Wednesday, June 25, 2014


....and the older I get the more nerve I seem to be getting, thanks to all of my great blogger friends out there!  With your help, I might actually grow up one of these days!

I'm going to do this!  I am going to carry this handbag..with attitude! 
I don't have all that long to stick my neck out...and I am beginning to understand  some of the older ladies styles a sweet blogger friend sent me yesterday..or was it today?
Very interesting by the way.  VERY! :)
I am going out to lunch tomorrow with some girlfriends..and I am going to carry this bag.  It's a "Junior Drake" bag and one of my favorite brands.  

The inside is pretty grays in an interesting print.  Has all the pockets you could want.  SOFT as a baby's bottom..and I love it.  The bright yellow that shows in this photo is WRONG.  The above picture is correct.  
I'm wondering if my daughters will comment on this...they have been a lot easier on me since I stopped coloring my hair. I'm doing things like this!!!
However..I must say that daughter, Maryalice, only said of my silver sandals and silver toenails,
..."Nice Mom, very summer!" when they took PH and I out to dinner Saturday evening.  

Expecting company so I gotta run..but..tomorrow I have to show you something from my ironing board cover lady.  Remember her?  Rather it AND her?  Your going to love this!  
Knocked me out!  
I get so tickled when I find something neat!

Big hugs! 

P.S. right big toe looks a little crooked..when the heck did that happen??  I'm standing up so maybe that's it.  Maybe it's the camera angle..  (TALK about vain!) :)


  1. The purse is spectacular, Mona, but I have to say your tootsies stole the show in this post! You have the feet of a 20 year old. I could never post a picture of my dry, veined, poorly manicured toes! Okay, I exaggerate! But they don't look this good.

    Wear that toe ring proud, sister!!


  2. Love the purse...I am not afraid of vibrant colors...mine is hot pink!
    Have a great week, Mona.

  3. I love that "yeller" bag, you go girl! Hugs, Penny

  4. Good golly Miss Mona, your sure could give those fancy housewives of Beverly Hills a run for their money. Love those silver toes!!
    Cant wait to see you model your new red outfit when you get it.

  5. Dear Mona, I have a bright yellow bag, my neighbor brought back from Italy. I love the colour, except it is very large and most of the time I am rummaging around in the bottom of it. May be I will get it out when summer comes.
    Hugs Kay

  6. Yeah - you have short little toes just like me. he,he - I have a BRIGHT yellow shirt, socks and sneakers n love em. Will send you a photo just for you. Love the bag, love you n mirror man xo

  7. Good for'll look great!...:)JP

  8. Mona, You go girl. I think we should not be afraid of color. I like pops of color. That soft yellow purse is very nice. Blessings for agreat day, xoxo,Susie

  9. you wear that yellow bag girl!!! i don't even carry a purse anymore! can't wait to see the ironing board surprise.

  10. Such fun you are! Hope you have some pictures of you out and about with that yellow bag and fancy toes!

  11. Love that bright color! I bought a lime green one at a yard sale a couple of years ago! I LOVE making a fashion statement:) Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  12. hooooooray for you!!!!

    yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!

    now, please start each day, by popping into "Advanced Style" blog.

    granted, some of the outfits are a wee bit over-the-top! but a lot are simply gorgeous. and are such a pump-up for 'ladies of a certain age.' :-)))))))))

    after a week of following "Advanced Style" blog... well, all i can say is... "watch out world! mona is coming!"

    gentle hugs,

  13. Mona the bag is great but I couldn't see me carrying anything bigger than a wallet. I have finally gotten to the spot where I don't really care anymore. Your little silver ringed toesies look very fashionable. Your clothes and accessories are done like your the tee! I would be proud to go with you anywhere!

  14. I love the color of the bag and I say use it proudly!! I also love the color you have on your little piggies. Have fun!

  15. Dear Jean...I know just how you feel. Problem is..I have some years on most of you and I am going thorugh a thing where I want to do it all before I simply can't!
    I've worn those toe rings for years and years. Nearly 16. The the last minute I change back to my safe off white one!
    I am SUCH a coward!

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  17. There you go...making the rest of us look like country bumpkins! Way to rock that purse and those toes! Love it all!

  18. Love the purse Mona - you go girl. What does age have to do with it - you do what you want and feel comfortable in. If we like bright clothes then we should wear them.
    Have a terrific weekend with your new purse.

  19. Get that yellow bag out and carry it with confidence! You will look great!


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