Tuesday, June 28, 2011


June has been a crazy month for me for many reasons. 
Here is just one....

A couple of weeks ago when preparing for a graduation party for the two grandchildren, I began looking for tablecloths, white linen ones to be specific which were requested by daughter Mary who was bringing the table settings..and since I had loaned two of them out some time back and never had them returned to me, I was doubtful if I had any, but, I did.    (puff puff! Take a breath, Mona!)

You know when you want something and you keep thinking you will get out there and find it? well, I wanted a red and white checked tablecloth for my July 4th decor.  I kept thinking I had one..but decided I must have misplaced it and that I would keep an eye out at the garage sales for one.  I have been doing exactly that, but no luck...and then...

....while looking for the white ones for the party...and going through the linen closets, THIS is what I discovered!
Yep!  I found five!  Yes, FIVE red and white checked tablecloths...and another one later after I took this photo.  I mean...what the heck???




  1. Well, you obviously love red checkered tablecloths! LOL Nothing wrong with that now is there?


  2. You can never have too many - can you? lol

  3. I have lot's of table cloths because you just never know. My problem....Where in the heck are they? I can find the basic ones but for the speicial occassion ones...hmmm. I usually find them when I am not looking for them.
    I really like your red ones. Those look like they can last a liftime. They don't make things like they used to.
    Have a great week Mona!

  4. How many times have your thought you needed to look out for a red and white table clothe? LOL! Four or Five. Sounds like my tricks Mona. Have a wonderful 4th!

  5. If you were around the corner...I would try to borrow one! heehee! But I would return it, really I would! Enjoy your holiday! We have company coming! YAY! ♥

  6. Great find. You must have some really deep closets. Hope you and your daughter are doing okay.

  7. Mona, you are SO funny!!! I can just see me doing this, and indeed I have! Sometimes I wonder where my mind is going! Your tablecloths are wonderful--no wonder you bought them all! Have fun using them! Linda

  8. It's always good to have a spare...or two.

  9. :-) It´s when You least expects it that You find things :-) :-)

    Have a great day now!

  10. Hi Mona,
    I could use one if you feel you have too many now! LOL! Your so cute and fun to read your blog!
    Hugs friend,
    Come by and visit when you can,

  11. Hi Mona!

    Cherries and apples and checks oh my! What a perfect find! Theres not much better than shopping in your own home :-)

    They will be wonderful to add that colorful patriotic cheer to your celebration!!

    Thanks for the smile today!!

  12. Love that coffee table, Mona. What a dramatic change.

    Oh, my golly, all those t-cloths, lucky you! They will be lovely for the holiday.

    Hope things are getting better for you all ... prayers still lifting for the whole family.

    Have a great holiday weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  13. Hi Mona...
    I am thrilled for you...I know this just made your day...
    so many times, I have loaned a cloth out, never to see again...Guess this is a good reason to keep several on hand...I'll bet your table will look great...

  14. I can understand acquiring things and then forgetting you have them! It happens to me too (though usually not with FIVE duplicates!! :D I typically find my originals about 15 minutes after I have despaired and bought home a new one (whatever it is!) It is good to have back-up!

  15. I know how it is to look for something you just know you have, but can't quite remember where you put it...that is one reason I have scaled down on what I bring into the house!
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Mona!


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