Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Just a bit of lace...

I have fun playing with this old swing of mine.  I cover and recover it.

I've wrapped in in quilts...decked it out in plaid and checks...

Add crochet to the bottom..sometimes fabric...and of course it started out in  a dark hunter green.

Recently I covered the top, for winter, with an old quilt..made it cozy..big pillows and afghans..
 but, Summer is here and I love the look of the delicate floaty lace..

I think my poor patio changes daily.  The plants at the back of the swing..and the old gate had to just let the back curtains drop and ran the side curtains over the top.  Made a new slip cover and washed the crocheted tablecloth..and lined the underside of the cushiions. 

Wonder how long this will last.  ?? :)

I am thinking of doing the canapy back to matching the cushions..but...we'll see.
Keeping busy..occupied.  Great therapy, isn't it?  :)

Those of you who know Desiree of Driftwood Ramblings and even those of you who don't, she has something to say that I found very thought might want to peek in on her.
One of the dearest people I have ever met while blogging..

I want to thank all of you for your concern.  Life is happening to all of us...and sometimes other things take presidence over blogging..or we just get tired..

As much fun as it is, blogging can become very demanding...and we all need to step back and take a deep breath.  I've often wondered about the attraction that blogging has...
I know those of us that blog are people lovers and lovers of life, of family and feel things very passionately. 
I am fine.  Not to worry.  My heartfelt thanks to those of you who care so much. 
I am just slowing down a bit ...on blogging.  One day at a time...:)


  1. I smiled at your decorating, changing your swing area, changing it to this and that. My hubby nicknamed me "Putz" because I am always changing things, putzin with this and that. I was back at it yesterday, changing some indoor succulents into differents pots, arrangements. I do the same in my outdoor gardens . . . Changing things up, I call it.

    So with things on your mind, needing time away from blogging, doing things with family . . . I understand . . . . Go play and "putz" . . . good for the soul . . .

  2. What great ideas you share with us. Thanks for your up-lifting days.

    Click here: One Crafty Lady

  3. Love your swing all frilly! It is welcoming to all who enter your sweet patio! I blog almost every day but it is my daily journal! I take small breaks here and there, but find myself missing all of you:) Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  4. Great swing to sit and ponder the happenings in life! Thanks for sharing all that you feel you can. We are always here to see what you have to share!

  5. You certainly do keep us enchanted with your ever changing patio, furniture and plants. It is a joy to see it all come together.
    We all take a break Mona, I couldn't ever imagine doing anymore that I do on posting and what I do do, isn't that much, however some of my research and putting things together does take a fair amount of time. Here in the Maritimes, summer is short, so even I might disappear for a bit to get out and enjoy it and resume in the fall. I never think about getting that next post out, it just kinda comes when I have the time.
    On the other hand, I have to say I missed reading your adventures and perhaps you might cut back but we know eventually there will be an adventure or two somewhere around the corner.
    I enjoy reading your posts and if you take a break, then my mailbox will will take a break too and anticipate a future adventure from Wsprsweetly Of Cottages :) Take Care :)

  6. Your swing seat is fit for a Queen. Even when things are tough you are still pottering. Looks wonderful.
    Hugs Kay

  7. I understand. Blogging does take a lot of dedication and I can't seem to get around to all.

    Love your swing!!!

  8. Your swing looks wonderful! Great place to just sit and ponder and rock!

  9. Love what you did with the swing girl friend..Now you need to just sit and enjoy it and life my dear friend..
    We have talked many times about blogging and I for one can't keep up any more..I have a very real life with real problems to tend to and to give my full time to..It's be so great for me to unplug this past month and rethink..Im's getting to old Mona to try keep it all going..I do so love my friends I have met blogging you being one of them..
    Anyhow you know my thoughts on all of this..May you have a peaceful and great week..Hugs and love Gloria

  10. hi mona! i love what you did to the old swing! hope you all are hanging in there and all is going good!

  11. I want to curl up on your swing, surrounded by the canopy of lace and drink tea, read a book, take a nap, rock until my heart's content...
    How extraordinarily beautiful you made the mundane.

  12. Hi Mona. Girl I love this new lacy look for your swing. Very pretty.

  13. So glad you are back, Mona. Trip is postponed as hubby is leaving early on business trip. Durnnit!!

    Love the swing, you have done a beautiful job with your touches of pretties to dress her up.

    Did you se our Tanza is back blogging? YAY!

    Have a wonderful day, my friend
    TTFN ~

  14. Mona- I am glad that you are okay. Blogging does take a bit of time, doesn't it? I do mine mostly at night after the day is tucked safely away....or early morning before the day starts.

    I love your swing and all the "looks" you give it. It is just a sweet thing- xo Diana

  15. How different you can make something look, Mona, and all the looks are wonderfully comforting. We enjoy blogging and the people we met and things we learn both on reading others blogs and in posting on our own. But everyone should do what feels best for them, and take a break as needed...hopefully to come back.

  16. Mona, glad you are back and hope the family crisis is over. Blogging can be fun I would think but also a real guilt trip if you could not blog for a while. Whatever and whenever you write I always enjoy it.

  17. I forgot to say I love your porch and it's ever changing swing! I like that!

  18. Wonderful house! I can't wait to be there again!

  19. Your swing looks so lovely. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  20. Just stopping by to say hello and let you know that I am still thinking of all of you. sandie

  21. I think your porch is very special because you put so much of yourself into those projects. It looks really pretty and I bet you enjoy it alot. Take the time off and know we'll still be around when you can get back to blogging. I think blogging is meant to be fun..but when it gets too much it's time for some stepping back. Have a great weekend!

  22. It looks great, it's also nice that you can change it around when you get tired of things...makes you feel better...Happy Weekend Janice

  23. It looks so beautiful Mona! Your patio just thrills me!
    So sorry about the family crisis. I am worried now, praying and thinking of you my dear friend.
    So many of us are here for you,
    Big Hugs and lot's of love sent your way,

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  25. Dear Mona,
    I hope your family is ok...I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    We also are taking one day at a time. I see things so differently now since my sisters passing.
    Thank you Mona for your sweet comments on my kitchen, you are so dear! The handles on the kitchen island are from Lowes and I spray painted them red...
    Have a sweet day and sending you big hugs, Elizabeth

  26. Take care, Mona.... Family comes first. :-) Thinking of you.

  27. That is a beautiful swing. You did an amzing job of making it so pretty!


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