Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Everyone should have one! 
On Sunday we joined my next to youngest daughter and her family at Dana Point, not far from where we live.  It's a really beautiuful area.  It's the channel where all the boats and other sailing devices come in and out of the harbor.  Lovely.
We just sat and gazed out at the water.  As you can see by the jackets, it was a bit cool.  Not cold, just cool enough to wear something cozy.  You can also see by my wild hair that the breeze was up much of the time. 
SOME people take issue with their picture being taken!  Sheesh!
Oh wait!  He was looking at my hair!!  lol
 ..and the boats drifted by..

 ..and daughter Mary began to dream of owning her own boat...and would we all be willing to go out on it with them? Of course we all agree we would!
(I agreed as long they stayed close enough to shore so I could float there if need be.  Then I began to wonder about sharks!  I am NOT one to be up close and personal with water!  I just like to listen to it run and look at it.

 We ate big Subway sandwiches, chips of all kinds, cold drink all brought by my grandson's and their wives.  The cupcakes were made by my daughter, Maryalice!
(who, by the way was very camera shy because she didn't look her best!  Well...heavens! Who does when at the sea shore! 
At the last moment when we were loading into the cars, I managed to grab a quick shot of my two grandsons and their wives (and  their  mother.  The wives are sisters.) and little great granddaughter Emily!  Got that?  It's complicated.  Two first cousins married two sisters. yep! :)
 Adam, on the left is Emily's daddy and Cristina next to him is the Mommy.  Uncle Alex is holding Emily.  Alex's wife Natalia and their mother are standing to the left of them.
I am SO proud.
Taking pictures when on an outing is where I fall WAY short.  I am always caught up in the moment.
I ate TWO of those cupcakes, by the way!
A very nice Sunday afternoon!
Luv'n hugs,


  1. what a beautiful area! and what a fun gathering. you have so many people in your family. there are just the 4 of us and that is it. no other relatives.

  2. Gorgeous area Mona!
    And your look gorgeous too.
    What a neat family you have.
    BTW, I want that cupcake...oh my.
    Hugs dear,

  3. A beautiful relaxing day with family. Perfect. I love the photo of the two of you and especially of PH.

  4. Beautiful pictures and it sounds like a wonderful day! LOVE the picture of the sailboat, that is worthy of framing:) My family, 1st cousins married brothers! My oldest Sister, Barbara and 1st Cousin Lois Married brothers:) Happened in my family too! SO, I understood perfectly! Have a blessed and beautiful day dear Mona, HUGS!

  5. Now that looks like and sounds like a very, very pleasant day. Such a lovely family you have . . . and it seems you are enjoying many together times . . .

    (I love your hair, color, a bit of curl, wave and blowing in the wind too . . .)

  6. This is just the kind of post you love to read and look at photos. A down to earth day, filled with those you love about you and a wonderful view. Your daughter is so fortunate to live around such beauty. I think that's a great photo of you and Ph all smilin' n relaxed, with light wind wrestling with your hair :) I'll take two cupcakes please.

  7. That day looks like pure Heaven to me. :)

  8. I'd love a day at the beach. It looks like you had a perfect one and those cupcakes look perfect too.

  9. You are one gorgeous lady my friend, what a beautiful family you have. Looks like a letter perfect day.
    fondly ~lynne~

  10. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, sounds like a lovely afternoon - beautiful snaps. dear, you look lovely with your hair blowing in the wind.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Oh such a fun time with family and I love to see the ships too. Those cupcakes look so yummy, I would have eaten two too. Hugs, Marty

  12. Just seeing your pic makes me want to be there with you ... such wonderful moments to treasure.

    Love the water, too, but only as close as a dog could paddle ... no ocean for me. Such lovely captures & a beautiful setting to sit & enjoy.

    Hi, Howard!!

    I always forget the pics as too busy enjoying everyone, also.

    Hope all is going well ... Harold sends his best wants to know how the blog is going ... any problems, he says CALL. :)

    Miss you ~
    TTFN ~

  13. Mona, what a beautiful day you had with your family. Dana Point is so pretty. Looks like you had a really nice day there. Your pictures are really very professional looking.
    Have a great weekend - guess it's going to be HOT.

  14. What a perfectly lovely couple you are!! And perfectly matched in every way, I can tell.

    An afternoon at the water's edge is my idea of a wonderful time, I miss our night-time treks to sit on the dunes and watch the neon waves come in.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed that cake and "mine," as well. Who wouldn't? Chocolate glory.

    Hope all your holiday was so perfect.


  15. IT is beautiful there I have been to Dana Point. And I love your pink tulip nails and good for you to eat two! They looked great. Sandie

  16. i had to strain my brain, but I did get who was whom and who went with whom... a wonderful post about your family... i don't do boats for the same reason as yours.

  17. Lovely post about your lovely family, Mona...and YOU do not look anywhere near your age! Look at that perfect neck...not a crinkle in sight!

    I am going to be dreaming of Maryalice's cupcakes all weekend! It's just not fair we cannot bite into them ourselves!

    Big hug, Des xx

  18. So glad you like the new paint in the Master bathroom. No, this is not the one that I showed all the inspiration for, that is for the hall bath. I still need to do that. Repainting the master bath made me realize how badly the hall bath needs to be painted and a facelift. Now to just figure out what and get going. Hugs, marty

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  20. I thought for sure I posted a comment when I read this earlier..guess I didn't! I love that pic of you with your hubby! You look beautiful! What a great day and that cupcake is something else! I think you're family is also beautiful and I'm glad you were able to enjoy a special day with everyone!

  21. What a wonderful gathering in such a peaceful place.

    Don't tell Mona but I think she becomes more beautiful every day.

  22. What a beautiful and happy day! And your great grand daughter is adorable! Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  23. What a lovely family you have. So glad you had such a nice afternoon.
    That cupcake....oh, my, it looks sooo good.
    My mother and her sister married brothers....:))

  24. Fabulous photos, Mona! Love your hair all natural in the breeze. What a keeper of a photo of the two of you.

  25. Dear Mona, your hair looked perfect for a day at the beach, windblown as it should be. Thanks for sharing your family photos and oh my that wonderful cupcake too.

  26. What a lovely day! It was really nice to see you guys!

  27. Wonderful afternoon! We always enjoy every moment with you and Howard. Kisses and hugs, Grandma Mona!


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