Thursday, May 31, 2012


I had a wonderful time seeing my baby brother and sister.  We had not been together for years so Sunday was a fantastic day for me.
I had other photo's but my children do not approve of my I can no long post anything about them.
I am not sure they really even understand blogging, or have ever done it...but no matter.  It isn't worth the fight.  This is a very public caution is the word.

~just a reminder that you can click on any of my photo's and make them larger...~
This is a photo of  (left to and my baby brother and sister taken on Sunday when they were leaving. 
  I carried them both on my hip once.  My brother traveled three thousand miles to see his family again and my sis..just a couple hours away..but it was the first time we had been together in many years.  I have another brother in Texas and would have loved it if he could have  been with us. 
So, tell me, am I the only one whose family does not want anything posted about them?
Am I now the child and my children trying to take on the role of parenting me??
Perhaps I should be grateful that they care enough to do so. 
To my blogger friends...YOU are the greatest!  Without your approval and kind words I wouldn't even try to do this.  To me, blogging is such a wonderful way to express yourself, talk about what bugs you or what gives you joy.  It's a very blue day for me....

P.S.   And I don't do facebook except to answer if spoken to..and would you believe I got into trouble there also.  Yep.  I managed to do that.  I answered what I thought was a private  email and it went to facebook and was public!  NO more even answering comments on facebook.  Nothing! Zip!  I left once. Time to leave again.  I don't know how that whole system works so best to distance myself from it.  *sigh*


  1. Oh I do understand, seems like my children are beginning to parent me once in a while. Really funny since I don't think I am that old yet. I love your post and I love seeing pics of your family, they are so precious to you and helps us all to get to know you better. Hopefully they will get used to the idea and lighten up a little. So glad you got to visit with your brother and sister. Such a precious treat. Hugs, Marty

  2. I am so sorry. Trust me, you aren't the only one. When I first started my one son said not to post any pictures of his kids. He said because they are always with me. The others just have this look when I mention it. Well I didn't post any pictures of the two but then went ahead and posted. I try not to use their real names. I am careful about posting of my son.....same last name of course but since his work is sometimes undercover.
    It really hurts when your own kids dissapprove. I don't think they get it at all. It's alot better than FaceBook. We are a caring community not a bunch of stalkers. (((((HUGS))))

  3. Sorry to say this, but your children are weird. I blog, my grown daughter blogs, my sister blogs... Your children need to just grow up and realize that it's a very open world now and that really nothing is private. You have NEVER said anything about your children that you should not have... they just need to stop trying to control you and let go a bit... Christ almighty.

    Not sure why people try to make your life difficult and take away what you enjoy doing... so, don't post about them. Who needs blog fodder from controlling GROWN children anyway!!

    You can always count on me to say it like it is, Mona.

  4. Frankly, my dear ... Let them all go in one ear & out the other. Maybe try getting a life of their own? You are a delight, totally enjoyable & sweet as pie. It is great fun sharing about our family/lives together. Friendships are borne from this venue, forever to enjoy.
    Waggle that index finger at them & tell them you are just fine & don't need a 'sitter' ... chuckle!

    Love the pics of your brother & sister with you. I know you enjoyed this dearly.

    Have a delightful day ~
    TTFN ~

  5. touchy area, huh? the blog tech never minds being on the blog but my daughter hates it. so i respect their wishes. my blog is my deal and not theirs. who knows how to handle all this new to us oldsters technology! i don't go near facebook. i am way too private for that. i hope no one gets mad at you!

  6. Mona - I do so much enjoy reading your stories and tidbits about your garden and the photos are just lovely. Once a story is out there, it is out there to stay, whether it is facebook, blogger or any other public used place to comment, tell stories, display photos, etc. I can understand parents not wanting photos of their kids on anything public because of the sick puppies that do exist no matter where you go. I love having met you and reading about your family and the differences in your life and mine. However, if some of your family, etc say "NO" to having anything published about them, just respect their wish and continue blogging about the ones that don't mind. Keep it up Kiddo, contributing to BloggyLand, cause you are a breath of fresh air to this little olde Atlantic Canadian.

