Monday, August 19, 2013


I think with so many nice bloggers to visit...three photo's is enough.
(I told myself this ...)
NEWS FLASH  ( was to us Westerners!)
We awoke to thunder and lightening this morning..then a heavy downpour, which left many residents without power for awhile.  By late morning, some were still without power.
It cooled our weather down considerably.

Had I known how easy it was to just ask some of you out there to send me a bit of your rain..I would have done it LONG ago!  
Thank you, you little sweethearts!

I tried ivy at first but couldn't see my Rooster and pretty fern was perfect.
Sooo wha' daya think? :)  I love it!  Nothing unusual..but still...for three dollars?? 

I also bought two big ivy's for the old wagon. 

Another view.
Now for a few pumpkins...:)  Ok..I'll wait a bit longer..but not much!!
NOT much! 
Yes, this is just the beginning... FALL is on the way..just a few more weeks....

Lest you forget how cute I am!  Love Mele~
Lotsa love,
Shoot!  I forgot to join Marty at her "Inspire Me" party" 

 Come see how inspired you will become..
A Stroll Thru Life


  1. Hi Mona! Glad you got some rain. Now if I ask 'pretty please' would you send us some? I love the fern in your Rooster urn and no, I never forget how pretty that little Mele is.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. YIPPEE . . . rain and cooler. Bet this brings a bit of cheer to the ole' household doesn't it . . .

    Love the fern in the rooster pot. Really, really do!

    And Mele is soooo cute . . . I think she is looking right at me.

  3. the fern and ivy look beautiful in that planter, they are so lush and healthy too, glad you got some rain, I love a good thunder storm as long as there is no damage,

  4. Mona, so glad you got some rain - we got none. Oh well at least it cooled your area down.
    I love the fern in the rooster planter - really looks good. The ivy looks better in the wagon. Got a small bale of straw today at Michael's so I am getting ready for my fall decorations. As soon as Labor Day is over will start decorating.
    Have a wonderful week Mona.

  5. Did Mele select those pretty ferns?

  6. Mele is pretty cute and a soft pumpkin color so should work for Fall, too! Love your plants and your planters- Glad you got some rain- we got your heat!!!! xo Diana

  7. The rooster vase (?) fits right in with the wicker. Your porch is so delightful

  8. I love the fern in the roosters pot and the ivy really suits the little wagon.....what good taste you have! We have plenty of rain here in Wales and are always ready to give some away! Joan

  9. That is the cutest little cart and English Ivy is one of my favorites...
    I am SOOO not ready for fall. Summer has flown by and didn't last NEAR long enuf. :(
    Mele (pronounced MEL..??) is so adorable.

  10. O, and yay for rain. Nothing I love more than a good thunderstorm and a downpour.

  11. Hey There little Mele - I couldn't possible forget how cute your Mele is, as much as forgetting how cute Jack is. he,he WOW your new rooster planter looks really great with the fern in it. I love the wagon too. I love your reds n greens against the white wicker - NICE You n PH have a wonderful day.

  12. oh are too cute for words! that wagon with the ivy will be perfect with some pumpkins. pumpkins make everything better!

  13. The fern and the rooster look as though they were made for each other. Love that wagon. I could live at my place when you don't want it. Haha...

  14. Love the fern in your new planter:) SO pretty! A little rain is a good THANG:) We have had LOTS of rain this Summer! I am a bit tired of it! So, perhaps it was my rain that got sent your way:) Have a blessed day sweet Mona! Say Hi to Mele for me:) HUGS!

  15. Hi Mona, Barbara here in sunny Florida. thank you for checking my blog out. I am not sure to what you are how to change the word sign in you were speaking of.How do I add your blog to my blog?

  16. Hi Mona,
    that fern was perfect for that rooster planter, it looks great, and love your lil wagon, bet it will be
    adorable with pumpkins. Can't believe it is almost Fall......
    It's great tho!! lol
    You have a very lovely family and I can tell you are a proud Mama and
    Grammy......good for you, that is how it should be.
    Enjoyed my visit,
    Thanks for sharing,
    Blessings, Nellie

  17. Your porch is so pretty! Oh I would love to dress up that pretty wagon for fall! I can't wait for fall. Yes!!!


  18. Your rooster planter looks so pretty with the fern in it and the ivy is perfect in the little wagon, but Miss Mele is the prettiest of all! Fuzzy thinks so too!

  19. Glad you got some rain - but we are still having it too!
    Love those deep cute brown eyes.

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