Sunday, May 19, 2013


Tonight's dinner was SO simple.  I just sat at my desk and finished up yesterday's left over's from Irelands graduation dinner.  I was so involved with the party that I forgot to take pictures.
This might not look so great..but it was delicious.  Finger food for big people who want to read blogs and not eat their dinner in the conventional way.  What is it?  Well, it's BBQ fresh pineapple, steak, chicken, cherry tomatoes and in short ..a shish kabob off it's stick! 
The base of this California Coastal Redwood is now taking up two of those trunk protectors. 
Daughter, Erin, was here last night and looked at the trees....
...and said "Mom, you DO know that those tree's have reached the end of their alloted space..don't you??"   Of COURSE  knew!  What did she think..I was blind??
A neighbor across and down the street one house, has these same ferns in her flower bed in front.
The other day I got a shock when I noticed that she had whacked them off so that they reminded me of a boy's 1950's flat top haircut.  I mean...what in the world was she thinking and don't tell me that everyone does things differently!  It looks terrible and I will take a picture if I get a chance just to show you.  I mean..WHY???   :)  It takes all kinds I  guess.'re right!  They're her ferns!  Sheesh!!
That's it for today.  The graduation party was a success and my tiny great grandson took his very first steps in front of our home with all the family cheering him on!  Daughter took pictures...but me? Oh well, as usual I was caught up in the moment and didn't get a single picture of anything or anyone.  Have to depend on daughter for pictures...and that's PIE IN THE SKY!  (same daughter that told me my trees had "outgrown" their space!  Grrrr..I hate it when she is right!!
Can you tell I'm tired??
Nite nite!
p.s.  She also told me I gave a utube moment when I decided to ride down our driveway (it's slanted) in my husbands old desk chair that rolls!  Not at all sure what I was thinking....but worked great and I didn't have to stand on a board!!  I did however have to be rescued before I hit the street... probably saved me from breaking my hip!


  1. i'm happy to hear you all had fun at the party. those ferns were beautiful. i wonder why she felt that she had to cut them?

  2. I am laughing right now as I picture you riding down your driveway in the old desk chair. You've got to have a picture of that - someone must of took one. ha,ha First step is HUGE and great for you, that you all got to see it.
    I'm thinking that your trees "outgrowing their space", means you can only have trees a certain height where you live?? I am not really sure , or is it infringing on your other trees, etc and could smother their growth.
    The fern is really beautiful. I have seen them growing wild in the forest and also a few yards. OMG, I cannot believe it got WACKED - now that is just unfair to such a pretty fern, probably not too healthy for the plant either - a little cutting, yes; but not a flat top haircut - that really hurts the plant. Mona, you are missing out on some great photos - take that camera everywhere cause that is when you miss out on those great opportunity shots. Myself, I would have caught you on video coming down the driveway and added some captions and wild music to it - YOU could have been the next huge sensation on YOU TUBE. ha,ha
    H-m-m-m - shishkabob off a stick - I could handle that - SLURP :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Yes, huge trees, yes, why cut off the ferns and YES, I want to see pictures of you rolling down the driveway in a desk chair!

    Sounds llike a fun family day!

  4. Be nice to your hips... You're going to need them another 50 years! But, OH.... what fun that chair ride sounds like. LOL

  5. It sounds like a super fun day and I really like your dinner, looks amazing. Hugs, Marty

  6. G'morn sweet friend ~
    Love the 'tree' share ... the beauty of a child. Glad you had a fabulous celebration & the wee one's first steps you got to enjoy.

    Do you cut the ferns back to inspire new growth? Hmmmm ...

    Big hugs to you, my wonderful friend ~
    TTFN ~

  7. Sweetpea, you always make me smile, but this time, you provoked a cackle that brought OUR Sweetpea running to see what the merriment was.

    I tried to explain the mental picture of you in a desk chair, hanging on to the chair arms, feet extended (preferable in RED garden clogs like mine) as you whooped it up down the driveway.

    NOW THAT, that's a Kodak moment.

    And isn't lopping off beautiful plants a shame? Several years ago, some "tree-trimmers" came through the neighborhood, and I swear, they must have glamoured the whole population into thinking that making all the trees flat on top was the latest thing.

    The entire place (save for ours) looked like a sandbox with bitten lollipops stuck in the ground. (can trees look EMBARRASSED? I think these did).

    Thank you for the sheer MONA-ness of you.



  8. Fun weekend. Happy you had a safe landing without falling;). I lean more on the side of NOT cutting things and they get out of hand around my place. Can't wait to see pics of the first step!!! Have a blessed week dear Mona. HUGS

  9. Oh my gosh Mona - I eat the same way sometimes - now that is funny - I so understand! sandie

  10. Last week we fixed a lady's fractured hip that she broke while line dancing...never fixed one where the patient fell off a desk chair while they were riding down the driveway. You would have made some OR nurse really laugh, but I'm glad you didn't! I think my trees have also outgrown their space. But that's what I wanted them to do! You are so cute and funny...have a great week Mona!

  11. OH Mona,
    You always make me smile!
    I just got caught up with your posts.
    I love, love the red on the windows and garage door.
    I love the shutters, your beautiful plants and yard!
    You amaze me with your energy.
    And your spirit too.
    I think of you and how strong you are having gone through so much.
    Your devoted friend,
    With hugs,
    p.s. I love your humor too!!

  12. Ha ha I can just see you squealing as you went down the drive and all the family there laughing their heads off. Live dangerously Mona.

  13. What a wonderful idea...a desk chair...I can see it now. Semi-annual desk chair races with Mona leading on the track.


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