Sunday, October 23, 2011


I have to show this full of daughter's cookies..which..I am sure was a bribe!  She doesn't fool me..
I added this photo as an ofter thought...because it is listed below WITHOUT the giant pumpkin cookies.  I just thought they looked so pretty.    Should..I keep this..No?  :)
Price $12.50.  Half price from the day before.  To me it was worth it. 

WHAT a weekend!  We went to garage sales on Saturday...had a great time..and then doubled back on Sunday to check out an Estate Sale.  WELL...the first was bad enough..but then we ran into another one on the way home...and...I came away broke...minus some of  my birthday money from Sweet Husband..and loaded down with such lovely things...however...I am not in possession of some of them since daughter visited this evening and "Mom lifted" a few things.  No matter..we have fun. :)
AND...I made a dent in my Christmas shopping. 
 A beautiful pile of crocheted PERFECT condition and starched stiff and ready to be wrapped.  Freshly laundered...I was delighted.

 Also, handmade tableclothes...GORGEOUS!
 ....and another...

This is an older one...(I did have two but the other one got up and walked out the door with daughter! :)

 Lots of silver...which is not all here either... :)  A revolving very large silver serving tray with removable divided  glass tray..  It WAS lovely.  Wish you could have seen it..  Ah well.  Precious daughter will use it much more than I would have. 
Also a little fifties tea service followed her out the door.  LOVE that child!
(would you believe that lovely silver water pitcher came with those FRESH roses in it?? :)
It did!   Inside was a nice glass jar filled with water.  Nice? 
I thought so too! :)
Hard to see the pretty rolling pen...but it is really, really nice.  It's staying with me.

Delicate little cups and bread sweet... and the little relish tray...

 ??  I just liked it.  Nice size.

 Sweet little divided dish...for ??

 A lovely cake keeper... and a spooner?  LOVE SPOONERS!
Not a single flea bite of the is Bavarian by the way... :)

And this precious lop earred bunny was found on Saturday out in the yard of a Estate sale house.
He was caked with years of grim...full of spiders and cobwebs...terrible shape.  He is staying with me...and will be on my coffee table in Springtime...  He is NOT AN OUTSIDE BUNNY!

So...Christmas shopping is...about finished and I am a happy camper!
No prices for obvious reasons...  Oops...I should have removed some of the tags on the Crochet.

The Estate sale was family run and I have never been in a more immaculate was WOW clean!

I tell you, stores hold no  charm for me anymore.  :)

Love and hugs,

I am joining Marty's TABLETOP TUESDAY @ A STROLL THRU LIFE.....Thanks, Marty!!


  1. Dear Mona,
    What great finds you found on the weekend. I love the cake plate and cover plus the silver pots.
    I really love those pots. It is always fun seeing what other people buy. I know how the daughter thing goes, I have 2.

  2. Oh my I would love to go with you Mona~
    I can see why stores hold no charm, you found the best most wonderful stuff!
    Really love the cake keeper, really love it all!
    I have been meaning to get you an e-mail off, will do that soon. It's been a crazy week here.
    Big Hugs to you,

  3. You have inspired me with so much enthusiasm just seeing the lovely items you bought, Mona! I think you are so clever with being able to spot just the right finds and you have so much fun doing so and even more once you get them home and can clean up anything that needs some TLC. I had fun at a couple of boot-sales and Charity Shops with my parents when I visited them a few years ago while they were still living in the UK. They have since emigrated to Australia. The treasures I found remind me on a daily basis of those special times, as I have some of them displayed on my little desk and the rest are in my display cabinet. I was only able to bring back little pieces, but love what I selected. I'd love to be able to join you on your weekly treasure hunts. We do not have the same set up here, where I live. There are Antique Fairs and Flea Markets, but the prices are usually inflated, in the case of the AF's, or the items on sale really aren't very appealing, in the case of the FM's. And Estate Sales are usually handled by auctioneers, so involve having to bid, which I'd be no good at. I love how readily you part with your finds when Precious Daughter commandeers some of them...I'm the same with my Precious Daughter! Love your sweet little indoor bunny! Loved the cake-stand, especially, too!

