Friday, March 2, 2012


I  want to thank those of you who wrote and made such sweet and kind comments about my post on Patrick's birthday. 
I would like to add that though I speak of Pat, remember him from time to time on my blog, that blogging, to me at least, is what I love best in life.  It includes my past, what made me who I am today, my children and my home and of course my beloved pets.

When I write of Patrick, it does not take away anything from my precious husband that makes my life  today so wonderful.  We talk of the spouses we have lost.  We remember them and neither of us would ever take any offense at all when our loved ones that shared so much of our lives, who were the ones who gave us our precious children,  are mentioned. 
We know that each of us has a great capacity to love. 

My husband and his children and grands go each year on the anniversay of his wife's death, to the cemetary and then to lunch together.  No, I don't go.  That is their time together to remember. 
My family does not do that..but our arrangements were different. 

The reason I am writing this is just to make certain no one would ever think I was disrespecting my wonderful marriage to my husband. 
We know we have loved before and we are very complete and secure in our love and life with one another now.
So..thank you.  Thank you for understanding. 
Blogs are such personal things and all are different. 
Mine pretty much keeps time with my heart.

Love and hugs,


  1. What a lovely post! I see it as, you have been blessed to have been so dearly loved twice!

  2. You are the sweetest ever. No respect even crossed my mind, just a sweet precious loving memory of your love. How blessed he is to have you to carry his heart, Mona.

    I hope you will pop by to help us bring 'angel love' for a young girl who is sick.

    Thank you.
    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~

  3. It is obvious how much you love your husband. So wonderful that you have each other. xo

  4. You didn't have to say that...we knew!!! Your heart is big enough for all the loves in your life and for us, too. Thank you.

  5. The wonderful thing about life is our huge capacity to love and be loved. You are so lucky to have found 2 wonderful men who have shared your life and your love. Don't ever apologize for that! I think it's wonderful that you aren't alone and either is your hubby. Enjoy and live life to the fullest. There is always more space in our hearts to fill and I think you are a sweetie. You really didn't need to explain except it did give you that great opportunity to praise that great guy you are married to!

  6. It's important to remember our past! I'm so glad you have such a wonderful hubby now, too...that understands and loves you! What a blessing! Enjoy your weekend! Find some treasures! ♥

  7. I too have been lucky (or smart?) twice in my life..I would never think to not speak of the first...that is what makes the second so special!

  8. You are a good lady and I love that you are able to express yourself so well. I like to hear about your life...all of it! Your past is just as precious as your present!


  9. No explanation was needed for such a warm loving person like you.
    Your precious one will always be precious.

  10. Awwww...this is precious! It is obvious the love you have for each other!

  11. So sweetly said,it touched My heart.Denise

  12. I would have never thought you were less loving to your dear husband. I sounds like you've had the love of two wonderful men....and that's a beautiful and precious blessing. I know that your heart holds great love for them both.

  13. Mona, how fortunate to have loved and been loved by both Patrick and Howard and I am sure that both shared the same feelings for you. We do have the capacity to love many people in our lives and to be loved in return is a treasure.

  14. Dearest Mona, my sweet friend,
    One of the most wonderful things God has given us is HUGE hearts to fill with so so many different kinds of love.
    I never, for one second, thought you disrespected your Precious. Your love for him jumps off the pages of your blog. Different kinds of love for different stages of life...GOD is so good to send this love our way. Pat was your first love but thank goodness, not your last.
    I love you and love being friends with you and my heart is full tonight...:))
    xoxo bj

  15. Never even crossed my mind - your hear is big enough to love a lot of people! And I loved that song - I used to play it for Andy. sandie

  16. You are a lovely woman and have a heart full of love.

  17. It would be wrong if those we love were forgotten when they are gone. It is obvious you have had two wonderful love stories. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  18. Mona, such a lovely post that shows how much you love and how much you are loved. Nothing better in the whole world. Hugs, Marty

  19. Miss Mona...I totally understood your >>~~~<3 my friend. No need to explain to me. I think the simple fact you've loved so deeply in your life speaks volumes. My Mr. AGPMan and I have talked extensively over the years about remarriage as one of us will surely pass away first. I've told my beautiful husband to find love again if I ever leave him alone this side of heaven...just not to forget me. He has said the same.

    Knowing how much you loved Patrick...your first love...warms my heart and reaffirms my belief that even YOUNG LOVE and Marriage can work.

    Bless you sweet friend. Love you~Rebecca

  20. Such a beautifully written explanation that was not necessary. I am sure we all understood perfectly.

  21. Hi Mona,
    Your post about Patrick is really wonderful!
    I love you and your blog because you wear your heart on your sleeve and I can feel it!
    Hugs and thanks for your concern about Adi.
    When I get back home I will e-mail you.

  22. No, dear tears on my head from someone being unkind.
    I've received so many emails telling me of troubles and strife in their lives..what to do to get better attitudes and so forth.....:) These emails prompted me to do this sunlight and shadow post.

  23. So beautifully are blessed to have had the years you did with Patrick and equally blessed now to have your sweet and patient husband in your life and heart. There can be no problem or disrespect of writing sometimes about the one who held your heart, shared your life and your family for so many years. After all, you didn't stop loving him....God called him to higher service and he had to leave. It's not a personal choice. I have just discovered your lovely blog and I love how you say it is such a personal thing and that it keeps time with your heart. Yes, it does! Hugs from Cape Town, South Africa xx


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