Monday, February 4, 2013


On Saturday, for the first time in a weeks, we went to a couple of garage sales.  The weather has been a balmy near 80 degree's every day and garage sales are scarce at this time of year.  Sometimes there are Estate sales but of course those are more expensive, however it's always fun when you are really looking for no certain item..but just brousing.
This nice sturdy basket turned up...and a really good basket is wonderful to find.
Estate sales used to bother me..and ..still do but
I would like to know that someone is treasuring the things I collected and enjoyed. 
I really liked this basket.  Nice, sturdy and can be used for so many things.  I will take good care of it.
Last year my daughter Sandy brought me a beautiful pot of Hydrangia's.  I planted them but they didn't survive..however these lovely Valentine liners were around the pot so I used ithem in the basket and piled in the sweet little pillows made by Becky @ Sweet Cottage Dreams.
She does beautiful work..and she is a beautiful person!
Pretty pillows?  Priceless! 
The basket, as I said, can be used for lots of things..
A pretty plate with roses in my favorite shade of green...
  The is an ornate S on the back with a crown sitting on top and "Germany" printed across it.
A large lovely doily.  Crocheting takes time and work.  I know because I have made them in the past.
$2.00  Really?  For all that work?
Total thrifty shopping? 
Another short but fun treasure hunt.  As I said, I know garage sales are less expensive but I am giving someone's treasures a good and loving home. 
Beside's, my daughter's will be thrilled. 
AND...I got out of the house! :):)
I am joining Marty @ A STROLL THU LIFE.  She always gives the best parties!


  1. Happy 4th of February Mona,
    Your basket and beautiful egg plate (that is what it looks like to me) are a wonderful find.
    I love to go to estate sells. My husband and I laugh and say when we die, we would love to set on a cloud and see who buys our things...we would be excited like you, that it was going to a good home.
    hugs and prayers

  2. What a feast for the eyes is that beautiful basket now it is filled with beautiful red cushions. It looks so delightful. I adore the little green plate. It is good that you went out and did something that you love.

  3. Your basket now has a new life! I love the little red pillows. How nice that you can find garage sales this time of year!

    My husband found our 90 year old china at an estate sale. The daughter told him that her mother would be thrilled to know that the china went on to live with a big happy family and enjoyed the way they had enjoyed it. It made my heart swell!

    Thanks so much for your sweet emails, Mona! You make my day!


  4. I liked what "Simply Debbie" said about sitting on a cloud and seeing who buys their things. I think I would like to do that too, except I shall pass on most of my values to my family way before that. You did indeed find a treasure in the plate and basket and it didn't take long to spruce that basket up with Mona's Love :)

  5. Oh how I love getting out and finding some treasures! Love the basket and those pillows are PRECIOUS! Hope you have a wonderful day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  6. Oh how fun and your treasures are all lovely. The basket looks wonderful with your pretty hearts and yes the crochet is sooooooooo much work. Great finds. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. That was a surprise when I saw that you lived in Riverside. I visit your blog all the time and never noticed that before. I too am in Riverside, just off Grand Ave. Nice to "meet" you!

  8. Mona - I LOVE that beautiful basket. And for $3. You got some great steals there. Love, sandie

  9. Great such thing as garage sales here in Winter! I also feel bad at estate sales, but I really feel bad at auctions. When my in-laws passed we had an auction and it made me almost ill to see people going through their things...things I remember them using and enjoying. I like how you said that you were giving those items a good home. I'll remember that in the future!

  10. Great finds. I love the little pillows in the basket. So cute! Hugs, Karie

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  12. I always enjoy your treasure hunts Mona. The basket is beautiful. So are all the other things. We don't have many garage sales over here in England, but we have loads of charity shops so I often go hunting.

  13. I love that big basket and the little pillows are just perfect! I love doilies, too and all of the pretty things you found. I love to go to thrift of these days I might go to an estate sale, too! Looks like fun!

  14. Hi, sorry to be missing in action lately...we are up to our necks in moving...I've never in my life worked so hard...just pitiful as to all the STUFF I have collected over the years. My sweet little daughter is sooo proud I am culling and getting rid of this STUFF...:)
    Now, she won't have to do it when I pass on.

    Praying for all of you...
    xo bj

  15. thanks for stopping by my blog
    i love that little kisses pillow!


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