Thursday, June 7, 2012

~SEARS HOMES FOR SALE....the old days..~

Some years ago I worked in an acute hospital..and came across an very old Sears Catalog.
The very "wish book" that used to come to our home every year when I was a child.  Something we waited for, watched for.  
But this catalog was something I wish I had saved...Oh, how I wish I had saved it, had homes in it.

Price's began as low as $400.  This one was $1294 to 1906 complete!

This one sold for $2978... prices were probably a lot for the times.. but certainly nothing compared to what eventually happened. 
"Entire homes would arrive by railroad, from pre cut lumber to carved staircases, down to the nails and varnish.  Families picked out their houses according to their needs and tastes and pocketbooks.
Sears provided all the materials and instructions, and for many years the financing, for homeowners to build their own houses.  Sears homes stand today as living monuments to the fine, enduring, and solid quality of Sears craftmanship."

Now..would you believe that when I moved to our town..there were A few Sears houses along our main street.  1972.  One day as I was driving by, I was shocked to see them bulldozing them to make way for a strip mall..AND a Bank of America!  Arrrggg...
I pulled over and watched..I could see the beautiful old rose covered walls..winding staircases..and I felt like crying.  They were still beautiful..but in the way of progress.  Tree's were cleared and the yards dug up. ..and soon stores were built..stop lights put in.  A huge shopping mall and's different.  So different.  The small town look is almost gone completely. 

In 1962 my husband bought this little home (not that tiny any more) for $11,000.  Can you imagine?
We were still a little sane back then.  He can't even remember when he paid it off it's been so long ago..  Smart man, my husband.  I've tried to contribute by having my son-in-law put in curbing, patio, walkway..and there's more to come. 
 Soon there will be a stone walkway right there between the Crape Myrtle  and the flower bed and it will run from the edge of the driveway the full length of the home and around the corner to the back gate...

The front porch has become such a cozy place to gather.  This yesterday morning three of us gathered and visited to  WAY too long ..but it was fun!  So nice.. such a beautiful morning.

Behind that gate is stacked the stones for the walkway...  Oh..can you say "HI!" to the gardener??  heh heh..:)  Yep..that's Patient Husband in his gardening hat.
  It's our home sweet home.  Almost a cottage.  It's a cottage wannabe.

Bye now... and hugs,


  1. What are you talking about Mona, it IS A COTTAGE. Not wanabee.....
    It is the most perfect little cottage any one could wish for.
    Do you ever get people pinching things in the front of your house. I would worry that those beautiful chairs might go walking, if I put them in the front of my home.
    hugs Kay

  2. Yes, this is a pretty and charming cottage, just perfect for you! The flowers, the porch...oh sigh! It has so much personality, it's you, Mona!

    Jane (The night owl)

  3. Good Morning Mona -
    Yes, I do remember the Sears Catalog and we actually had a "Sears" and still do. My Mum would receive the catalog and then it was our dream book, our wish book and our Christmas Book. Mum would say, "Go through the book carefully and look at every item and print your name above the one Santa might bring". I can even remember writing my letter to Santa and even telling him which page it was on, so his elves wouldn't miss it. For a while as a LITTLE kid, I thought the Sears Catalog came from Santa's workshop and Sears was an outlet for Santa's workshop, for we mailed our letters to Santa there. Little did I know that my Mum's friend that worked in the office made sure Mum got the letters back and then she would go work for Sears as Christmas Staff and had already laid the gifts for her children away. Instead of being paid, her salary went towards Christmas. Imagine trying to do that today?
    I think the houses are beautiful and would have felt the same way as you. I felt the same way when our local train station was torn down for a hockey rink. The Station had massive marble walls, columns and floors and was sooooo beautiful and although I enjoy hockey, I have never fully appreciated the ugly arena. I guess its called PROGRESS - whatever is in peoples minds, eh - to make a buck.
    I love your sweet cottage - its as perfect as your Fairy garden and Home. The porch is just full of your personality, in fact, your whole property boasts of it. Seeing PH out there mowing reminds me of a chore today, cause we DO NOT WORK ON WEEKENDS. Must take PJ for her early morning walk, sun is up and its already getting warm - nice change from past 5 days of rain and extremely high winds. Have a great day. Sending a warm greeting from Atlantic Canada - Lilly :)

  4. i loved those sears catalogs when i was a kid. i think they taught me how to covet! sears homes have become quite expensive these days in our area. i can't wait to see your new walk! your place is darling and you sure can see the love you put in it.

