Saturday, February 11, 2012


The girls brought me these for the coffee table.  I love the ruffled pot. *sigh*  I am sooo spoiled! :)

I found this in my favorite shop in the alley  for just $12.00!  I love it.
It hangs in my dining room window now.

I also found a little polka dot heart to add to my others.  So cute.

Little hearts here and little hearts there...and by the should see what bj @ Sweet Nothings has been up to!  She is amazing!
I am pea green with envy...and was so overcome I asked her to be my Valentine.  I did!!  I lost my head!  Pearls, baked goodies...hearts..just...EVERYTHING!

Here is the reason I don't bake.  Daughter Maryalice arrived today (moral support, bless her heart) and brought a box of these.  She does make beautiful cookies. 

It's very early in the morning of another garage sale day and I have decided I should lay off the hunt for more silver plate!  I hate to put it all away..I love looking at it..but I guess it's about time.. :)
I wonder why people want to practically GIVE this stuff away, but they do!  If they could just see it all polished..Ooooh well!  I think it's watching it gleam when it's all cleaned up that keeps me looking. 

Have a wonderful weekend...and thank you!!  Thank you for wishing me well.  Thank you for always being there for me with encouragement!  I love you for it.  My cup runneth over!
 I am in for another surgery..but it's nothing big.  Just a clogged artery.  I was hoping for just one of those "stints" but guess that isn't going to happen.  What's one more scar.  :) Heavens, it could be worse though.  I am lucky it was discovered.  Very lucky. 

 Beside, garage sales will make me feel better!  :)

Love'n hugs,


  1. A truly beautiful post! So heartwarming to see all of your gorgeous treasures. Maryalice bakes beautifully. That little cookie looks far to pretty to eat, but of course you did and savoured each tasty morsel with lips making delight! I hope the surgery is arranged promptly so that you no longer need to feel anxious and that you will have a good stay in hospital and a speedy recovery. I, too, am so glad the problem was detected early. I know you are surrounded by your loving family and have their support and encouragement, but we all love you, too and feel concerned when we know things are not as they should be. You are strong, Mona and I KNOW you will come through this with big smiles :)
    Love and hugs xoxo

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  3. Hi Mona, I'm sorry you need to go into hospital to get your artery unclogged. I hope it won't be long before you are home and feeling better. Just think, You will be able to wear all the fashionable scarves and no one will know any thing was done. (It is not like you told a soul.) haa haa.
    What a wonderful family you have to surround you with love and flowers.
    Get Well very soon.

  4. All your things are so beautiful. I love that ruffly pot, too. Good luck with your surgery.

  5. What a beautiful floral centerpiece! I like all the touches of love I see including the bowl of hearts. You have inspired me to make one. I'm sure all will go well for you but I think a little prayer never hurts so I will say one for you concerning your surgery. -------- Shannon

  6. Wonderful flowers and yummy cookies! And...the silverplate! Have to admit I am adicted, too! How pretty! Have a wonderful weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  7. Mona,
    I'd hoped the surgery wouldn't be necessary, but it is. Sending you lots of love and prayers for a speedy recovery.

    As usual your things are so beautiful. If you put the silver plate away it may not need too much polishing when you get it out again. The cookie and the ruffly flower pot is so pretty. I had to go back to the top to see what flower is in it.

    Take care and know we are thinking of you.

  8. Nothin'..."just a clogged artery", Only you sweet Mona!!! Know while your on the table with the Rotor~Rooter Man that someone in the Ozark hills and hollers is liftin' ya up in prayer.

    Please beautiful friend be sure and give us the good news with your back in the 'flow' again. Take precious one!!!

    I love your shinnin' silver, I fear I would never put it away.

    Now....'bout that cookie....bite please????

    God bless ya sweetie and have a glorious day!!! :o)

  9. I LOVE that glass leaded window...what a great deal! And you have so many pretty things to surround yourself with! I'll keep you in my prayers for the surgery to go well and for you to heal up quickly! ♥♥♥ bunches of hugs, my friend! ♥♥♥

  10. Sending you HEART-felt thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery and a wonderful Valentine's Day with all your Lovies,


  11. What a gorgeous pot of flowers Mona. The ruffles are adorable. Your new window looks so pretty hanging in the window. So pretty. Take care and hugs.

  12. The ruffly pot of flowers is so pretty. Hope that the surgery goes well, and that you recovery quickly. Take good care.

