Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I love that they are making things cute as well as of good quality and serviceable.  For instance, my new iron.
I am a closet ironer.  I love to iron.  Not sure why that is..and even though my laundry area is relegated to the garage...I still have to have cute. 
A laundry room just isn't in the cards in my life.  

Ok..I'm going overboard a bit here..but..this was love at first sight with this iron  and maybe I am trying to justify buying this little cutie.
I dropped the last one..or rather it got knocked off the ironing board and ruined the tip so that all my ironed shirts etc. had a grove in them from the bent tip.

So....this arrived in the mail today...UPS.  Love those UPS men!!   :)

Look!  little pink flowers!  Is this sweet or what?!  AND it works beautifully.  
Plus it's a pretty rose color.  
AND it irons hanging things...like drapes...you know..like that.?!   

I don't think it hurts to have an nice thick rose covered handmade ironing board cover either.   A lovely lady on Etsy, makes them and I love it.  
It's snow white..but the bad lighting makes in sort of yellowish.  DARN!!.
New Iron ....check!
New Ironing board cover....check!
A ton of clothes to press....check!
A pretty clean white laundry room with room for my sewing machine?

Ah well..some wash their clothes in creeks and don't own an iron.
I am grateful!

Love :)

p.s.  One should not take pictures at night in a garage with no flash.  The goldenish color is from the one little lightbulb.   Not thinking here.  

And...I'm joining Marty's "Inspire Me Tuesday" party..at
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  1. I LOVE TO IRON!! I could iron all day.Not too many people like it tho. Guess we are out-numbered! LOL That is a fancy new iron you got there----enjoy!! Oh I ADORE the nice old fashioned ironing board cover....i havent been able to find one in years.....they have stopped making them I guess?

  2. I don't like to iron because i have burned one cloth while ironing. We need to iron each type pf cloth in different way.
    Your iron box looks very beautiful with pink color flower!

  3. There is a no iron policy at my house. The iron is only taken out in case of a wrinkle disaster.I am glad there are those who really enjoy ironing. I never did! Nice iron and ironing board mam.

  4. I am completely opposite. I stand in wait to hang up the clothes as soon as they are dry. I actively seek clothes that need no ironing.

    In olden days I had to spend hours sprinkling Dad work clothes and ironing them.

    Remember the old cork sprinkler tops that fit in a pop bottle? I thought it was kinda wrong to dry clothes on the clothes line only to sprinkle water on them again to iron them.

    Great post.

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. I seldom iron, but I have a good iron when I do:) LOVE yours, so stylish! Enjoy your day dear Mona, sending HUGS your way!

  6. What a pretty iron! Who did you get your ironing board cover from? Having a pretty iron and lovely cover for the ironing board would make you want to iron.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  7. LOL YOU are cracking me up, girlfriend. LOL I used to be an ironer and I wanted my daughter to be an ironer too, but she would rather wear wrinkled clothes... *sigh* Guess not everyone can be perfect like we are, Mona. LOL

  8. Mona, I am ashamed...I rarely iron. I am one of those "throw it in the dryer and fluff it" people. I used to iron growing up . I ironed when I was first married. While I had children at home. I have even made them take things off to re-iron. No more. I iron things for weddings and funerals...but I usually do the dryer thing. xoxo,Susie

  9. Hi Mona, That would be you, finding the prettiest iron possible. I have never seen one anything like that in Oz. I'm sure you will love it for the first week and then if you are like me.... Ironing is not one of my favorite pass times.
    Sending Hugs Kay

  10. Another beautiful blog. Where did you order your iron from? Have a super great day,
    Barb in sunny Florida

  11. I like to iron too . . . BUT . . . I am happy I don't have to do it as much as years before. Does that make any sense at all? Speaking of irons . . . yours is very pretty and cute, my iron fell off the board, well truth be told it has fallen off a couple of times in the past months . . . not working the best anymore . . . I best get shopping.

    I didn't know UPS delivered irons . . . Smile, wink, giggle . . .

