Saturday, May 5, 2012


On a day to day basis  I don't think there is much that makes one suddenly sit up straight and feel the blood run from their face!  Something in my brain screamed "OH NO!  This CANNOT happen!" ..but it had! 
I could not sign on to...anything!  No Internet Explorer, no AOL, no Google Chrome, no ANYTHING! 
I could see three years..or something like that, gone! Lost!  All my cyber life..gone!!

Thank heavens for phones..that worked!

What a hopeless feeling.  Of course after trying all sorts of things like calling AOL, calling our provider and  I called on Patient Husband for advice.  He said, "just wait until tomorrow and I'll think of something." 
Had the man gone MAD?!  I had no computer!  I couldn't blog, I couldn't read my email, I couldn't do...anything!  And it was only 5pm!  I wanted help and I wanted it NOW! 
To make a LONG story short, we finely bought a program from our provider that fixes computers.  It would cost $49.00 for a one time fix or 15.00 per month for a year.. After that, who knows!
I bought it!!
It took four hours on the seemed fixed for a few hours and then BLAM, it crashed once again.
The following morning I was up very early calling the provider and signing up for the service.
It still took two MORE days but ...I am was back on line... down again, another day gone..and finally by late Thursday, it had finally been they say...fixed. 
We'll see! :)

So for nearly five days I was without my computer.  Intermittent service.  It seems alright now but I am insecure.  A bright spot?  Roses for our little red mailbox.  I found these today at my favorite thrift store!

Would you believe I've had this same plant for...about 8 or 9 years??  It has struggled..and at times I've thought it dead..but then a little spark of life and back it comes.  Now that's love!  It wants to stay with me I think.  :)

Here is another sweet little pale pink Geranium that I love.  I thought it was dead just began to bloom and grow once again.  Bless it's little heart!

So...the point is that I've been able to get around to visit a bit here and there but I could not stay online long enough to post...I am sooooo far behind in just everything.
And of course, in the meantime, life is happening. 

But... I have some cute things to show you.  Well, at least to me... :)

At a garge sale I spied these little dutch shoes in one of my favorite colors..
And...they matched my newly painted patio table EXACTLY!  I am not usually a fan of "Dutch shoes" but..
:):):)  Price was three dollars..but..I WANTED THEM!  Someone else was looking over my shoulder..just waiting for me to put them down..I didn't haggle! 
Won't they be cute with maybe a delicate little plant in each one ...just sitting there ...on my patio table.  Excuse me.  OUR patio table! 

I made up for it at the next this was on Friday..which is not our usual garage sale day..but..when you go for a ride..and there are stop.  Right?
25 cents!!  It's lovely!  The green is the reflection of the plant on my table.  It has numbers engraved on the back.  Looks like by hand...and Los someone's handwriting.

Then I found these little Gerber spoons.  NO idea why I buy these when I run across them..
Well...actually I do.  There will always be babies being born in my family.  A little Great Grandson is due July 4th and he will need something to eat with!  (after a fashion of course..)

I have more I will show you later..  What a neat day today was..and after a stressful was so nice..
More later...I have to spend Sunday catching up on visits to y'all.  If you don't see me...give me a hollar and I'll hop over quick as a bunny..  :)

Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday!


  1. Isn't it frightening how dependent how much we depend on modern technology? I'm glad you're back online - keeping my cyber fingers crossed for you!

    And where, oh where, did you find those pale pink geraniums? I've been looking for months! They are just the perfect color, aren't they? I'm so glad they're not dead!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Mona! Oh boy, I am sure you were stressed out! But happy to read further that your week ended on a good note. Look to nature for those little blessings that God gives to us. Oh, and those Dutch shoes are adorable! Great little find that will be perfect with a little plant, or even a succulent.


  3. I hate when things like that happens! I'm glad they were able to help You and that it stays stable now!

    Up here where geraniums would die during winter we usually keep them in a cold place without water through the winter. In spring we bring them out again and giving just a drop of water and lots of light and they come back to us again :-) Amazing isn't it!

    Have a great day!

  4. i hate computer problems! it is so frustrating!!! great finds! glad you are feeling better.

  5. How, OH! how did we manage before we could communicate with all our friends, locally and over seas. I think I would rather do with out my telli than my computer. I feel your frustration.
    Have a better week.

  6. Those little Dutch shoes are so sweet. I would have found it difficult to walk away from them. The color is what I love about them the most.