  4. Oh I would love to be on your Christmas list, you will absolutely delight all the recipients! You really are a woman after my own heart, would love to take you shopping in Lincolnshire! xx

  5. What wonderful gifts! Mom used to have a tablecloth just like the yellow one.

    I don't even want to think about Christmas gifts.

  6. Girl, you are the Queen of Estate sales. Your family are blessed in more ways than I can count to have your in their lives.

    I'm ashamed to say I haven't done mine. I did do my Mom's for her when I was in Brownsville Tx this past week. That and soooo many other things. I could of spent another three weeks and still not caught up down there. I'm callin' it our 'workcation'!!! Heeeehehehe

    God bless ya sweet Mona and have an extraordinary day my friend! :o)

  7. It certainly looks like you cleaned up this weekend, Mona...lots of nice treasures. I always head to where the linens are...I have so many I will never use them all in my lifetime!
    Have a great week...

  8. Oh my, what treasures you found. Are all these sales close to your home or do you travel far to find them? So many crafty things can be done with doilies. Balisha

  9. More lovely finds. I swear you have the most amazing luck when it comes to garage and estate sales. It must be the area you live in. Have a wonderful week. Hugs

  10. Love the linens! All so pretty. Imagine the stories they could tell :) Love the flopped ear bunny too! I totally agree! He is not to be let outside for fear that a certain someone (me?? nah..LOL) would wander by and take him home with them!

  11. What wonderful gifts - your family is so blessed with you. Want to adopt me? lol


  12. Oh, I LOVE EVERYTHING you bought! Those linens are just gorgeous! There is going to be some very lucky and happy people at Christmas this year!

  13. Such great finds, dear one. I LOVE the cake keeper and spooner.

    If you could have seen the mess I made of DIVINITY on Sunday, you would never try one of my recipes ever again....I should have taken photos of it..I was so frustrated, I just threw it all out. :))

  14. Oh Mona, such great finds. You really did hit the jackpot. I love the crochet and the fabulous tablecloths. Silver is always such a treat, and you found some beautiful pieces. Isn't it a thrill to share with your precious daughter. I love it. So much fun. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  15. Mona, your finds are breathtaking. If I had been at those sales I would have purchased those same items. Right down to the cute little "inside" bunny!

  16. You really must be the queen of acquiring the bestest treasures. Everything you showed is fabulous. Enjoy your lovely new items...

  17. OMG! I would have been broke too if I saw all those goodies! I love everything especially all the tablecloths, and all that silver and the cake pedestal, well, uhm, everything! I bought my plate servers from a store in Baton Rouge called Red Door, Mona. I don't even remember how much...Christine

  18. Oh what a charming haul you made! Love all your pretties -- shiny and sweet.

  19. Love the cake plate and pretty even minus cookies! You had me at the beautiful tablecloths..want my address? Ok, just kidding, sort of! Lucky daughter to have a savvy shopping Momma!

  20. Hi Mona! What great finds! Can I come with you next time? I love those sweet plates and cups and well, everything else too!!

    Susan and Bentley

  21. Amazing finds Grandma! So many pretty things. Love the silver. I wish you would have posted more. Can't get enough!

  22. Mona,
    Hello!! Thanks so much for your visit!
    I do link up to a lot of parties!!! LOL!!

    I LOVE all of your treasures but the doilies and the tablecloths are simply drop dead gorgeous!!
    They would have walked home with me if I was your daughter!! LOL!!

    Have a great day!!


  23. So pretty treasure Deb?

    I could grab the crocheted tablecloth. That is to die for. Love it!

    Happy TTT...

    Greetings from a chilly Stockholm,

  24. Mona, thanks for showing us your great finds, as always. i am so with you on the comment that shopping in stores holds no charm because like you, I shop at thrift stores and occasional yard sales and already have more than enough items for our grandkids for the holidays. This year we are asking for no gifts from family, but donations to a favorite charity instead. Takes some of the stress out of holiday shopping and we truly are blessed enough. You bless so many others with your "finds."

  25. I'm so glad I popped back to oggle your gorgeous treasures again today...and in the process, got to see the delightful cookies your daughter brought round! Aren't they just too adorable to eat?!

  26. Hi!!!!! What great finds as always! We need to plan to go together so I can finish decorating my apartment!




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