  5. You have a very beautiful home.

    The world has lost many beauties in the name of progress.

  6. Wouldn't it be nice to own one of those original Sears houses? I'll bet they were totally cute on the inside too. I too loved and waited for the Sears catalog to come each spring and fall and also the Christmas toy issue. What fun it was to sit and look at all the surprises on those pages and dream.

    Your house is totally a cottage. Love your porch and the warmth it exudes through your photos, Mona.

    How is the new camera working for you? Have you read a little bit of the manual?

  7. BEautiful home! I love the porch, I loving sitting on the porch and chatting with a good friend or a patient husband:) Have a blessed day my friend, thanks for sharing the Sears Home history! HUGS!

  8. I love your home, Mona. It is just so pretty with all your flowers and I love the porch. It is not how much HOUSE a person has as it is what they do with it to make it a home. We still have a few of those Sears homes in this area.

    I soooo remember waiting for that Sears catalog to come. I had so many dreams of things I wanted -it was my escape from a farm in the mountains. xo Diana

  9. Friends of mine lived in a Sears home. It really increased in value while they lived there. It was a house that you would adore...painted barn red with white trim. A real cottage with a cottage garden at the front door, with a white picket fence. Such a cozy little house for a very cute couple.
    Your home is so pretty with all your things. Enjoy!

  10. I still see some of these homes. Such classics. Such a shame to tear down for another banks. Why do we need so many banks.
    Your cottage is so the porch. What are those beautiful pink flowers?
    SO nice to have your home paid off. We are close. It's no palace for sure but it is home.

  11. Your porch does scream, "Come and sit for a long, long while." It would be hard to leave. And as I thought about those well made, sturdy 'Sears' houses, I bet a lot of people who live in McMansions, would love a small cottage home right about now. Less to clean, maintain, pay taxes on, cool, heat, furnish... yep, a cottage sounds lovely.

  12. We used to visit in a town with one of those---it was right down the street from my Daddy's folks, and the teeny-tiny lady who lived there was so small (about my height when I was maybe ten), that when they said her husband had "ordered" the house for her, I thought that you could buy them in all sizes for anybody.

    I imagined that it was dainty and wee inside, with little stairs and all the rooms and furniture made just for her. The kitchen must have been teacup-sink and doll-stove, in my mind, and it took on a Fairy-Tale aura over the years, even when I was a teenager.

    And Your Home---it has a wonderful history of love and caring and care, and it's plain that you two DID order it---with your Hearts.


  13. Hi Mona! That's a bittersweet story about the little Sears kit home. We have a blogger who lives in one and I think that's the name of her blog. Well your home is so pretty and charming. Love your front porch and your flowers are so beautiful! Can't wait to see your walk - it'll look wonderful.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  14. Mona, it seems we are all in agreement about the warmth and coziness of the home you and Howard have worked on together. He certainly did get quite a bargain all those years ago. How lovely everything looks . . . When can we come and share that porch?

  15. You have a beautiful home! I love cottages with porches. Wish I had a covered porch. And I remember the
    Sears catalogs...I miss them!

  16. I remember seeing those houses for sale before - isn't that interesting?

    And hey - your home is your beautiful cottage,


  17. It's a beautiful cottage! Yours. How nice to have a sweet gardener. Hope that he doesn't make the man of the house too jealous. ;>

    My sister once owned a Sears Kit home much like the first one you pictured. She loved it because our great-grandfather had one built and it reminded her of that one. They did have many similar features inside and out. Love a sweet bungalow...

  18. I loved the sears catalog when I was a fetus! I loved it when my own kiddos were little. I would go through it and order Christmas gifts before Oct. (a discount was given if you did that)...That's when it was easy to give them gifts..anything made them happy! I'd love to tour a sears home. How cool to just order the house. Yep, those prices were great and sadly many homes today are heading back in that direction..sad for the seller, happy day for the buyer. Have a good weekend in your adorable "cottage" pretty and relaxing on that porch!

  19. I just told someone that I was going to go back to spray paint. Thanks for your suggestions. The old toy high chair that I spray painted looks alot better than these two pieces. Wonderif I can spray paint over these. I may try it. Thanks my dear.

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