    So glad your computer is working. Our internet slows a bit on rainy or stormy days, but that's pretty normal for most people to have that problem.

  7. I am glad you got your computer fixed. It is amazing, isn't it, how much it becomes a part of our everyday life?

    Love all your little finds-especially those green Dutch shoes. How cute are those!!!

    I hope you have a blessed Sunday and no more computer problems. xo Diana

  8. I feel your pain..I do everything on my computer and when it's not running right I panic too. I have a great computer guy that comes to the house and takes care of it. Also I tell everyone that even thinks of sitting here...don't mess with it..don't download anything on it...just watch out or YaYa will raise her voice..well, not really, but I do get nervous! Hope this week is good. Your finds are great. The little shoes are could put little votive candles in there and then they would match your feet...always running and smoking for a bargain!

  9. I agree that computer problems can be a nightmare. I don't think I'd be able to go back to life before comeputers and be happy about it. We have become so used to being able to go on line and visit with our friends via the internet and when something happens to prevent us from doing so it's very disturbing. On a brighter note, the Dutch shoes are adorable and I do love that shade of green. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Glad you could save the computer.

    I must learn how to back up my blog incase this happens to me.

    What great treasures you find.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  11. I am sooooooooooooooo glad that you got it fixed and you are up running. I didn't even know a program like that existed!

    Love your finds!


  12. Glad you are back. I have had my share of internet and computer issues. It's annoying.
    Love the Gerber spoons. When my kids were born you could send in for one free. I tried to save them but eventually the garabage disposal ate them. Have a good Sunday.

  13. It wants to stay with me I think. :)

    Now, Sweetpea, who/what wouldn't?

    Hope your glitches have flown away on their BRRRRR-ooms!


  14. Know how you felt Mona, as I've been having frequent crashes on my computer as well. Although my internet security software is the best out there, some evil "things" can creep in via other means. Over the weekend, I was running scan after scan to find the problem; crossed fingers, it seems to have worked... but don't tell anyone for fear it'll be jinxed!1

  15. Whew darlin' that was sure a close one for sure!!! I'm so happy your up and goin' again'...explains your absence.

    Poor girl, I'm sure it all rocked your world, I know it would mine!

    Oh your pretties look marvelous on your table sweetie! Looks like a pic right outta a magazine.

    God bless ya beautiful Mona and have a magnificent day void of any computer glitches!!! :o)

  16. Nice to have you back Mona. I do a backup of all my posts - you can buy a 500 gb of backup space device at any store and they are fairly cheap. I couldn't imagine losing all my posts, photos, etc,etc so I back it all up on my little "CLICKFREE" device. There are many kinds to choose from. You might invest in one. Just plug it into your computer and the computer backs up everything and does all the work for you. I usually back up my stuff, depending on how much I write, etc.
    Great bargains girlie and again I am amazed with all your lovely colours and life with plants.
    Please do drop by my blog, when you have had time to catch up from your lost hours. Missed hearing from you. Take care and have a great evening.

  17. Oh so glad to see you back online and all is fixed. I love your new treasures, and the silver is unreal. How pretty is that. Just wanted to let you know I gave you a shout out on my TTT post. Go take a look. Hugs,Marty

  18. Hi Again - I had meant to tell you the reason I did not have my email showing was because of all those terrible people that crawl the blogs in search of such addresses and then you start getting SPAM n lots of it in mailbox. The spammers actually do search for addresses and steal them. So, having said that, leave as many and as much "words, thoughts, comments," etc, on my blog as you want. I do appreciate your taking the time to send me a separate email, however, I do not mind you just picking on any of my posts to leave a note either. Thanks and hope you remember to start backing up your computer. Great safeguard cause ya know "sheet" happens, right!

  19. O my...when my computer goes haywire, I just about panic, too.
    So glad you got yours fixed.
    I love your "finds"...cutest little Dutch shoes. I can just see them with little succulents in them.
    xo bj

  20. Everyone loved your silver display, so pretty. I graduated in 56 from Grossmont. I should be in the 54 annual. Under Longino. Hugs, Marty

  21. Hello dear Mona,
    What a love finds. I am so envious looking at your treasures. Cheap but absolutely fabulous.

    Everything has a meaning, isn't it?

    Great job. Hope you have a blessed.

    HAppy TTT,

  22. Mona, eek no computer and no connection...gone, all gone...but happily back again. Some nice bargains to look at too!


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