Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Started the day with a trip to the doctor.  It's a good thing I love my doctor, because I always balk at going in.  Scares me. 
Sorry, but I can't help it.  I go into panic mode, which is stupid, I know, but I just expect bad news..and
USUALLY get it! :) 
I just figure it's best to stay home and avoid trouble..but...I bit the bullet and went.
So...the day was all uphill from there!
Would you just LOOK at my first rose from those tiny little America rose bushes I planted by the arbor in the back yard right off the patio.  These roses we will be able to see the minute we step outside.  The other one we have to walk around the side...
Soooo pretty.  (just ignore the bird doo doo on the metal.  For some reason the birds LOVE to sit there and socialize..and poop!   Sheesh guys!!
And here is little pink bike in it's garden.  Really shows up beautifully..
Darned flowers in the basket died... :( 
Got all my flowers and new Irish Hope rose planted (finally!)  The poor thing was beginning to suffer.  I am SO mad at myself for taking so much time to ready the ground and get it planted.  Next time I will get the spot ready and THEN buy the blasted rose!  Another lesson learned!  For some reason, I buy plants and then let them sit around for ages before I get them into the ground.
 Have a blessed Wednesday!
Love'n hugs,


  1. what a beautiful rose! my husband goes crazy when i let things sit unplanted. as if he has never done the same thing!

  2. Hi, Glad your day went well after all. Your rose is so pretty and I'll bet the Irish Hope will do well..now that it's finally in the ground. I don't get around to planting things sometimes, too. :)

  3. Pretty Rose . . . Happy the doc visit is in the pat and that everything went well . . . Love the tiny pink bike!

  4. Happy you got the doctor visit out of the way:) I have one coming up too! Love the little pink bike! It is perfect and shows up SO pretty now! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Hope all was well at the doctor, your rose is so pretty, I just have one right now, but it does have some pretty yellow flowers. I think the little pink bike is so precious in your garden. Cute, cute, cute. Hugs, Marty

  6. Just lovely Mona. I have two box woods that need planting right about now. Better get a move on!

  7. I'm assuming the news was good at the doctor's so please enjoy your day in your beautiful garden! The pink bike looks adorable!

  8. I am assuming good news - and I am like you - I'd rather now go! But glad you did. That rose was elegant! sandie

  9. I hope you made out well at the doctor, that is a lovely rose, sad about the flowers but they can be replanted, what a beautiful yard you have

  10. The roses are a beautiful color, didn't even notice the bird poop. I do the same thing buying plants and then taking forever to get them planted. I've tried to do differently but it keeps happening. Right now I have tomato and pepper plants sitting in a tote on the patio that I bought three days ago.
    Have fun in your garden. Hugs

  11. I used to be scared of doctors before but after all surgery I've had it sort of died out :-) :-) :-)

    You're just like all people that loves their gardens, we all buy plants long before we really know where to plant them :-) :-) :-)

    Have a great day!

  12. Oh, makes me home sick for you. Your yard & gardens are so beautiful. Love, LOVE that little pink bike.

    Talk next week, Harold gets home Sat.
    Can hardly wait to see him.

    Hope all is well with the Drs. visit.
    Love you, Mona
    TTFN ~

  13. Well I don't feel so bad now that other bloggers do the same thing as me. I get so mad at myself for not planting RIGHT AWAY. By the time I get home I am out of breath and have to go and sit down = then it becomes tomorrow - then tomorrow. However I did plant three tomato plants, cuke
    and egg plant today. Filled one pot with flowers and had to stop of course
    Lowes had a sale two hanging baskets for $10.00 and I had to buy them. No roses though. Your pink rose is really very pretty.

  14. Your pink rose is beautiful. I can't wait to see how your new rose will look when it blooms. I am bad about planting things in a timely manner also. I didn't get my tulips, crocus, hyacinth bulbs in the ground last fall until January. I am also bad for buying seeds and not planting them. I ran across some seeds the other day that I had bought and not planted. They were for the season of 1986. Guess I should clean out my cabinets a little more often, at least once a decade.
    The little pink bike is adorable.

  15. Up here we call it "WCS" - White Coat Syndrome - when visiting the Doctor. Love your pink rose and the bicycle does look lovely and really stands out in your garden. Have been busy tearing back deck apart and building supplies arrived late yesterday and raining today so deck is just frame - using front door if you stop by :)

  16. I am exactly the same about going to the doctor! Good for you that you overcame your usual dread and went. Hope you were pronounced fit as a fiddle 😘
    Love Des xx

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  19. Not many folks look forward to a doctor visit, so you are not alone, Mona. Hope all went well. Lovely blooms and cute bicycle.


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