  7. Hi darling, I'm so sorry they disapprove of you sharing your kind and loving thoughts. To share them on your blog was and is out of pride of them being your children. Hopefully they will come around,or if they haven't maybe they need to. See what it's truly all about. They should be very proud of their mother and they way she writes. You are one beautiful person and a source of inspiration to all of us here in blogland. Gotta tell you when I started my blog my daughter didn't understand it, she certainly didn't approve of me putting pictures of the grandson on it, so I followed her wishes and didn't, nor did they go on FB.. now.... guess who's doing a blog, You got it my daughter and she shares pictures of the grandson. I'm so glad she's finally seen the light, it's our way of sharing bits and pieces of our lives. My daughter knows that it's my entertainment, I'm pretty well locked into our home and the yard, she's thrilled I've made so many friends with people. Mona darling I pray your children will do the same.
    Your sister and you are both beautiful women and your brother is so handsome. What a beautiful family, I'm so glad you got a chance to get together... hugs ~lynne~

  8. Mona, you are not on your own. I don't write anything about family, except I have once or twice did write a little bit. If I take photo's of the kids, I have to make sure their heads are chopped off. Urrrr....
    Like you I took myself off face book once, then went back on. I don't put any family stuff on there either.
    Oh well they have the right to do what they think is right. I don't stress about it too much. We love your blogs, so you can bring a little joy to us.

  9. I love you blog, I also have a blog, it is Kids today are something else. You do as you feel as tomorrow may never come. Keep blogging, I look everyday at your blog and love it. BarbaraD

  10. I so understand where you are coming from. I took the wrath from a family member for posting about my relationship with her side of the family. In the end, I felt like we weren't family at all. My son wants to be no part of my blog. He's just very private, so I sneak in a few pics once in awhile but don't mention him much.

    I feel like my kids try to babysit me all the time. I am 52 but 90 in their eyes! They are always telling me what I should and shouldn't do. Like I haven't been where they are!!

    I see the family resemblance. I have 6 siblings...families can be difficult.


  11. Mona,I've never posted before because I'm not very good at technology - but I'm learning :);however, I read your blog faithfully. I am probably about the age of some of your children and have grown children of my own. Your writing is so beautiful and honest - I can never wait to see the next post. You are so creative and resourseful and you have created a lovely home. I recently joined Facebook and wonder why I resisted it for so long. I've been able to stay in touch with so many friends I rarely see. I used to be concerned about privacy, but I agree with what another commenter said - I think anyone can find anything out they really want to. I haven't seen anything you've posted that would be hurtful to anyone. We have to respect our children's wishes though (as they should do for us). Keep being yourself - you seem like a friend to me. :)

  12. Hi Mona,
    Well, I just don't know what to say that others haven's said already. The younger generation doesn't seem to have a problem with Facebook, Twitter etc.
    I have a problem with showing cars with license plates showing... houses with address numbers showing and other things that could be checked up on by some unsavory person.
    When I started blogging, I was afraid to use my real I used my husband's nick name for me. It stuck and now I almost think of myself as Balisha.I see it here and he calls me that, so I guess it's sort of my name now.
    I guess that I would honor their request and just keep them out of my posts.
    I love your the way.
    Balisha :)

  13. Hi Mona, enjoyed seeing the photo of you and your siblings. Like you, I also do not "do" Facebook and don't tweet either...isn't that for birds to do anyway? As for family reactions, we haven't received any negative feedback for posting some photos, but for the longest time did not. The you for family member do the FB thing and post far more photos than we ever do. I enjoy the intimacy of blogging and try to be selective in those I read. Yours, dear Mona, is always such a delight and so honest. Please do continue to do what you so obviously enjoy and do not let the opinions of others, even if family, deter you from your joy.

