Monday, July 22, 2013


You are probably a lot better at this than I am..I hope so.
I hope you get out there early and have your choice of the pretty things for the coming season.
No..of course I am not rushing Summer ...not at all.  I love Summer, but I can take just a bit of it and then I am ready to move on to my favorite seasons.  Fall and Winter.. 
 Just not a hot weather person is all.
I love crows...and was pleased to find a nice country rustic one on a wreath.

Seems by the time I am ready to buy something pretty for the wreath for the front door..they are all gone..or at least the good ones are.
I prefer buying things like this from artists that make only one of a kind.  I spotted this loose and flowing wreath on ebay and I loved the way this person did her things.  Not tight little circles..but loose...natural looking.  I know this style is  not for everyone...but it is exactly what I love.

This year I am not going to be left behind and wishing I had acted quicker.
This pretty floral beauty will adorn my front door...rather our screen door.  I say "my" because PH does not care a whit what I put anywhere.  NO interest in decor at all.  I sometimes think he thinks I have a screw loose.  :)    I don't REALLY think he thinks that..but I do think he wonders about WHY on  earth I would want to decorate so much.  I even sometimes wonder...
I ...have no answer..none!


I am joining Marty's Inspire Me Tuesday party! 


  1. It's because you love your home and want everything to be beautiful, just as beautiful as you are.

    The wreath is quite lovely, and the crow adds just the correct amount of interest. Love it.

  2. i love this wreath! i was just thinking yesterday that it is about time to start decorating!

  3. It's that Nest-Keeping gene that stirs our senses, leads us to the yellows and pinks of Summer, turns us to the oranges and golds and cinnamony scents as the time for in-turning rolls around, and quickens our hearts for the red and gold and green of the Holiday Season. All of those refresh and renew, and we're the better for it.

    It's just the way the year turns, and like the tide, we turn with it.
    We gather our OWN magpie bits, feather our nests, and that's just as loving as a warm hug.

    says rachel, who has been trying to get the Summer bench onto the front porch for a month now

  4. We all have lose screws... it's a wonder we don't all squeak when we walk about. LOL

    I love wreaths with a loose design to them. The tightly bound ones remind me of someone who is completely out of step with home decor.

    Great choice, Mona, and I love the crow on it!

  5. I love you!!!

    I love it double if it gives you pleasure.

  6. I think your new wreath is wonderful. Give me a couple of weeks and I will be ready for fall. I also am not a summer person. I only survive because of ice cream and A/C.
    Oh my goodness, I am still shocked about the necklace you posted. You definetly have guests in your house. I can't even think of any way this could have happened otherwise. Take care my friend.

  7. The wreath is really great. I am already thinking about fall and are getting all my crates together for decorating. I am so ready for it to get a little cooler.
    Have a great week Mona.

  8. I love autumn! The wreath is lovely:).



  9. I love the wreath...perfect! I also love fail...winter? Well maybe not so much. I think your winter and my winter are very different! I always kid Jack that he has to be the first test tube baby because he would be happy with plain white walls and no cutesy stuff around!

  10. What a pretty wreath- I like things that are different than what you usually see. I love the free-flowing movement of this one. Hope you had a great day so far, Mona- xo Diana

  11. Love the wreath! Sometimes you have to buy a swimsuit right after Christmas, so why not a Fall wreath now:) Hugs coming your way dear Mona!

  12. Dear Mona,
    It's so much easier, when husbands don't give a fig about decor. Mine is the opposite of yours and sometimes our ideas of cool clash a weeee bit :)
    Compromise is the word.

  13. I am looking forward to favorite season. Summer is nice..just too hot to get out so much.
    I, too, like the carefree look of your wreath.
    I think most men are like your PH...not a bit interested in decor. I know that most of them DO like a pretty house, tho. :)

  14. OK, Mona, we are still in the grip of a heat wave in these parts and you already have me wishing for fall and cooler temps.

  15. I am thinking that the person who created this lovely wreath is very much a free spirit - thinking outside the box so to speak - rather like you, don't you think. Love U

  16. That is a very cute wreath. I love the crow. I'm still in summer-mode here. I usually get tired of hot summer sometime in August.

    My husband is generally pretty oblivious to décor. He just doesn't notice, unless it is something really outrageous. He considered my idea to use our old wooden paint spattered ladder as a place to do display my quilts as outrageous. He's still using it as a ladder. I just can't get him to imagine it as a quilt rack.

  17. I don't want to think about fall just yet but I do love your wreath.


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