Friday, November 1, 2013


They are adorable at every age.  I don't have a favorite..from newborn to college and beyond.
I wish I could be here to see her grown with children of her own, but of course that won't happen.
I wonder if she will remember me.
The only memory I have of my great grandmother is when she was ill in bed..her very last days.
I cannot even bring her face to my mind and I was her first great grandchild.  And then I think of all the other grandmothers that came before and I wonder if they felt the same, wondered the same things I do.
November 1st.  Another Thanksgiving is fast approaching.  Will November pass as quickly as October did.  Is the world spinning faster?  I honestly think it is.  :)
My daughter Mary with her little niece.  I named Mary "Maryalice Lillian.  Mary was her great great grandmother's name, Alice was her  great grandmother and Lillian was her Grandma's name.
Easy for her to remember them.  At least their names. 
Well, she was, after all, my sixth child.  I was running out of names.
Now on to Thanksgiving. 
The words of a song come to mind..
"One season following another...
laden with happiness and tears"
It's been a year of tears and of joy. 

p.s.  I didn't mean to be a downer.  I should never post past midnight.  I really am good.
Honest! :) 


  1. What a gorgeous little girl. I do love her Hullo Kitty bag, and her witchy hat. I'm sure she will always remember you at her age.
    Big Hugs

  2. Mona, All witches should be so cute. I know what you are saying about being remembered. I hope all my grandchildren will remember me with love. I think as we age, we just want to be loved and remembered. take care. xoxox,Susie

  3. I think your grands would always remember your smile and kind ways - the grandmother that likes to play.

  4. A post from your heart... I love knowing what is inside you. xox

  5. November, yes here it is today but gone tomorrow it seems. Where does the time go. I was happy to see your post this morning when I opened up your blog. You can vent and share your memories with me any time of the day or night my sweet friend. Catch ya later.
    Your Florida Buddy

  6. She is beautiful and so is your daughter. Sending you big hugs this morning! Enjoy your day my friend!

  7. Beautiful ladies beginning with the head of the family!

  8. What a cute little witch. And of course she will remember you. Who would forget such a wonderful grandma.

    I think time is just whizzing by also. Can't believe another year is almost over.

  9. what a gorgeous little witch! here we go...countdown to thanksgiving! and i am making it for the shelter. so much to do between then and now i can hardly think about it.

  10. Hi Mona...I think this time of year is always a bit sad to me with the coming winter ahead. I don't know where this year has gone and yes there have been tears and laughter here too. Frankly, I am just glad it's over and we are still here!

  11. What a cute witch she is adorable. I am quite sure she will remember you when she gets grown. Yes this year has just gone by so fast they seem to do that the older you get. Have a blessed day. Madeline

    P.S. I enjoyed this post very much.

  12. Cute pics:) I think it is normal to think down the road:) I do it too! I think about when the smallest of grandchildren get to be where the oldest ones are... and on and on:) BIG HUGS coming your way sweet Mona! Enjoy today!!!

  13. Little Emily is just a little doll! She makes an adorable witch. I'm quite sure she will remember her sweet grandmother. My daughter, now 41, was just 5 when my mother passed away and she still remembers quite a bit about her.

    Have a wonderful day! And weekend, too! I can't believe it's Friday already and a new month.

  14. Oh Mona your granddaughter is beautiful and of course she will always remember her grandma. She will have lots of memories of you.
    I am sure we all have the same thoughts that you spoke of in your post. You have so many wonderful children/grandchildren and spend a lot of time with them, of course they will always remember you.
    Looks like we're in for a few days of warm or shall I say hot weather.
    Take care dear friend.

  15. Oh Mona . . . such beautiful children grands and greats you have. Thinking about, "will she remember . . ." brought some tears. Happy November dear one, I hope you are feeling better.

  16. She is such a beautiful child Mona!
    And yes, I think she will remember you.
    What you wrote though, has entered my mind many times. And I have only been a Grandma for 3 years.
    I can only remember 1 great grand-parent and just a little bit. I was about 8 when she passed away.
    It's funny what goes through our minds, but I think it is very normal.
    Hugs to you dear,

  17. *Dear Jean...
    I know I am not the only one with such son and daughter in law are the grandparents...I am just the great and fading at that!! :) I want to at least get my blog printed so that I have that to leave.
    I would have loved to have had even one letter..anything..from my grandmother or great grandmother.
    You are so right, Jean, I also am glad we are here. :) Hugs to you and thanks, always, for coming by.
    You are a sweetheart!

  18. She is precious and beautiful.

    Why don't you make her a little scrape book about her great great grandmother - bet she would treasure that.


  19. Emily is too sweet to be a bad witch, Mona, and like the others have commented, I too am sure she will always remember you. Life does pass by so quickly, but it is meant to be lived fully with sadness and happiness and you do that.


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