  14. What a lovely family. You all look great and happy! My kids don't get it either- Everyone is CODE NAME so no real names appear in my blog. I have one son and dil that I don't post about because she is federal agent and we have to be extra careful. That is why we are not on FB,too. There are so many scary things in the world today and maybe, if my own kids were smaller, I would have a different view on it. I do try to never post anything TOO personal-just the fun highlights of our life. My daughters all do FB so they are a little freer about me blogging.

    Mona, if you no other reason, just do it for yourself. Guess what? Eventually they will come around to some degree...and even if they don't it is YOU we want to know better.

    Blessings to you-xo Diana

  15. This is very sad my dear friend..Maybe I'm lucky that no one in my family ever takes the time to even read my blog I could be talking about sex,drugs and rockin roll and they wouldn't even know ha ha!!
    Girl I love ya and you just BLOG on you rock Mona..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria
    ps.Mona I think all my kids are older than yours

  16. My kiddos haven't said "no" to my blog and they do allow me to post pics. So far we've had no problems and I've been blogging for 5yrs. When I read what some (my kids included) post on FB I have to laugh that anyone would object to our blogs. I do understand the concer of pics of little must be careful so I would honor their wishes, but your blog is mostly about your garden and home..very sweet, fun and entertaining. I quit FB because of the stuff I was reading and the fact that my blog keeps me busy enough. So keep posting and keep showing us little tidbits of "Mona"..we love you!

  17. I am so sorry your children disapproves but just like you said, they probably just do not understand and they will soon get used to the idea. I am glad you are blogging. I think it is an outlet for us and it is wonderful to meet so many nice people with the same interest.How wonderful for you to meet up with yur brother and sister. I can imagine the fun you have had. You all look lovely..Christine

  18. Nunya! That's what I say, None of your's your blog. Write what you want. Just like tv shows, they have the freedom not to watch. If they don't like it, don't read it...and leave you alone!!! Last I heard it's still a free country.

    Now if you were posting their schedule of when they were not home, showing naked baby pictures and giving out their home address, I could see a problem. Otherwise, I would say, Grow up! They should be proud that you want to include them and that you know how to use a computer and do all the wonderful things you do instead of just sitting in a rocking chair!!

  19. Dearest Friend,

    Did your kids always listen to you? Now it's your turn to get back at them. Giggle.

    me ♥

  20. I don't do Facebook although the whole dang stinkin' family is on there.

    I'll just hang out in Blogland~~~thank you very much! Heeehehehehe!

    Not to say there are no weirdos...I've ran up against a couple...but the joys and wonderful folks outweigh anything I've come against.

    I've got me big girl panties on and can handle myself! :o)

    Have a beautifully blessed day beautiful friend of mine!!!

  21. Oh, Mona. Bless your heart. I know how you must feel. Once I replied to a Facebook message, not realizing it went to everyone the original message had been sent to. Oops. I learned my lesson from that. My daughter hasn't asked me not to post pictures of my grandchildren, but she did make her own blog private. So did my niece, so maybe they know something I don't know. They both don't post many pictures of their kids on Facebook any more either. It's a tough call. I'm just sorry that your kids made you sad. Guess what? I have the opposite problem. My 84 year old Dad bought a tablet and wants to read my blog - AND I was complaining about him on it. Oops. That will teach me, won't it? hehehe Hang in there. I enjoy your blog.

  22. O, dear. There is nothing worse than upsetting your children. I am so sorry they don;t like you blogging. I've never seen too much personal stuff on there so I'm still not sure why they aren't liking it. Do they know how sad they have made you?
    When my grands were little, I didn't show their faces...then, they all got FaceBook and have a ton of photos on there. So, it's ok for me to post my family photos.
    I don't talk about deep dark secrets...I keep my blog fairly light. I post about things that are generally in my everyday, housekeeping, nesting...that sort of thing.
    Just hang in there and keep on doing what you like to do.


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