. Put your long stones in the middle and surround them by the short stones - then, the larger stones won't look so awkward way over there on the left. Not saying do it that way, its just what I would do. ha,ha Your fridge top n photos etc looks like mine, except yours is missing a storm lantern. I clean the top of my fridge twice a year and that's it, maybe?? Have a wonderful day :)

  3. I have the same problem with the top of my fridge. What a great idea! I can't see the top either, I'm only 5'2". My husband is only 5'7" so he doesn't see it either. Unfortunately that means we both forget about it until my 6'4" brother comes over. ;)

  4. that's a good idea for the fridge. mix you long stones in with the smaller ones so they aren't all grouped together. when you put them all together, their size is noticeable. or get the gardener to break them to match the others. hot and steamy here as usual!

  5. what a fantastic idea for the top of the fridge, it is so hard to get up there to clean, i am not really balanced anymore and standing on the step stool is dangerous...

  6. Good 'dea for the fridge top . . . really!
    What is it about people and their refrigerator magnets!
    Dates me, I know!
    Wish I was there to help design with the flagstone. I love doing things like that . . .

  7. I too am only 5ft and can not see the top of my refrigerator but I know my son can when he comes over. I also have magnets of the refrigerator. Mona you and I could be sister we are so much alike. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. Why is it I throw empty ice cream containers and stuff I shouldn't on top of my fridge. I sure need a cover, it would be so much easier washing a cover than, climbing up and washing the grease and dust off.
    Love the flag stones.
    hugs Kay

  9. When I read your posts I always feel like we just had a great conversation. I love how you just post what you're thinking. It is always great.

  10. Oh that's cool that she can do it. Mine is in the wash now and all I have to do is add a pocket and pop in a magnet. I think it will be great because I do store things up there!

  11. coooooooool idea!!!

    my refrig has cabinets, over it. it is a space, just for refrig to fit into and beside. soooo, i can not put anything on top of it!!! which is a good thing, for me!!! -grin-

    oh yes, just a couple of back scratchers he made. it's best to always know where a back scratcher is, when you need one! and no one can see them. :-)

    what's the matter with the way you have the stones placed, now???


  12. I hate the top of my not fun to clean! It makes me crazy to find all kinds of weird things up there and I'm not even sure how they got there! A cover sounds like a great idea...did you blog about this before and did I miss it? Anyway, good luck with the need my sister over there to help with that..she's a genius about design!

  13. I would never have thought of a fridge topper. Great idea.

    The stones will find their correct spot. Listen to them. They do talk, you know.

  14. A fridge topper is what I need, too. I hate climbing on a chair to stand on to scrub the top. I don't know how it gets so dirty.
    Your stones would make a nice path in a flower garden!

  15. I hear you about having stuff get dirty on top of the fridge. Great idea for the cover up. Funny, I was just thinking about taking down all of my magnets today..just to clean up the area a bit. But then again, there are pictures there that I adore.

    Sending you a big HUG!!!!


  16. Fortunately my fridge fits right under a cabinet, so I don't have to worry, but a fridge topper sounds like just the ticket! I'm stopping by b/c I saw your comment on Penny's blog and I just felt like I needed to come over and give you some computer hugs!! I have visited you before, but not in awhile; I'm going to put you in my sidebar so I can keep up. (Loved the comment in your previous post about being a fairy slumlord -- too funny!) Blessings, Deborah

  17. Fantastic idea for your fridge topper - I am a shorty, too. Jane

  18. I don't have any trouble seeing the tops of anything. I would hand those big strapping boys a cloth and tell them to dust! Good idea tho but my cats would be perched up there for sure then!

  19. I used to keep my parakeet in his cage on top of my fridge. Whenever we opened the doors, it would "rain" seeds! Now that was a mess!!

    I am working on a walkway just like this. I will see how your guy does it...please take lots of pics!

    I also wanted to tell you that you inspired me with your pretty feet and silver nails...check out my last post! :)

    Jane xx


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