Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My yard and patio keep me calm and centered, whatever that means.  All I know is that I can snip away for a couple of hours at a time...nap a bit in the swing and back at it.  It helps.  The Fairies don't mind a few tears.  Not at all.  They love it when I come to the garden ...alone.  :)  They told me so.
My little wheelbarrow Fairy Garden is always a work in progress.  It was left on it's own through the winter..so now I am working to bring it back.  It gets prettier all the time.
I planted tiny little succulents last year..they made it through our mild Winter.  The stone is real, not faux.
 Many of you have seen my old wheelbarrow.  No, I didn't paint it.  I liked the chippy look.  I found it in a womans front yard full of regular dirt and a few Geraniums.  I asked if it was for sale...she said "no" and I said.."are you sure??  Yep...bless her heart. 
Here is an all over view...the sun was a bit bright..
Tiny pots, watering can and stepping stone.  The gravel..needs a bit of work...
Tiny moss pots with seperate liners are favorites of mine..I actually planted tiny starter plants in them..and they are doing nicely!   I see things are spreading as the Spring takes hold.
 This is the side yard.  It's hard to see, but there is a tiny Fairy sitting on a bench..

 A log is good, just in case a tiny critter comes along.
 Sorry this is out of focus...*sigh*
She really is a pretty Fairy..
The little stone path winds around from the arbor to the side yard where the birdbath is.
Poor kitty needs some fresh moss.  I'll get to it.
Coming attractions?
A bridge
Perhaps new Fairies
Tiny bike
itty table and chairs..
fresh moss..although it is beginning to come back..I am just so impatient!!!
I am looking for just the right vines to train over the arbor. 
The bridge has been picked out..finally and I am so excited. 
Here is the issue.  I am SO afraid of overdoing  with the "items"  I don't like the structured look.
I like it to look natural and if I am not careful, it's easy to add WAY too much. 
I have seen that happen in other gardens. 
Pictures of Marydon, Tanza and I tomorrow.  :):)
(no..I mean it this time!)  I just look...FAT in all of the pictures...YUK!
( I am ...keeping busy)


  1. I love your Fairy garden...I think you have the makings of a story about that place! So many cute things. I love the Fairy just sitting on her bench, hiding from the world unless you take the time to really see her! I'm glad you're letting your garden help you cope and hopefully find peace. Have a good week Mona.

  2. This is such a sweet creation. Can't wait to see what else you do! I know it will be fun.

  3. Hi My friend,
    Gosh, just checking out some favorites, and you POPPED up !! Ooohhh I LOVE your fairy garden .. it looks BEAUTIFUL !! Your yellow cart is marvelous !! It looks just as I remember it !! Still think of you and your pretty cottage often. So happy you are keeping busy and playing in the dirt. Such wonderful therapy .. sunshine on our face is always refreshing in itself ..

    I pray for you everyday, and wish for a comfort and peace within your heart. Keep in touch, and will come back to see "our" pictures .. we had such a fun time together. Love you dear friend ..
    Hugs ~Tanza~ xo

  4. I love this idea! I am going to have to design a fairy garden

  5. I imagine the REAL fairies come to play when you're not looking along with The Borrowers.

    Very beautiful.

  6. It'a ao beautiful, Mona! So many interesting & pretty things to discover!


  7. The chippy wheelbarrow is perfect as it is! And your fairy garden is just precious, I love the stone...well all of it!

    I love that you are out in your garden playing...wish I was, too! Soon I hope! :)


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  9. i am so happy to see you back at it! sandy would want this! your fairy garden is so wonderful. maybe start another one? do you follow bee have acres on my sidebar? she is making a fairy garden this year! you might want to see it.

  10. Your garden is wonderful Mona! I love little fairy gardens. Making one is definitely on my list of things to do.

  11. Oh Mona, I have been away for a bit and just catching up. My heart goes out to you and your family. Stay strong and find peace where you can.
    Your little fairy garden is a joy to behold and I hope it brings some sunshine to each of your days.
    Hugs, Pam

  12. I am so glad you have your fairy garden - I thinks it';s beautiful and I think you need it and it needs you. Gorgeous. Peace be with you. Can't wait until the pictures! sandie

  13. I like the natural , some what mixed and tangled look of the Fairy Garden. It holds some mystery. I look forward to watching the growth and changes. I hope the tending in the gardens gives you time and a place for tears and memories.

  14. So cute! I love a fairy garden! Life to the full! Melissa

  15. I love that. How do you let the wheelbarrow drain? I have an old one, mine is rusty and I love it. I don't seem to be able to get things to grow in it. This looks wonderful. A new beginning this year so I have to find some new plants for it. So far I have not had any luck growing things in it. Following you............

  16. The details in your fairy garden make it very special. I have been wanting to make one for myself for the past couple of years. Maybe this is the year. The wheelbarrow you found is so perfect for it and it is just the right height for easy gardening and seeing the cute details.
    Best wishes,
    Susie @ Persimmon Moon Cottage

  17. on, it is Spring and your little fairy garden is blooming beautifully. I think it almost looks better than last year. I'm sure the fairies would love it.
    Let the sun shine on your beautiful soul.
    Love you heaps

  18. Mona, I simply adore your fairy garden. You are a girl after my own heart! I am still keeping you in my prayers. Ai good to see you smile.

  19. I remember you beginning the fairy garden and all you added to it. It looks like spring has a nice new growth and some bit of cutting, trimming and of course adding the new little things. Looks really nice Mona. I love your little garden and also your front porch - a magical place indeed. Thinking about you. Lilly

  20. So so sweet...so glad you are "coming back" a little thru your garden, your postings and visits to other blogs. I am so glad....


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