  12. ohhhhhhhh!!! even i would like to iron, if i had an adorable iron like that, and a beautiful ironing board cover too!!!!!!

    oh these are so, so, so cute!

    lucky you.

    don't fret about the photos. it's learning. next time you will do it, in lovely sunshine.

    meanwhile, your photos show how lovely you ironing "tools" are. dark or not.


  13. Your post brought back memories of watching my grandmother iron...she loved to iron! She ironed everything....sheets, underware, pillow cases....everthing! Me? like ironing?...not so much! Love your new iron...hugs, Penny

  14. Love that new iron you bought and your ironing board cover. I guess some of us older folks still iron. I know I do. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. What a sweet iron! And I love the ironing board cover. I hate to iron but if I had something so cute, I might change my mind.

  16. The cutest iron I have ever seen! Lovely ironing board cover, too. I liked your parting comments. I'll remember them when I'm down in the dungeon doing the laundry.

  17. My Mother loves to iron..I do not. My hubby wears dress shirts to his office everyday..I do not iron them...he does. He always says when my Mom comes to visit he's going to give her all the shirts I won't iron..I always iron before Mom visits! Anyway, leave it to you to find a cute iron! I really had a good chuckle over this! Love the ironing board cover too!

  18. Mona, you are just the cutest, funniest lady. I love the way you write, its just like take to you. You have a lovely family. Free spirited people are the best and have the most fun. I love your patio with all the plants and pretty colors....looks so cool and inviting even though I know where you live can get VERY HOT. Your PH looks like just the sweetest man and I think he loves you a lot. Thanks for sharing your life...

  19. Hi Doll face,
    I saw you posted and had to go see what you were sharing !!! I have to tell you Mona friend, I saw your iron and had to GO GET ME ONE !!! Actually Marydon had called me, and, I told her all the pretty posts you had shared and told her I HAD to find that iron, and, she hooked me up to the link !!! So, it is ordered actually through QVC !!! Can't wait to get it here !!! It will go perfect in my PINK laundry room !!! Fell in Love instantly with that !!! Hahahaha :D:D
    Your ironing board cover is sooo pretty too !! Looks darling together ...... much fun to iron on PRETTY !!!
    Saw the pictures of your beautiful family !!! Sooo happy you were all together, and, that Sandys family was here as well .... I know that has to be hard, but, yet, healing !! You are quite blessed sweet one !! Love seeing all your shares !!!
    Hoping your week is wonderful, your home looks gorgeous as always !! You are sooo fun, and continue to inspire lil' ole' mee !!!
    Love to you Tanza xo

  20. Mona, I love that iron! Where ever did you find that darling piece. It looks like it belongs in your home. I checked Rowenta line but did not see it. Also, checked QVC and didn't see it either. Could someone point me in that right direction.
    Love seeing all your wonderful family pictures.

  21. Ironing is the only houshold work I actually like doing :-) It's so relaxing ánd my mind cam go elsewhere. But I really don't need cute, just as long as the iron works :-)

    Have a great day!

  22. Mona, I can't honestly say that I enjoy itoning as much as you do, but then when you have such a pretty ironing board cover and very prety iron then it does not seem like such a chore...now when you DO get that nice room, you may never leave it and we wojld dearly miss you😏

  23. Connie dear, I found it on QVC. Another of my blogger friends, Tanza who's comment is just above yours, bought hers from QVC so they should still have them as she JUST bought it. One of the features that I love is that it will go off when you leave it standing for very long but all you have to do is just pick it up and start to use it and it comes right back on at the same temp! TONS of steam..love it!

  24. Connie, you don't have an email address in your profile but if you can send it to me..I will forward you the link right to the iron on QVC. I don't like to advertise on my blog..but I will always let anyone who wants information about anything I have know exactly where I got it and send a link if I bought it online. I am always so pleased when someone likes something of mine.

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  26. I seldom iron anymore but if I did, I'd LOVE a cutie-pie iron with flowers on it, too. :))
    Funny that I have a post ready that's all about my little wash/dry area....:) stay tuned.

  27. I am not a big fan of ironing but love your floral iron and ironing board:).




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