  13. Oh no. Is it in your neck or heart. Are you having open heart surgery. I knew it was something to be concerned take it so lightly. Well I have been praying for your daughter every day so now I will be for you.
    YOU are loved not spoiled. Love your heats even the floating ones. I love this holiday. Let us know when and can someone post for you so we know you are okay.
    I think you and BJ are alot alike.

  14. Good luck with surgery and I'll keep sending the prayers up for you. Your flowers are beautiful and the cookie is yummy looking. I always smile when I see you have some more shiny, silver remind me of a little bird who just has to "steal" that one last shiny fun item! Good buys though and I love the window pretty!

  15. What beautiful pictures! I'm so envious. Still can't figure out why mine never look all that good. And these little hearts floating are definitely up on me when it comes to technology! So sorry about your upcoming surgery but thankful it was found and that they can fix you all up. You will be in my prayers. Please keep us informed as to when your surgery will be and how things are going.

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  17. The cookie is too pretty and delicious!!! Happy Valentines Day!!

  18. Hi Mona,
    I love the flowers, the silver, and all your pretty Valentine decor!
    I will be thinking of you on your upcoming surgery and saying a prayer.
    Take Care my dear,

  19. Mona....I have not been here in a very long time. I lost your blog and just got it back. Your blog is like eye candy...not just the decor and food but your children too...beautiful..I hope that whatever you are going through is minor. I will say a prayer for you. Take care and keep on have a wonderfully loving family.

  20. I hope your surgery goes perfect! LOVE your window!!! Garage sales are on hold until spring comes. Estate sales are good!!!
    Thanks for the visit!

  21. Love the sweet window:) Great find! Hope all goes well with the surgery! BIG HUGS and PRAYERS!

  22. I was so sorry to hear you must have surgery. My hubby has a triple bypass in July. He is doing great and I am sure you will too. Because, I know all of us who visit your blog are sending up prayers. Here's a big hug. Take care of yourself.

    1. Thank you, Casey!! It's not so serious as your husband..or many others..and I am going to be fine. Surgery is always a bit nerve wracking. Thank you for your support! So sweet of you to wish me well. :)

  23. You are spoiled with love! There must be a reason! sandie

  24. I'm just poppin' in to wish you a very beautifully blessed Valentine's Day tomorrow my dear sweet friend.

    Have a great week!!! :o)

  25. Wishing you well with your surgery.....hope it's just the thing to make you feel better. Love all the treasures you takes a great eye to see such treasures among the junk. Have a wonderful Valentine's.....and lots more spoiling for our dear Mona.

  26. You know my thoughts are with you and your getting healthy...anyone who loves garage sales as much as I do, has to be a treasure herself!...:)JP

  27. Thinking of you and sending prayers your way. Hope you are up and out shopping those garage sales ASAP. I love all of your beautiful silver plate. It is so hard not to display everything we love all at one time!

  28. Dear Mona, belated Valentine's Day wishes to you and I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers these upcoming weeks. It's amazing how you describe your future surgery as "nothing big" just a clogged artery. WHAT! You will just have to get feeling well ASAP so we can continue to marvel, ooh and aah at your always wonderful "finds."

  29. Love the skirt on your pretty plant and all the sweet hearts. And that song the little girl is singing is so darned cute I logged back on to hear it again. Good luck and prayers for your surgery.

  30. Oh sweet lady, I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's, just like you deserve. Your post is gorgeous and I love the rain of hearts, sooo savvy you are! I love your new window, I love stain glass and your silver finds are great. Beautiful vignette! May God bless you new surgery and hold your hand so everything will come out ok. I didn't know you already had one...where was I? Prayers are going your way sweet lady.


  31. Oh Mona, I am so sorry to hear you have to have another surgery. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully it is already over and you are fine now. Keep us updated. Hugs, Marty

  32. Oh Mona,
    So nice to meet you this weekend:)

    What a small world we live in... you know we even have some blogging friends in common:)! Beverly from How Sweet The Sound was one of my first dear friends in blog-land and continues to be to this day!
    So glad to connect with you and Mary!
    You have a beautiful family and I will pop by your blog again!

    Hope to see you at Forget Me Not Antiques!

    Have a blessed week,
    Kay Ellen

  33. I told you so!!! Life is good and you are going to be here, showing us your wonderous finds for a very long time. Love ya, Mona!


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