Friday, June 1, 2012


My tiny  little kitty finally arrived today. 
 See tiny yellow kitty?  She is all curled up on a moss filled flower pot. 

I tried and tried to get a good photo of her..but being the GREAT photographer I am..
this is about the best I could do! 

And then...FINALLY....not bad!  :) 

For pity sakes, you would think this kitty was alive and difficult to photograph.  But finally...what do you think?  I think for a little one inch kitty..she is wonderful.  I was surprised.  I was not quite as thrilled with the Fairies.  ( NOT tell them that...ok?)

So... is my little arbor.. (a wee blurry.) 

Ahhhh ...this is better.  Yes!  I really am happy with the way it is coming along..bit by bit.

Ok..'nuff of this!  (LOVE the sunshine on the kitty!)

Your've NO idea how much they mean to me!

The photo yesterday was NOT the one from the post before.  It was the first one taken while I begged them to wait just a second while I got my cookie swallowed.  I have a lump in my jaw all can't see that???  I look like the Godfather for pete's sake!!


  1. Good Morning, Sweetpea!!

    I'm just looking my eyes full and my heart full of your dear little Fairy Dell---it's truly a labor of love.

    What a wonderful BRIGHT to wake to each day, hurrying out to see what everyone's been up to, and how the flowers have grown.

    I'll watch and love it from afar, and I thank you for such a charming, welcoming place of peace and repose and magical fun.


  2. you know mona, you really should submit these photos of the fairy garden to a magazine. it is too perfect for words.

  3. Love it! It's been a labor of love, I can tell. I loved the last post of all the food! I'm always taking pics of what we eat..crazy! It's too bad your family has you spooked but I think your blog really is fun and very harmless..I'm not sure why the objections? Oh well, I always say: "One day you'll be my age"...let's see how they handle it!

  4. You know one of the things I enjoy about you Mona - it doesn't even bother you to post your blurry photos - ooops, and then the next one is better. You are just too adorable and so is your kitty and I love the arbour. Its all just too precious. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your ever growing "Fairy Garden". Is it complete now?.........and whatever will you start next. I love your posts. Have a great day :)

  5. Looks like it was very sunny outside when you took the photo. Did you set your camera to the sunny setting? Also, you may get a better photo early morning or early evening when the sun is not so harsh... just a photography hint for you. :-)) Love the tiny kitty though, a nice touch to your garden, Mona.

  6. Yes, Mona, I saw the tell tale "cookie" in your cheek but it just made the picture all that sweeter.

    The kitty is precious. Are you becoming a miniaturist? Ah, welcome to my world.

    Hugs ♥

  7. I am loving your fairy garden. I wait to see each addition. The kitty is the perfect size and color for that spot. What are you adding next?

  8. Oh dear Mona, your little kitty and that sweet arbor are just the icing on that fairytale cake! I love your sweet tiny fairyland! You should submit it to a magazine or something, it is just too precious! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  9. Love♥Love♥Love your fairy garden and kitty!!

  10. Hi Mona, I hope you are feeling better today. Kids can really be a pest sometimes but remind them who the Parent really is, lol. Could I add you to my blog? Mine is


  11. That teeny tiny wee little kitty, is perfect. The arbour looks just the right size. What a picture that fairy land is.
    Wow this is a good post, No food or family in sight...

  12. Oh, Mona- I want my Fairy Garden to be just as luscious as yours! Yours is just perfect. I need my own to fill in a bit. I had to laugh about the cat because my oldest gd made me take my cat out because she swore fairies hated cats. lol

    I think I need an arbor now that I have seen yours- Yep- pretty sure I do. I love how lush your whole garden is- it is just perfect- xo Diana

  13. I love your fairy garden! It looks like so much fun to tend to! The arbor looks great and I love the wee little kitty.
    Have a nice weekend!

  14. Hi Mona! Oh, you have a fairy garden. How sweet and I love your new kitty. You're doing a beautiful job with your new camera too.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  15. Hi dear lady...

    Awww...your little yellow kitty is soooo adorable! I love it! Ohhh my...every time I come by and see your precious fairy makes me want one! I just know that you're having sooo much fun! Thanks for sharing it with's definitely SWEET!!!

    Just wanted to tell you that I read your last post, dear friend! Just doing a little catching up. Girl, I just love your blog...your sincerity...I just love YOU! Please stay exactly as you are and don't change a thing about you or your blog!

    Hope you're having a wonderfully sweet weekend, Sweetie!

    Love ya,

  16. I was looking for a live kitty! We had a yellow cat that stayed in the farm shop all the time, named Buttermilk. Ever since I moved back to the farm, I've been looking for a Buttermilk, jr. Maybe I should ask the fairies for one like yours? LOL

  17. Hi darling, love your fairy garden.. you are a bit of a stinker....can't wait to see the wee bit of "green".
    hugs ~lynne~

  18. wHAT A cute kitty...cute fairy garden.
    I should do that....why do I say that? I can't keep up with my house, yard, washing, cooking....whew....I need a nap...or a glass of wine. :)

  19. The kitty is adorable...I love fairies as you anything little and cute I'm with you...Happy Sunday my dear...with love Janice

  20. OMG that is so wonderful Mona and it keeps getting better and better!
    Darling, just darling!
    Hey, when you get a chance come see my bear!

  21. Wow Mona, What a wonderful little fairy garden. It is absolutely dreamy. I could shrink right down and move in.

  22. I envy you your patience in creating that pretty fairy garden!

  23. I love your little kitty. This weekend I visited my best friend and watched her two cats nap in the sun.

  24. I absolutely love your fairy garden. It is really coming to life! The arbor, the kitty, the fairies... they are all magical among the flowers and moss.

  25. I love your miniature world. The cat and the fairies look great.

    Sure beats my cow's painted pelvic bone hanging on my entry gate, my chainsaw carved scarecrow's head and the skull on the rock wall of my house.

    Our styles are different but I know, dear Mona, we would both love to sit and visit in either of our gardens.



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