Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This is Nedra and I taken about six years ago.  Yes, I know..I was still dying my hair!

We met in high school in our Home Ec. class.  We double dated.  We graduated high school together got married within six months of one another and had our babies and raised them together. Our husbands graduated together in the same class also and  became best friends.  Being in the Marine Corp gave us a slightly different life style but we managed to never be apart for long and there was always the phone, and letters.  We never lost one another.  At one time we both ended up in the San Francisco area.  Her husband, Mick, was in the Merchant Marines at the time.
She lived on one side of the San Francisco Bay bridge and I lived in the heart of the city.  We didn't have a quarter, either of us, to get across the bridge.
Honest!  We still laugh about that.  Actually, it wasn't very funny at the time.
When we were in our very early 20's and had our first two little boy, (she was slightly ahead of me but not by far) we were home all day long, no car, no money but we had our telephones.  I remember how we would just call and talk and lay the phones down, do our house work and now and then pick up the phone and say something.  We were not alone..someone was there... someone to talk to, compare notes with.  We were both seventeen when we married.  Our birthdays are one month apart.  
Anyway...that's my Ned.  Always there.  What would I ever do without her.
Please, God, never let me find out!
I just want to say one more thing..Nedra and Mick drove from Arkansas to Georgia when my Sandy passed away last February.  They were with me through it all.  I needed them and they were there.
Back when Pat died  in 1997,  Mick did the service, Nedra spoke about Pat, the brother she never had..then they had to leave and I went into full panic mode after not hearing from them for awhile.  They had bought a new motor home and were traveling.  They were as heart broken as I was...I know...but it was frightening.. and for a time it was the three of us.  A terrible and strange time.  How could it be??  I needed them and they were there.

In time I remarried another wonderful man.  I thought I would never, ever remarry, but I did.
Again, cancer took my loved one.
When Frank, my second husband passed away, Nedra took a plane and came out immediately and stayed with me for a month.  I needed her and she was there.  
It's called friendship.  
Two of my favorite people on earth.  
God blessed me.

If I could wish something for all of you out would be to have friends like that in your life.


Garage sales?  Saturday?  You BET!
 A stack of crocheted potholders were found at an Estate Sale.  I paid $8 for an entire bag of crocheted items..the beige one you see below was one of the doilies that was included.

 A heavy nice coffee scoop that is now hanging on the wall near my coffee maker in the kitchen.
Notice the sweet little heart shaped hanger that PH bolted to the wall with a screw that does NOT ever show!  LOVE that  man!
The words on it say "INSTANT HUMAN JUST ADD...COFFEE

This was bought at a garage sale for 50 cents.  It's a nice linen table topper.  It's in perfect condition exept for a coffee stain that I hope will come out.  Wish me luck! 
Nedra took me to my first Goodwill.  I wouldn't look at a thing.  :)  I mean everything was SECOND HAND!
Heavens..this is getting long..and I am falling asleep at my computer and PH is already in bed an hour tomorrow I will show you the rest of the Estate and garage sale items I found Saturday.  It was a GOOD day.  This is just the beginning.


  1. Thanks for filing us in about Nedra. She sound the best friend a girl could have.
    Love the table topper, I will look forward to see the rest next time.
    Hugs Kay

  2. BEST friends are just that the BEST to do everything have a treasure!...:)JP

  3. ONCE AGAIN, YOU BLOW ME AWAY WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL BLOG. We have some snow here in sunny Florida, they say we made History. lol
    If I could live next to you we would be best buds as well. So, since I don't you will be my best bud all the way from California to Florida. lol
    Have a wonderful day my miles away friend.

  4. Nothing like having a friend that is ALWAYS there, even when they are miles away... still together in your hearts! Yes I have friends like that and I am SO thankful for them!

    Great finds, I love snagging some crocheted items:) You hit the jackpot!

    Enjoy your day sweet Mona, we are snowed in here in Georgia:) HUGS!

  5. Thank you for sharing a wonderful story about your friend. You're such a lucky lady and she is as well to have you! You found some beautiful doilies. I especially like your coffee spoon! Have a delightful day Mona!

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  7. I'm glad you have such a good friend. I, too, have a wonderful best friend. We've been friends for 32 years.

  8. Oh my, thrilled you have such good friends in your life! It doesn't surprise me one little bit! You are a lover of others, thank goodness there are those loving you back!

  9. Mona, what a blessing to have a life long friend like Nedra. That is incredible and how you both have stayed in touch all of these years. This says a lot about both of you....very touching! Love the pot holders....I have some similar...funny how you never find things like that anymore...treasures from the past! Love the post!

  10. What a blessing to have a BFF! You and Nedra give special meaning to the "forever" part of BFF! I can't wait to see what else you bought at the sales Hugs, Penny

  11. It is so good to have a friendship like you and Nedra have. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your garage sale finds. Have a blessed day. We are snowed in here so I will be staying indoors until the streets are drivable again. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. What would we do without good friends? We are blessed my friend. And I love those crochet pretties! Enjoy your week and your nice weather. HUGS!

  13. i wish i had a best friend like that. you are so lucky! can't wait to see everything you got! i heard you might get some rain?

  14. It is a treasure to have a friend like that.

  15. I have a friend like Nedra, we met when we were 15 and now we will both be 70 this year, one month apart. nothing like friends for sure... my mother loved to embroider like that on the table runner.

  16. Everyone should have a best friend like Nedra...great post.
    Have a wonderful week, Mona.

  17. She looks like so much fun - no wonder you love her and she loves you! A match in Heaven. Lucky you. sandie

  18. Oh dear Mona, God blessed you, didn't he? Nedra sounds like your angel too! How wonderful to have such a dear, dear friend. There's nothing like a true friend! Thanks for sharing this with us, very heartwarming post.

  19. Mona, long-time friendships such as yours and Nedras are precious and treasured. I have a couple of special friends who I can rely on for support even though they are still in NJ and we are in VA. We talk on the phone and see each other when we can. You and Nedra share a very special bond for sure and that is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your friendship with us in this post.
    Great estate sale finds and looking forward to seeing more and before we moved here, I never shopped in thrift stores as there were none where we lived in NJ. Now I have 3 closely...yeah!

  20. What a wonderful true story. Where would we be without our friends....

  21. It's so good to have you back in my life :) I want to talk with you but I'm too tired to type. I've been sick and I'm on an antibiotic. Feeling better but not 100% yet. I'll come back in a day or two.

  22. We are blessed with friends in our life Mona - My Mom had such a friend - Her name was Tommy - they lived in a house in the back of ours and Tommy n Maddie (my Mum) did some of that phone laying down and picking up too. I remember that. I was blessed to find such a friend. She was a farmers daughter and I was the city kid - how about that. We have been friends for over 50 years, so I understand exactly about your friendship with your dear Neddy. I think most people have friends such as this, so we are truly blessed. Love your coffee spoon and heart shaped hanger (another heart:) and the stack of potholders. I love that man too. he,he Cheers and hugz to you both lol


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