Tuesday, September 20, 2011


....at least for me.  I finally decided I'd best get busy and hit the shed in a serious way..

I won't even show you the cases I unloaded...I think I tossed out more than I put up!

Our little home is not really a great place to take daytime photo's with out a flash.  NO indeed.
You aren't missing much..LOL  It takes me days and even then I am never satisfied.  So..I blog hop!!

Yep...finally..Fall leaves.  I never can resist decorating the light fixture.  Would you call this a chandelier?    Again, I had to use flash. 

Since I love dolls...I decided to let my Scare Crow dolls decorate our family room mantel this Fall season.  (it could change any moment!)  :)  It take me days to decide what I want...
A lady made these.  I thought they were wonderful.  Everything is hand sewn..the eyes and all the features, if you look closely, are hand embroidered. 

Mantel top..and table top..


  1. The Fall decorations are beautiful. It has been so warm here in CA. I can't believe it is Fall.

  2. Lovely Fall decorations. I especially like the scarecrows.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments.

  3. What is it about fall that encourages our best decorating skills? The colors are rich, and like you have shown, there's lots to work with.
    Thanks for your visit. Do come again.

  4. As soon as I finish all my painting projects I'll be getting out my decorations....I love the fall and I love Halloween and I think I decorate as much for that as I do Christmas! Your hutch looked so much like one I used to have but gave to my niece..I almost called her to see if she still had it!

  5. YOur home is so warm and so cozy Mona! And... you have decorated it with such flair and creatitivity!
    I always smile when I see it!
    How's the weather out there? We've turned cool and the leaves are turning too!
    Hugs friend,

  6. It all looks wonderful, Mona. We don't have a tradition in SA of decorating our homes for Fall (we call the season, Autumn). So much thought and work obviously goes into collecting all of the charming items you display. I guess, not having been brought up with this tradition, I would regard it as too much effort and more to have to dust, but how lovely to see your home decorated so lovingly and beautifully. Now, do you pack ALL of these away for the winter months, so you can put up your annual Christmas display? It sounds like a full-time job to me!

  7. Hi Miss Mona,

    Very pretty. I say that the dining light is a chandelier, Mom says so too.

    Um, isn't there "somebeary" missing? I didn't see my best bud - Abby. Did you buy her something for Halloween? Mom found a cute Halloween tote at the Hallmark (T) store. She is taking our picture with it over the weekend.

    Heaps of Hugs

  8. Love your quilted tablecloth~ all your fall touches make for a such a cozy home!

  9. Everything looks so pretty. I think you've done a great job sprinkling some Fall around your home. It's very cozy.

  10. I always feel so much lighter about life when I get rid of things... time to go through two closets and also the storage in the basement to rid myself of decorations I never use anymore. I never want to appear to be a hoarder. LOL

  11. Just charmin' beautiful Mona. Flash or not you can see how very warm and invitin' your beautiful home is. You truly display the reflection of yourself! Another job well done sweetie!!!

    Have a marvelously blessed day dear friend!!! :o)

  12. Now THIS is the day I needed THIS POST!! I still have some items from our two-weeks-ago trip on the dining table (underneath who-knows-how-much laundry). Craving LEAVES on this almost-FALL day will give me the impetus to get going.

    Just lovely, Sweetpea, as always---warm and welcoming, all over the house.


  13. Wow nice cosy home and great fall decorations. My homelife is rather solitary and nomadic. You can find out in my blog
    which is the first one I opened a couple of years ago.
    By the way I was a American Field Service foreign exchange student in the year 1965-66, in Tulsa (Okla.) and graduated from Nathan Hale High School. Never the less I learnt English in my home country, as a matter of fact learnt how to read and write in your language before I was taught in my own, so when I went to your country was already pretty fluid. Love.

  14. I think it looks very nice in Your home! But noi home is good to take any photographs without a flash :-) :-) My cottage is so dark that nothing will show up if I don´t use a flash :-) :-)

    Have a great day!

  15. Look your fall decor - fall is my favorite season - I love it I love it I love it!

  16. Mona, your home is so lovely and your decor is alwasys so beautiful. I love the tablecloth you have on the dning table, so pretty and your tray centerpiece is wonderful. The chandy is so stunning with the leaves. What a pretty idea and you do such a good job. We don't have a mantel, way tooooooooooo hot to ever have a fire, but I love to see how everyone decorates theirs. Yours is gorgeous. I love the dolls, they are so sweet and the detail work is exquisite. Beautifully done. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  17. I love what you did with the light fixture. That looks so pretty and really unique...very nice. Your scarecrow dolls are darling. They are like scarecrow Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls!

  18. Hi darling, hope you're having a fabulous evening. Your dining room and mantel are gorgeous. I love all the leaves on the chandy. What a wonderful touch. I tried that last Christmas, ours hangs way to low for it to be of any beauty. hugs ~lynne~

  19. Very festive fall decorations! I like dolls too and those scarecrow dolls are really cute! I have a scarecrow collection packed away. I still have to get my fall decoration tubs down, but will wait till next week as I am having company this weekend.


  20. ooo, Mona...I wish you would come decorate MY abode....I just can't get in the mood to put a lot of things out...maybe today. :)

    Everything looks so pretty and fallish at your home. The little scarecrows are adorable.
    xoxo bj

  21. Hi Mona, after reading previous blogs about the HOT weather in CA, your fall decorations should bring a cooling trend - maybe? They are very lovely and make me think of New England rather than CA. We're going to spend 2-3 weeks in New Hampshire in Oct so should see lots of fall colors there.Your home is very inviting and warm and yes it is so difficult to take good shots in room lighting.


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